Our Story


We are Julie and Katrin born and raised in Sweden but with origins from Norway and Finland. We are not just sister but we are also best friends being very passionate about life and the journey that follows with it. At the moment Julie is newly relocated to Amsterdam and Katrin is based in Gothenburg but very soon we will be reunited again. We are going to explore healthy and raw living together in Amsterdam.

Throughout the years we have lived at several places such as Rome, Florence, Amsterdam and Berlin. Despite being able to call many places our home something we also treasure in life is to travel. We love to explore new places, meet and connect with people from all over the world. Through our international experiences both living and traveling to numerous places we have realized our heart desires. It is to get people to connect across borders.

We are a bit of rookies when it comes to the raw food vegan lifestyle. Our transition to raw food living actually started as early as in January 2013. In our search for optimal health we went completely cold turkey by going from a “meat loving diet” to become 100% vegan. The health benefits we realised just after couple of days were remarkable. We started to do a lot of research and found out about the raw food movement. This totally opened up new doors for us and the more we read about the raw food lifestyle the more convinced we were that yes this is us.

One thing that we noticed when getting inspiration online is that we experienced a lack of people sharing their transition period towards a raw vegan lifestyle. Of what we have experienced so far it is important to have support from others because at times it can be a bit challenging. The benefits of being a raw foodist are incredible but at the beginning each day is not a bed of roses. What we want to do is to share what we learn along the way by going raw. Let’s inspire and motivate each other, share our stories and promote that healthy living is fun!

With Love,
Julie and Katrin


35 thoughts on “Our Story

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  2. Hi girls! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been thinking of trying to go raw food vegan fro some time but as you mentioned I can only find people that have already changed their way of living. I hope your site will support other people like me. Hugs from Germany!

    • Hello Tina! Thank you for your comment. We hope we can all support eachother and share our ideas and thoughts around healthy living. Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂 A big hug to you!

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  4. I discovered you guys at instagram. You both are such an inspiration! How nice that Julie is living in Amsterdam. I’m from Holland 🙂 The other side of the country though! Keep up the good work. Lots of love from Holland!

    • Thank you so much Liza! We are really happy you like our blog!! 🙂 We both love Holland a lot and best of all we are both going to live here together soon. It is great to explore a new city and its hidden healthy treasures. 😉 Loads of love right back at you!!!

      • Thank you! Don’t know if you did, but I recommend you to go to the organic market at the Noordermarkt every saterday. I went there once, and loved it. Raw goodies to! Furthermore, the shop Beter&Leuk (better&fun) is really nice. Until end of March they organize every sunday a vegan organic brunch by my favorite blog Vegadutchie.nl. I went there 3 weeks ago with my mum and had a lot of fun. Also Jolijn from Vegadutchie is very nice. The Golden temple serves raw food desserts and vegan pizza’s and indian mezze plates. (very vegan friendly) Maybe you can do something with my tips. There’s also a very nice juicebar with raw foods in the Utrechtsestraat called Lite/Dark. And the organic supermarket Marqt (everywhere in Amsterdam) is a little bit expensive, but also nice to visit. Maybe we meet each other in the future! I hope you enjoy Holland for the rest of it 😉 Love xo

      • Wow THANK YOU Liza!!! Really appreciate all your suggestions and def gonna try those out! The Noordermarkt is amazing and I usually go there to have a wheatgrass shot and always great to have a chat with like-minded people. 🙂 The organic vegan brunch at Beter&Leuk sounds like fun!! Btw, the Golden Temple went there once and omg their desserts are to die for, or maybe I should say to live for!! The key lime pie yummmmm!!!! Once again many thanks for the advices, really appreciated! Love to you! Many hugs!!

  5. How lovely to hear you discoverd such a lot of ‘vegan amsterdam’. Like i said, i live in the east of Holland and there are way to few vegan shops here. 😦 So when i’m in Amsterdam, I enjoy every little (vegan) bit of it!! All my friends are eating meat, so i often feel lonely in my diet that’s why I love to chat with you girls. Would love to meet you girls sometime and do a vegan tour in Amsterdam! Lots of love xo

    • Lovely you Liza! I have to say I’m very impressed with the organic and vegan options here in Amsterdam. I have discovered few places so far but I bet there must be plenty more. Looking forward for this adventure and as you it is great to find and interact with like-minded ppl. It is pure pleasure to share thoughts and ideas with others. You def have to let us know next time you come to Amsterdam. Katrin might be here then as well! 🙂 Happy sunshine to you! Love, xx

  6. Yes, that would be so great! :-):-) When are you coming to Amsterdam Katrin? Don’t know exactly when I can come to Amsterdam, my study is very hectic at the moment. :(Totally forgot to ask what brings you to Amsterdam, Julie?! Definitely wanna meet you girls, you both are so nice and lovely 🙂 Love!

    • Hopefully we will be dancning on the street in Amsterdam together now in April. 🙂 During my studies I actually did an exchange at TU Delft and lived in Holland for some time. Katrin was of course visiting several times and we both really like it here. We can´t really point out exactly what makes it but it feels like home. So after my graduation I decided to move back, so here I am. 🙂 We really wish you Good Luck with your studies, keep your head up! The spring is on its arrival and hopefully we manage to have a meeting in Amsterdam. It would be lovely! Many hugs!

      • Wow, how interesting. How old are you both? I’m 18 years.(also the youngest in my class haha).
        It’s really nice to hear that you like it here so much. I would love to go to Norway or Sweden sometimes…. I also read that you travel allot. I love to travel to! I hope you’re right about spring, it’s snowing right now! Amsterdam is better in the summer, so we should definitely meet then. On my wishlist is also to visit Unlimited Health. Don’t know if you discoverd this one yet. Maybe we can go together? We should definitely stay in touch and not let this contact go to waste!! Bye girls, have a nice weekend. XO

      • Yes let´s see if we manage to have a little blog meeting in Amsterdam!! Great to connect with all of you. Please continue to coment on the posts or send us email if you have questions (therawfoodsisters@gmail.com) so this feed doesn´t get too long 🙂 Big hug and have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Yaaaay kampa! Jag har ocksa total andrat min kost efter 2 ars resande och har tappar totalt 28 kg! Har lagt till er i mina favvo-bloggar sa jag kan sno lite recept 😉

  8. Reading about you two’s story made me smile so BIG in front of my computer screen, I swear! Your journey of “becoming” is actually VERY special. I believe it is during the journeys we undertake we find our true core self. Especially if sometimes it’s filled with trials and errors, then we learn and isn’t that the most humbling yet revealing lessons we can ever have? Though my journey of becoming isn’t completely related to becoming raw, but I can definitely draw parallel to what you’re feeling and vibrating off from the heart. I can feel it here across atlantic! 🙂 I’m so happy coming across your IG and then your website earlier (in the wee-hours) this morning. It was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. Needless to say, you girls have made my day. Much love and hugs! Look forward to reading more from you. And thanks for dropping by my space as well. xoxo

    • What a beautiful comment Josie! We totally agree and are so grateful there are so many beautiful people like YOU that share their thoughts and ideas. In the end we are all on different journey´s but yet on the same. Wonderful to hear from you and keep shining and send your good vibes! We feel them over here too 🙂 Many hugs!

  9. Hi lovlies, I’ve tried to comment here several times but not sure if it got through 😦 Anyway, I’m so happy to have found you via IG this morning. The journey of “becoming” is so important. Though I’m not becoming raw but I can definitely draw parallels to what you’re feeling. You girls are creating beautiful and amazing things. Your energies are wonderfully contagious. Keep up the great work! xoxo

  10. Hi, do you follow the 801010 diet, where you eat fruits all day and your last meal is a large salad? I’m trying to see if that will work for me.
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Marisol! No we donnot follow it. We do some days and as much as possible but far from 801010. Maybe it will come more naturally for us with time to adjust the diet more to a 801010 but as for the moment we eat what we feel for, that is more fat than in 801010. Always raw though! Hope this helped. If you have any more questions. Please let us know! Many hugs

  11. Vad grymma ni är! Har själv kört rawfood diet med min syster för ett par (8?) år sedan men tyckte det var lite svårt just då. Är numera vegan och försöker äta så mycket raw som möjligt. Det ska bli kul att följa er! Har lagt till er på facebook och insta 🙂

    Kram Emmi

    • Tack så mycket för att du delar dina tankar med oss! Älskar att höra från dig så fortsätt sprida dina goa vibbar 🙂 Vad kul att höra att du prövat på raw veganskt men “bara” vegan är inte fy skam det heller 😉 haha! Hur länge har du varit vegan? Ha en strålande helg fina du. Kram!

  12. Hello from the North Country of New York! I went vegetarian in January of 2013 and never looked back. I’ve been researching the raw vegan lifestyle for some time, but haven’t crossed over because of various fears. Mainly a fear of how hard it would be when living with my self-proclaimed vegetarian six-year-old son and my meat-loving husband, as well as socializing nonstop with meat loving people as I do. I also have concerns over ensuring I’m getting all the nutrients my body needs to be healthy and strong in the long term. I continue to research this lifestyle with hopes of one day transitioning. I’m pleased to have stumbled upon y’all’s blog, and I look forward to following y’all’s journey and learning from you both!

    • Hello Beautiful! We are so happy you found us and love that you are sharing your thoughts with us. We see what you mean to be surrounded with others with differnet diets. The most important thing is to do what feels good for you. It is not Always the greatest to go completely cold turkey as we did but instead start to incorporate more raw food and vegan options in to your diet. In this way you can gradually see what you feel comfortable with and how it makes you feel. At the beginning while doing a lifestyle change it can be hard and there might people questioning the choices you are making. But eventually when you are determind and stick to it, that´s also going to be the new normal. We always try to eat colourful, it is actually saud that if you cover all the colours of the Rainbow you should get all the sufficient nutrients you need. We are still new to the raw vegan lifestyle too and still learning and so far it´s only good fun and we have never felt better. Go with what feels best for you and start from there! We are here to give each other support so don´t hesitate if you have more questions. We LOVE to connect with you! Many hugs

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