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Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Love your Blog!! Came across it through a comment you left on The Rawsome Vegan Life. So positive and love all the material on the Law of Attraction!! Hope you guys really keep it going……will be passing it on to lots of people!! Keep of the awesome work!!

  2. Just wondering what your opinion is on eating raw sweet potato, my children love eating it raw but have been told it’s not good for their digestion and I have been told by my local health food shop that coconut oil/ products are not good as I am 0 negative blood type. Just wondering if you have any information you could share of either of these topics love your ig account so inspiring thanks kylie

    • Hello Kylie! Thank you for writing to us. Unfortunately we have to say that we are really no experts and don´t have the answers for your questions. Really sorry! Hope you find it somehow soon 🙂 Please if you have any other questions, never hesitate to ask! Many hugs

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