Raw Crackers

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Hello Lovely,

We hope you have had a fruitful week and now ready for the weekend to begin. We are as ready as we can be! We are going to make sure to enjoy everything Amsterdam has to offer as much as we can this weekend because it is our last days here for some time. We have not have had enough of Amsterdam though and will be back in the fall. Things have taken rapid turns lately and we are actually going to Sweden on Tuesday. We have a busy work schedule ahead of us and realized it is much more convenient for us to be located in Sweden before our departure to Ghana. Sweden in the summer is also so the best time of the year so we have to choose wisely when it is time to go back home. 😉crackers4Last weekend when we had Julie´s rawesome birthday aperitivo we prepared Raw Crackers and want to share the recipe with you. Raw crackers are for example great to have on a buffé table, enjoyed with a salad or as a snack just as they are or with a spread. The crackers are super easy to prepare and the oven or dehydrator is pretty much doing the work for you. Can it get any better? 🙂

– 2 cups flax seeds
– 1 cup sesame seeds
– 0,5 cup pumpkin seeds
– 0,5 cup sunflower seeds
– 5 sundried tomatoes (more or less)
– 10 olives (more or less)
– Herbs

Start by soaking the seeds over night. You are going to notice that the flax seeds get a slimy fluid which is also the secret with these crackers.

Therafter place all the seeds in a bowl and stir so they mix well. Chop the sundried tomatoes and olives into small pieces and add to the seed mixture. Use a baking sheet and place an oven paper on it. Spread out the seed mixture and flavour it with some herbs. Now it is time to place it in the oven on 40 Celsius degrees but you can also use a dehydrator if you have one. Let the crackers be in the oven until crunchy and easy to break. This takes some time in the oven, about 8-10 hours. Voila, ready to be enjoyed!

crackers1983561_10151643098761054_100704033_nBefore we leave you for now we want to share today´s powerful word with you by Ralp Waldo Emerson:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Much love,
Julie & Katrin


Energy flows – where attention goes

65771_612942372053895_1937826036_nHappy Friday to you!

Wherever we focus our attention – the energy flows! Wich means we are creating our reality all the time, depending on what we focus on, consciously or unconsciously! But donnot panic if you feel you have not really control over your thoughts, and you think they easily wander away. The most important part is how you feel. The magnetic field around your heart is much more stronger which means you can easily be thinking one thought but still feel another. What you will manifest is depending on your feelings. With that said, donnot stress if you are feeling low or out of alignment right now. It is ok. All is always good. The biggest and most important job we all have, and ever will have is to relax and enjoy – regardless what we are doing, or feeling. Try to reach a point of acceptance and peace in the middle of any situation, especially in a negative one. It might be tricky but with practice it will come more easy and you can more smoothly change any situation. But first we have to reach for a better feeling thought; “All is good. In this moment I cannot do anything more. The sun will rise tomorrow again. This universe is rotating with perfection. So therefor, all have to be good. It is all good.” – try to move yourself from wherever you are to a better feeling thought and emotion, gradually. It is so easy to be caught in the belief that you are your physical body and forget that you are actually mostly a stream of consciousness. If you find yourself in a situation you want to change, try to see it from another point of view and you will more easily let go of resistance – and from there allow good emotions and thoughts to enter your body. As the pic above says, energy flows where attentions goes. So keep looking for aspects to be grateful for. Things around you that you easily feel love for. Milk those feelings – and you are right on track!

If you want to have some good times and raise your vibration, we encourage you to lie down for 15 min and listen to this. You will be so ready for whatever you will be up to!

Julie & Katrin

All is good


Hello precious,

Something has truly happened within both of us these last months. A massive thanks to our new raw vegan lifestyle that has made us take a huge jump on our spiritual journey. We never thought the way of eating would actually influence our way of thinking in this deep way it truly has. It is beyoend amazing. We cannot stop talking about it with each other and share our thoughts. We are lucky to share this journey together with each other and also with YOU! It makes it so much more fun to be able to develop and talk about new ways of thinking and being with others that are on their journey open and willing to hear and share ideas! It is amazing and we are soooo grateful for all the connections we are doing with you. We love YOU so much.

It has passed four months since we became vegans and 3,5 months since we made the complete transition to a RAW vegan lifestyle. We cannot say it enough but as we feel today there is no turning back. The way we feel and do is truly magnificent! The energy never slows done. We sleep our hours during the night but in the day – we are UP and RUNNING! People ask us all the time if we miss cooked food. Maybe we will do in the future.. time will tell. But in this moment we would never change the way we are feeling for something else. Regardless if the food is cooked or not. We thought we were happy and energetic before BUT now.. it is really on complete other levels that we could not imagine ourseles living in. We cannot do anything else than embrace all the new and higher energy frequences we are able to visit and live – and from there attract even more well-being!


What we want to share with you is that the connection we feel today with Mother Earth and all that is – is truly beyond any words. It is so difficult to describe the connection you suddenly realize and live after you decide to rely exclusively (more or less) on what our nature has to provide for us. You realize so deeply how perfect everything truly is. There is so much we humans take for granted. The worst part is that we are many times (all the time..) sooo disconnected from Mother Earth and our planet that we donnot even know HOW to survive without all our produts. How many of us clean our house with all kind of toxic? Brush our teeth with fluoride? Schampoo our hairs with chemicals? The list goes on… we are far from perfect, believe us! But when we suddenly have become so aware what we put in to our months.. we realize that we are SUORRONDED by toxins and chemicals. Things and products we have not even thought of before that are so harmful for our bodies and the environment.


The connection we have felt with our nature thanks to our way of eating has also developed to a much deeper and loving relationship with ourselves after we started to practice yoga on a daily basis. The peace in mind and the love that is increasing every day is truly magical. We are far from perfect and there are of course many moments when we found ourselves disconnected. But we have after our complete shift in our way of living reached energy frequences we have not felt before. We truly see the world with different eyes and have started to question our way of living and being in a much deeper way. We realize more and more for every day what is important.. and that is truly well-being in this very moment! Nothing else is more important. Seriously. The love and present in this moment is all we ever need.

“I realise there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.”

~ Jeffrey McDaniel

We absolutely adore this quote. We have not been able to realize it this profoundly before as we can today (wich is hopefully nothing compared how we will understand and live it with time). The words says it so perfectly how we are striving to live our lives and it is to complete all the knowledge we so far have gained. Simply to let go. Get naked with our emotions and way of living. Be true to ourselves and from there we are able to be it to you. Dare to speak our voices. Stand alone if we need to. Let go, let go, let go of all our fears. Take a step outside our society and think and feel for ourselves. Few are the people that actually do that and many times it is so easy to be caught in a way of living and thinking that you donnot even realize you are not thinking and acting for yourself!

The point is to let go and undress yourself. Peel of every layer on you. Dare to see YOU. Look yourself in the mirror and really look at yourself. Love yourself. Become a little bit more of yourself every day that passes. In the end remember that all is good in this very moment. Nothing needs to be changed. You are breathing. We have the opportunity to change our thoughts whenever we want. We are free in our minds – when we decide to take our freedom. All is good. The sun will rise tomorrow again. Our planet rotates with perfection around its orbit. All is truly good!

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin

Study for FREE


Have you ever heard about Coursera? It is a social entrepreneurship company making it possible for you, us, yeah pretty much all the people in the world to take online courses at top universities completely free of charge. Coursera has established partnerships with universities worldwide and are reaching out with education to everyone. We think this is an awesome initiative! What do you say? Why should only some few people get the benefits of what education can teach you?  For many education is actually a key to make a better place for themselves, family or even the community you are living in. Other reasons could be that maybe you just want to study something and gain improved insights or knowledge in a topic or field but do it on your own terms. With Coursera you get the freedom study something you are truly interested in. We are going to give it a try and have signed up for a Food and Nutrition course. Are you joining as well? 😀

imagesCAVT0Y33imagesCAIXJO5DWe would also like to encourage you to leave tips of this sort that could benefit all of us. Please feel free to share and we can all help and support each other with great insights!

Julie & Katrin