Changes in life

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Hello gorgeous,

It is Friday and the weekend is almost about to begin. How has your week been so far? We can barely believe it is already Friday. It has been a pretty hectic week we have to admit. We are still catching up on work after our last eventful days in Amsterdam, the move to Sweden and to start to get things organized over here. We want to give our appologies for you who have sent us e-mails and messages. We promise we will reply as soon as we can!

sverige2After some days back in good old Sweden we have to say it feels unsual good to be here. Both of us have always been on the run wanting to go somewhere. We are still on the run but now it is on completely new terms. We love Sweden but trying to explain it we have always had a trapped feeling while we have been living here. For us there has been something calling us out in the world. It is our nature and we have always been eager to go out there, explore, meet new people, see new places, put ourselves in new situations and gain new experiences. This is simply how we are and our heart desires have always been to have that freedom to do all those things, not to be tied up anywhere. We are really amazed of the journey we have undergone this spring. We have been seeking all the answers within ourselves, we have tried to quiet our minds as much as we can, we have chosen love, been grateful, stayed present and have had universe to guide us. Now we are creating our lives we have always dreamt of. To be able to come and go as we wish to. To get the contrasts that we need in our lives and that make us feel alive. Sweden is always going to be a place we call home but we see ourselves as the citizens of the world. This time being back it occured to us that nothing has been this beautiful before. Yesterday when we walked on the street outside the house we were asking ourselves if it is just us but have the surroundings always been this gorgeous? This for us was just a proof that our minds have switched completely. To stay present and to be conscious of everything that is surrounding you there is simply nothing but beauty to be seen. It is truly amazing and you have no idea how much we appreciate to be where we are, right now at this very second. 🙂

973184_10151654426051054_119295168_nAnother great benefit to be home at our parents is their food processor. It somehow makes the smoothies so creamy and delicious. On a sunny morning like today there is nothing better than to enjoy this refreshing creation. We call it Creamy Berry Bliss simply because it brings a big smile on your face. 🙂

– 3 bananas
– 1 cup frozen raspberries
– 1 cup frozen blueberries
– 3 dates
– Maca powder
– Crushed flaxseeds as topping

Place all the ingredients in you blender or food processor, mix well. Pour it in a glass or bowl and top with crushed flaxseeds. Ready to be enjoyed!

Today´s powerful Words by Louisa May Alcott:

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”

Julie & Katrin


Outside your comfort zone

946370_645282715485809_1060988795_n944523_636954076320133_1527087310_n941988_470142503070551_1699396334_nHappy shining Friday!

First of all we want to announce that we have had quite some technical problems on Facebook which led to the only solution to create a new facebook page. Our name is The Raw Food Sisters (same as before) and you will find us when you are logged in on facebook and search for us. The problem is when you write you will find our OLD page. Therefore, you have to be logged in to be able to find us. The old account will be deleted within two weeks and then we will change so that our  new page will be Hope it is not too confusing! So with that said, the easiest way to find us is simply to log in and type The Raw Food Sisters and give us a massive like and send all your good vibes 🙂 We love to connect with you. We are posting quite frequently over there so come and spread your love!

What do you think about the pics above? We think they speak to us so clearly and in a very powerful way. In the end we have to live. Not only breathe and think this is all that is. Life is the greatest journey. A never ending one filled with passion, love and new adventures. We have to live and experience. We are all newbies in the beginning and that is the most important part to realize. How would we otherwise evolve and become more and more of the person we are meant to be for each day that passes? We are supposed to feel a bit scared and go outside our comfort zone . Push our limits, but by doing it step by step we will at the same time keep our courage with us. We all have to start somewhere and the more we slowly stretch our minds – the further we can go!

24 majToday´s Green Smoothie (yes we know brown again but summer times are coming 😉 is delicious and one of the best combinations. So keep this in mind for your next vibrant smoothie you are about to prepare!

– 3 bananas
– 3 dates
– 2 cups frozen blueberries
– 2 cups frozen cherries
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Carob

– flaxseeds and cherries (topping)

Put all the ingredients in your blender. Mix it well and ENJOY!

Today´s powerful words by Georg Wilhelm:

“Nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion.”

Julie & Katrin

Friday Happy Juice Dance


Good morning precious friend,

How are you today? 🙂 First of all LOVE to see all your comments and likes both here, on Facebook (The Raw Food Sisters) and on InstagramUnfortunately we cannot link you directly to our Facebook page due to some technical troubles. We are waiting for that to be fixed so meanwhile you can search for us on Facebook as The Raw Food Sisters. We know we have said it thousands of time but nothing is more exciting and fun than to connect with you. It feels like we are all creating one big loving and happy family! 😀 Well, we know of course that the sun might not shine all day, every day. But you know, that is alright. We are here to support each other and remind one another that the world is beautiful and there is magic in every single moment. Sometimes it might be a bit more tricky to see and feel it but a good reminder is our dear friend Albert Einsteins words (pic above). In the end, we need to remember that some dancing in the rain helps us to see clearly and be able to evolve to the persons we are meant to become. Do you agree? 

These last weeks have been pretty busy for us. We have worked a lot and mostly from different coffee bars around Amsterdam. That means we have eaten the majority of our meals out and about. So how do you manage to do that as Raw Vegans in a city filled with fried pommes and mayonnaise? 😉 No but seriously there are plenty of healthy food options in this city but of course not as many Raw Vegans that we would appreciate. We have find our way to stick with our crazy energetic lifestyle and would at the moment not change it for anything. So here we have some of our tricks that might help you to stay healthy and vibrant out and about in a city the whole day:


– We usually order some fresh mint tea or a freshly squeezed juice in the cafe. We might be a bit sneaky and snack on some nuts or dried fruits (that we have brought) if we need some extra energy.. but shhh donnot tell anyone! 😉


– For lunch we like to move our  bodies a bit. Specially if we have been sitting in front of the computer for hours. We usually go for a walk and try to find a nice little spot where we can indulge in plenty of fresh fruits for lunch. Either we have already prepared a big fruit salad or we mono meal (eat many of one fruit) and bananas are perfect for days like these (or apples as the pic above). Gives plenty of good energy! Please check out our beautiful friend´s post why you should enjoy bananas with a huge and happy appetite.

– Water! You probably know already how important water is. We cannot say it enough it is the KEY to everything. Stay hydrated! When you think you cannot drink anymore, fill yourself with an other cup of water. When you drink plenty of water you will not crave anything either. Many times when we think we want to snack on something or feel hungry we are actually thirsty. So drink up! Water will give you plenty of energy. Donnot be shy to ask if you could refill yor bottle. Live your way of life. In the end who cares what someone else does! Be busy drinking and snacking on your high vibrant food instead 😉


– We have got some comments if we still drink alcohol. The thing is, we donnot want to live a life under any restrictions. Follow your heart desires and eat and drink whatever feels right for you in this very moment. Very important to distinguish what you actually need and what your ego is craving. However, food and drinks are supposed to be FUN and EXCITING. Eat to fuel yourself and feel the best you can. Not the other way around. Whatever you put in your mouth love it with your full heart. Life is too precious to feel bad! With that said, we drink some wine and love a glass of good red wine. If we end up staying late working in a cafe and suddenly it turned out to be a bar, we would not say no to a glass of wine and some olives! 😉 (Yes we eat olives even if they are not raw. In the end, there are no rules and we all should do what makes us feel good.)


– POSITIVITY. EXCITMENT. GOOD VIBES! These words should be first on the list. Since seriously, with a positive mind set you are settle for 98 % of the time. Be excited. You donnot want to  be lazy and eat crap because it is easy access to you. You donnot want to do that simply because you deserve to feel AMAZING! The key to succeed on this lifestyle is to realize deep within you why you choose to live like a little monkey 😉 That is the best reminder whenever you get hungry and a bit grumpy and it would be 10000 times more easy to grab a pizza slice. But remember, you want to thrive. You want to rise to higher frequencies. You want to feel the love of life flow through you. You want to see the world with clear vision. You simply donnot want to harm your body and poison yourself! (sorry if we sound hard but we KNOW it is difficult to remember this specially when you are hungry and alone. NOTE: eat a pizza if you want to. There is nothing bad with a pizza as long as you feel GOOD!)

If you dear wise friend have any other tips and tricks on how to stay healthy when you are far away from your beloved mixer and kitchen tools! Please feel free to share your ideas with us and our friends. Remember life is supposed to be fun and easy! We know the modern world is not very adapted to how we think we should be living. So we simply have to live the change we wish to see. Together we can inspire and motivate each other that in the future it would be more normal to enter a cafe and get a massive raw cake served 😉 Those days are coming as long as we walk our talk!

975339_10151630844361054_102101107_nOh dear. Today we had the most vibrant and happy breakfast! We got so high on speed that we seriously could not stop laughing and joking around. Juice for breakfast will make you go bananas (in the most positive way as possible). Today´s breakfast is called Happy Juice Dance since it literally made us bust out in crazy dance moves 😀 So here we go!

– Fresh Orange and strawberry juice
– Spinach
– Kiwi
– Chlorella

Put all the ingredients in your mixer and let it go until it is smooth and nice. Pour it in to your glass and be ready for a magical day!

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin

Heart Opener

935354_507877349276361_29285739_n936234_276813719100507_618842158_nHello beautiful,

Pretty good reminder in the texts above, huh? Sometimes it might feel as life goes on just outside our windows. Is the joy and happiness on the other side of the planet? Or maybe just in the bar next door? We all know deep within that the answer is NO. We have the key to love, passion and joy hidden within us. It takes a big dose of courage to be complete silent and truly be with ourselves to be able to find the door. It is so much more easier to turn the TV on, go shopping or do whatever distract our minds than to reach for the key and unlock our innerselves. We believe that eventually we all reach a point where we are either completely disconnected from our natural state of being that is genuine joy and laughter or we come to realize what truly matters. With that said, keep meditating! 😉


Today´s breakfast was delicious! We would of course never share anything that is not super yummie with you. But still it is worth saying thousands of times that this smoothie was like a piece of heaven. It literally felt like our hearts opened for every sip so we simply gave it the suitable name Heart Opener!

– 1 handful spinach
– 3 bananas
– 3 dates
– 1-2 cup blackberries
– 1-2 cup cherries
– 1 tbl chia seeds (soaked overnight)
– 1 tsp chlorella
– 1 tsp maca

We donnot really like to write measurement since there should be no right or wrong amounts. Eat until your heart is happy and take what you have at home. With good and living ingredients it will 99 % turn out delicious! But feel free to use our amounts as guidelines.

Mix all the ingredients and voilá! Enjoy it 🙂


Remember to connect with us on FACEBOOK just search for The Raw Food Sisters! We love to connect with you. Keep shining. Keep spreading your good vibes and radiate your love!

Much love,
Julie & Katrin

Live the Change and some Raw Buckwheat Porridge

940842_466998560051612_1737625495_n 61506_437634719661493_385110871_nHappy shining Wednesday!

We got some comments lately that our lifestyles are quite extreme and first we almost got chocked and went like “whaaat extreme?! In what way?!”. Shortly after it totally hit us. Of course we are extreme if you compare to what the majority of the people on our planet think is “normal”.  The thing is we have now come to a point when it comes so natural to make the choices we do on a daily basis. We have passed the tipping point when you go from creating a habit to actually living it. It does not longer feel like we have to adapt our way of living since this now is our lifestyle. Oh boy, never felt better! 😉


We have told you before but it can be worth repeating, that so much more than we ever could be able to imagine has followed on our journey. When changing our eating habits 100 % a whole package of insights and well-being came along. We have to admit, we never went vegans in the first place due to ethical reasons. We decided to go vegans because our bodies and our inner voices were screaming for a change. After only a couple of days as vegans we felt so good and the inner voice kept nodding us to continue on this journey. Ten days later we made the transition to a Raw Vegan Lifestyle and now five months later we have not looked back. So much has happened during these months. Not only in our bodies but also on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Our bodies were (and still are) filled with toxic and we did suffer quite some from detoxification and we are in matter of fact still detoxing. When your body is filled with toxins, so is your mind, and you simply cannot see clearly. These last months have truly brought so much that we donnot even know where to start. First of all when we clean ourselves on all levels we are not only getting rid of toxins that could lead to diseases but we are also letting go of emotional “diseases” as fears, anxiety, doubts, uneasiness. Slowly but steadily all those emotions will leave since there is simply no space left for negativity in a healthy mind. Let us explain.

When eating exactly what Mother Nature is here to provide us with you will automatically develop such a beautiful relationship with everything that is around us. You are forced to step outside the world you were born into and start to question your way of thinking and living. Why am I doing like this? You will most likely open your eyes and realize what a cruel business the whole meet and diary industry is. A stretched mind cannot go back! The spiritual journey… oh dear. We donnot even know where to start. It has been and is still beyond beautiful. The connection with our planet, our bodies and our minds keep evolving all day, every day. The more clean we become the clearer we see and our lives purposes become more and more distinct. We can feel our heart desires beat louder for each day that passes. In this way we are automatically creating space for our inner voice to guide us through life. How would it be possible to hear and connect with our true inner and pure selves when we are filled with toxins and negativity?

buckwheat 1

Today we want to share our Raw Buckwheat Porridge with you. We have already made one post with it but today we will share our all time favorite version. It is super easy to make and it is delicious and healthy. If you like the porridge texture but are looking for a grain free version – this is for you! We love to start some days with with raw buckwheat porridge since you really become perfectly full. You will be satisfied and filled with energy but never to that point that you feel heavy. The best part is that when we make this yummie breakfast we donnot need to eat for hours. It is truly the perfect breakfast if you know you will be up and running the whole day and need something to fuel you well!

– 1/2-1 cup raw buckwheat (soaked overnight)
– 2 bananas
– 3 dates
– 1-2 tsb maca
– Berries (serving)

Use the measurement only as a guideline. If you want it sweeter add more dates more filling add more bananas etc.

Start the night before and put your raw buckwheat in a bowl with water. Let it soak over night.

In the morning first rinse and wash your soaked raw buckwheat before you put it together with the other ingredients in your mixer. Let it go until you get a nice and creamy porridge. Serve it with berries!

buckwheat 2

Before we let you go for now we want to share today´s powerful words by Hamdan-Adan-Ismail:

“Real power lies in freedom; because power is determined not by how much we can control, but by how much we can let go. And letting go is more difficult than holding on.”

Julie & Katrin

Meditaiton vs Excitment?!

62458_442327092518759_1933591770_n 62820_443302285756764_1314741562_n 73954_579886332044817_1419730147_n

Hello beautiful friend,

How are you? Did you have a good start of the week? 🙂 Our fast-speed week continues but it is all fun and we still feel very energized. As we mentioned before, the key to be able to be up and running with a lot of good vibes truly depends on what you put in your month, exercise and your sleep. Equally important for your whole well-being! If you sleep well during the night, eat high nutrition food and move your body – you will reach new levels of energy in a short time. It is all about finding balance and listen to your body.

How is our May Meditation Month going? Do you find time for meditation? Is it getting any easier for you? We have been meditating every day but we have to admit that it has not always been that easy. This last week has been pretty busy and we have been out all day long and many evenings/nights as well. It has been quite tricky to manage to calm down and really find the total peacefulness in such a short time. Specially when we feel so high on life and excited more or less 24/7 😉 We know it is even more important in those moment to really take our time to quiet the mind. So that is our challenge for now. Learn to go from a lot of fun work and crazy ideas running around in the head to complete silence. But we are working on it! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We love to hear from YOU.

tisdag 1973269_10151408561246301_1180560144_n 975940_10151408561076301_2027983584_n

Right now we are in a coffe place in Jordaan in Amsterdam. Sipping on a carrot/apple/ginger juice and working. Such a wonderful feeling to bike through Amsterdam in the early morning. It is always a special feeling in cities in the morning. The coffe bars are opening up, the smell of fresh coffe (eventhough we donnot drink any still smells sooo good!), people are biking to work. Simply a whole new day filled with new opportunities!

Before we leave you for now we want to share our breakfast with you. It was delicious and as you might have noticed the last week we are totally hooked on berries. We guess it is a sign that summer times are coming (eventhough it feels like winter outside) so let´s have some Mango Berry Cooler to give ourselves the perfect start for a brand new beautiful day!

tisdag– Spinach
– Bananas
– Dates
– Frozen raspberries
– Frozen mango
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Flaxseed (topping)

Mix all your ingredients. Top it with some flaxseeds. Enjoy!

Today´s powerful words by David Icke:

“The reason most people don´t express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of federal reserve. It´s what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.”

So let´s free ourselves. Today we choose to surrender ourselves with ourselves. Nothing is more important than focus inwardly. What someone else thinks and says about  us, is non of our business. We are perfect in our own existence. We are unique as we are.

Much love,
Julie & Katrin

New week!

972692_10151407142696301_1067189286_n 972773_10151407134536301_1734946089_n 973288_10151407142456301_154435127_n

Happy Monday lovey,

We hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a brand new week to start! As we mentioned in our last post we had a pretty busy week but a very fun and exciting one. Days of intense up and running called for a resting Sunday. A good and long night´s sleep and we are now back on track! We started of this morning with a long and nice power walk here in Amsterdam. We were super lucky since it was pouring down when we woke up but as soon we stepped out of the door it stopped 😉 Could not be a better sign, right?

Today we have two recipes we would love to share with you. Our Sunday breakfast and dinner. Super easy and simply delicious!

This is our Purple Haze smoothie and it is a perfect smoothie! So delicious. It is specially a great green smoothie for beginners since you cannot taste the spinach or chlorella. We promise you could even trick a little kid who refuses to eat greens 😉 It is THAT good!

974957_10151624659806054_2135195240_n– Spinach
– Bananas
– Dates
– Frozen blackberries
– Frozen raspberries
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Flaxseed (topping)

Mix all the ingredients and be ready to thrive!

In the evening we felt for something refreshing yet light since we were so tired and were about to hit the bed soon after. Eating light in the evening before bed helps your body to rest properly. The body does not need to spend the night digesting all food and can instead focus on resting.

So we came up with this super tasty and easy salad that only needs four ingredients.


– Cherry tomatoes
– Mushrooms
– Parsley
– Juice from 1 lemon

Chop your tomatoes and mushrooms and put them in a bowl. Squeeze the juice out of your lemon. Chop some parsley and add it to your juice. If you feel for garlic that would be delicious as well. Pour it over your veggies and let it sit for some minutes at least. The longer the better. Voilá!

Today´s powerful words by Eckhart Tolle:

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.” 

Much love,
Julie & Katrin



Hello beautiful,

How are you today? We woke up pretty early today after a couple of days of sleeping in. Now we are ready for a big green smoothie and after that we will jump on our bikes and go to a coffee place and work. Always good with some change of environment once in a while, right? 😉 Do you have any plans for today? Anything you want to share with us – please feel free to do so. Love to connect with YOU!

How is the meditation going? Are you doing guided meditation or do you sit in complete silence? Please share your thoughts with all of us. Maybe we can find new ways of experience that extra peacefulness we are all looking for. So far we have done guided meditation. Simply search on youtube for different once. Now we feel ready though for taking it a step further and only listen to some relaxing meditation music in the background. Something we have forgot to tell you is that we have bought our first crystals as well. The perfect timing came when we stumbled in to a crystal store on a walk in Amsterdam and we were handed two beautiful stones. We will make a post about this in these days. We have started to meditate with the crystals as well. It is truly powerful. Do you meditate with crystals? So many questions 🙂 So PLEASE share your thoughts and ideas. There is no such a thing as right and wrong!

Keep practicing and doing it in your own pace. There is no need to stress to fight to get it work. Allow it to come but many times we still do have to make sure to take our time to create place for meditation in our lives.


Before we let you go for now we want to share our green smoothie (!!) it is so refreshing and super tasty. It did not turn out green since it is filled with delicious berries. Equally healthy, vibrant and beyond good for you in all senses. So let´s start the day with some Berry Blush:

– Spinach
– Bananas
– Frozen blueberries
– Frozen cherries
– Dates
– Chlorella
– Maca

Mix all the ingredients and pour it in to your big glas and ENJOY!

Today´s powerful words are by Osho:

“I am simply saying that there is a way to be sane. I am saying that you can get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you. Just by being a simple witness of your thought processes. 

It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you judge you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this is bad”, you have already jumped onto the thought process.

It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. Once the gap is there, you are in for a great suprise, that you are not the mind, that you are the witness. A watcher.

And this process of watching is the very alchemy of real religion Because as you become more and more deeply rooted in witnessing, thoughts start disapperaring. You are, but the mind is utterly empty.

That is the moment of enlightenment. That is the moment that you become for the first time an unconditioned, sane, really free human being.”

Much love,
Julie & Katrin

Buckwheat porridge

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Happy shining Saturday to you!

Hope you are ready to embrace this wonderful weekend we have ahead of us. Yesterday we had such a good productive day working at a café ending the lovely day with delicious red wine and olives. We are so grateful for our freedom to be able to work at places that inspires us at the moment. Sometimes we like go to different cafés sharing the good vibes with other entrepeneurs working at their mobile offices as well. This freedom is something we value tremendously!

Now it is 06.30 local time and we are off to our bikram yoga. The best way to start the day! 🙂 First we will have a small green juice each and we want to share an other recipe with you. That is buckwheat porridge. It is so tasty and a bit “heavier” breakfast but still super healthy and will make you feel vibrant and happy. There are those days when you know you will wake up the next day with a bigger appetite or know your body needs something extra. This breakfast is perfect for occasions like these! It works of course perfectly every day, and will make you thrive as you should.

So let´s make som buckwheat porridge! 

– Buckwheat
– Bananas
– Almond milk (goes well with water if you donnot have any almond milk)
– Chia seeds (optional)
– Dates
– Maca
-Blueberries (topping)
– Gojiberries (topping

Before going to bed mash a banana (or two) in a bowl. Add your almond milk and buckwheat. If you want it even more delicious and creamier you can also add a table spoon chia seeds. Stir around and put it in your fridge.

1365149815569In the morning take your delicious pudding and put it in your mixer. Mix it together with a date or two if you want a little sweeter taste to it. So good. Let it mix until it is a nice and creamy porridge. Pour it in to your breakfast bowl. Top it with a lot of vibrant berries filled with antioxidants that really do wonders for your body!


Voilá! This is soooo good. We had a whole bowl with blueberries we added to the porridge that is not showed in the pic. You cannot have enough berries 😉

Before we let you go and enjoy this beautifil day we want to share today´s powerful words with you from the book “1,000 Little Things Happy and Successful People do Differently”:

“Don’t wait for someone who hurt you to make it up to you; this kind of thinking only keeps your old wounds from healing. Waiting for them to change is not the answer. You have no control over them, and they may never change.

Inner peace is found by changing your thinking, not the people who hurt you. And you change your thinking for yourself, for your joy, your peace of mind, your own understanding, and your bright future that has nothing to do with this person or what they did to you.

So forgive those who have hurt you in the past, and even more importantly, forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you. Then smile like you’ve never cried, re-open your heart and mind like you’ve never been hurt, and live the rest of your life like you’re running out of time.”

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin