Fancy a rawesome apetizer?

zzzz-s-abraham-reachforthethoughtthatfeelsbetter-7521majHello lovely,

How are you? 🙂 We are all good here in Sweden. Eventhough, we are in love with Amsterdam and see ourselves spend a part of our lives there we have to say it feels right to be where we are at the moment. We know we will be back sooner rather than later and it is important to follow our intuition. This time it took us back to our parent´s place  😉 (But sooo nice to spend quality time with family and good friends. Beyond grateful!)  In the end, everything is a state of mind. Enjoy every single circumstance and it simply has to transform to something good. Sometimes it might require a bit of practice but with time it will be the most natural way of looking at life. It will come so natural to seek for the good that even if you might be surrounded by negativity you will be so trained not to get stucked within it. Instead always search for something good to hold on to. That will in the end attract even more good feeling experiences. We have tipped over and can nowadays hardly think any negative thoughts. If we do so we get reminded of it very fast since we by now know how quick we are able to manifest both good and bad things. This also means that we pretty fast become aware if we are stuck in a negative spiral since we suddenly get surrounded by more and more bad experiences. As soon as we experience negative emotions and get stuck in it we try to seek for something that can neutralize our mood. It pushes us to stop and calm down. We try to drop whatever we are doing and center ourselves. Nothing is more important than to be one with ourselves, or at least strive to be it. When we are in alignment with ourselves everything simply has to unfold with perfection. With this said, we are faaaar from perfect and can many times catch ourselves not up to speed with ourselves. That is a part of our development and as long as we are aware of the fact it is at least one step in the right direction. We have to remind ourselves not to be “perfect” and too hard on ourselves. We all have moments of confusion and loneliness but we are all on this journey together eventhough we might take different roads.

29 maj25 maj 13Today we want to share our super tasty Zucchini badges topped with red tomato pesto and refreshing cilantro cashew cream. It is a delicious appetizer or suits perfectly on your buffet table. We made a whole batch with them and they were gone within no time. Our guests loved them!

– 1-2 zucchini

Red tomato pesto
– about 15 sundried tomatoes (either you soak your own or you use sundried tomatoes in oil, as you prefer. )
– about 8 Cherry tomatoes
– 1 date (optional but gives a nice sweet touch)
– handful of fresh basil
– chili pepper
– garlic
– a pinch of salt
– pepper

Feel free to use whatever spices or herbs you have at home. Depending how tasteful you want it.

Put all the ingredients in your food processor and let it go until you get a nice texture. Put it in a bowl.

29 maj 2Refreshing cilantro cashew cream
– 2 cups of cashew nuts (soaked)
– 1-2 lime
– 1 tbl apple cider vinegar
– 1 clove garlic
– fresh cilantro
– pinch of cilantro

Place all the ingredients in your food processor (you can also use a blender) and process until it reaches a smooth consistency. You can add water to get the desired smoothness you wish for. We skipped this because we like it creamier. We usually try to add as little water as possible because it can tend not bring out all the flavours properly and we really enjoy tasting every single ingredient to its fullest. Also depending on how refreshing you wish to have your cream add as much as cilantro as you prefer. It is very individual and we personally love cilantro.25 maj 6

Chop your zucchini and put first one layer of your red tomato pesto and top with your refreshing cashew cilantro cream.

25 maj 10

Voilá! We promise your guests will not be dissapointed 😉

Today´s powerful words by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and Word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thougts and everything will be well.”

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


6 thoughts on “Fancy a rawesome apetizer?

  1. Enjoy the time with your family =) It must be nice to be with them, it sounds like you are close to them which is wonderful.
    The appetizer sounds amazing!!!

    • Thank you darling! It feels really great to be back in Sweden for a litte while. 🙂 The salsas themselves were amaaaazing and made a perfect fit together with the zucchini. It couldn´t get any better. It´s fun to come up with new Creations in the kitchen and we are amazed every time how natures produce can cause so many sensations and taste so good. Love it! 🙂 We wish you a wonderful day! Much love to you!

  2. Those miniature zucchini pizza-thingies look really amazing!
    Back with the parent, ey? Are they supportive in your raw foods lifestyle? Mine are supportive for me, and my mom loves to come to workshops with me and try out everything (although she isn’t raw vegan), but my dad could never imagine a life without meat. X

  3. Oh, this is to die for simply! One of those times when I wish I could just jump into the screen and taste the deliciousness, all those fresh flavours nomnomnom…! I bet the dips were even tasty on their own! Must make these but it’s just hard to find Zuchini where I am based, we just have courgette, the lighter stuff… perhaps I could just use cucumber slices instead, hmm. Lucky family btw! ❤ Wishing you all a happy week, thanks for the recipe once again.

  4. Først, dette ser og høres helt NYDELIG ut!! Skal absolutt lages en dag snart! Også helt perfekt å servere når man har gjester tenker jeg, det ser jo så fancy ut og jeg tror mange hadde likt det.

    Og så synes jeg det er helt utrolig hvor langt dere har kommet. Må bare få si det igjen og igjen 😉 At dere har kommet til det punktet der dere nesten ikke klarer å tenke negativt (og at dere oppdager det med det samme når de negative tankene kommer), det synes jeg er fantastisk å høre! Og veldig inspirerende, for dit kan vi jo alle komme hvis vi er flinke til å øve på det!

    kan tenke meg det kjennes godt å være litt hjemme hos mor og far, og blandt venner igjen. KOS DERE!! ❤
    Stor klem

  5. I was just looking for a veggie appetizer to serve at the surprise party I’m organizing for my dad’s 51st birthday! This is perfect!!! Thank you! 😀

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