About therawfoodsisters.com

On this website you are be able to follow our lives exploring the beauty in life. We wish to create a place where we together can inspire and motivate each other in a more healthy and balanced life. On our blog you can follow our everyday life as raw food vegans where we are going to share our experience transforming our lives by going raw. You also find tips, inspiration, food recipes, exercise, spiritual development, travels, our living reflections on life and about chasing dreams and follow your bliss. Pretty much everything that comes when living a happy and healthy life filled with well-being and love.

We encourage you to leave comments and share your ideas, thoughts, dreams and heart desires. Together we can connect across boarders and inspire each other in making our dreams come true.

Contact: therawfoodsisters@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “About therawfoodsisters.com

  1. Hi girls,
    I really think you are amazing for sharing all these things on your blog and on instagram (I follow you on both). You’re a great source of inspiration for me and I eat healthier and found the strenght to loose weight since I follow you guys.
    I was just wondering, since you live in Amsterdam (I live in The Netherlands as well, Beverwijk to be precise) where do you get all your fruits and vegetables? Because I think, especially fruit is very expensive here in NL and I have absolutely no idea how to buy all this fruit when it’s so pricey. Do you have any tips for me?

    • Hello beautiful! What an amazing comment. We are so happy to hear that. Keep shining and live by your heart! What´s your name on instagram? We would love to follow you back there (if we don´t already?!). We think that we in the end spend less money now after a transition to a raw vegan lifestyle sine we have cut of so much bad stuff from our lives. We also think it is worth all time to buy fruits and veggies than other “cheap” food. Our health is the most important part and the way we feel now we wouldn´t replace it for anything. We can recommend you to go to the farmer´s market if you have one close by and ask to buy in bigger amounts and get a discount. Or aks your local little fruit store if you can buy in bulks. Keep your eyes open for good deals and buy after the season. Most important remember that it is your health you are supporting. It should feel good to spend money on something that makes you (and this world) to a better place and not support what makes this world even more sick. Keep your good emotions flowing and we promise you will soon attract both money and abundance of good food! If you have more questions, don´t hesitate to ask. Many hugs from both of us!

      • Thanks for the amazing comment back girls, you’re both so lovely and friendly, I love it.
        You wrote down some pretty good arguments, haha. I’m gonna have a look on the fruit market at the “zwarte markt” in Beverwijk tomorrow, have you ever heard form it? I have no idea if I can make a good deal there, but I’m gonna try.
        My name on instagram is naelisablog btw, so you can follow me if you’d like, but please don’t feel any pressure!
        Hugs back! xo

      • Thank you for spreading your love and good vibes! No we donnot know about it, sorry. We found you on instagram. Love to connect! Have a beautiful day and if you have more questions, donnot hesitate to ask. Much love!

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