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28 maj 228 maj 28 maj 1 28Dear friend,

These last days have been super busy and filled with new adventures. We have truly been enjoying our last days in Amsterdam for this time and have barely slept anything and spent minimal amount of time at home. Therefore, a bit of lack of updates BUT now we are safely arrived to Sweden and right back on track 😉 We will spend 1,5 months here at our parent´s place before next adventure takes place. We are super excited for everything that is about to unfold with perfect timing as long as we stay present. Honestly, that is the greatest lesson learned during this spring. We would never be where we are today if we walked around worrying and doubting. It takes a lot of practice but with time universe is showing more and more amazing signs that you are on the right path that it is simply impossible not to trust. The trick is to open your eyes and see the signs. However, it feels good to be back home as well and we were welcomed with beautiful sunny weather. Every time when we get back to Sweden in the summer we always get so amazed how light the evening (and nights) are and how green everything is. Life is all about contrasts and it is truly a joy to be able to appreciate them all.

Now we are off for a evening walk in the SUN (8.30 pm local time) before we hit the bed. We promise that new recipes will be up tomorrow. We have plenty we have not shared with you yet and cannot wait to do it.

Today´s powerful words by Bob Marley:

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don´t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don´t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”

We wish you a beautiful moment wherever on our planet you are 🙂

Much love,
Julie & Katrin


8 thoughts on “Sweden NEXT

  1. I love what you said about life being full of contrasts and the joy in being able to appreciate them all. Anxiety and fear keep us in such boxes sometimes. We always want everything to stay the same, everything to be fluid and normal all the time. But that’s not what life is about! We should enjoy all the contrasting elements of life. Great insight, girls. I’m loving your blog and I can’t wait for some new recipes!

    • Thank you so much for your Beautiful comment! To be able to experience contrasts in Life is something we value a lot in Life. We are beyond grateful to be able to appreciate them all. We love that you are sharing your thoughts on this, love connecting with you! ❤ Many hugs from Gothenburg

  2. Velkommen hjem 😀 Så godt å høre at dere har kommet dere trygt frem! Håper dere får kost dere masse med familien i tiden dere er hjemme, og ikke minst at dere får slappet godt av nå etter noen travle og koselige dager. Elsker energien deres, der ser man hvor mye mat og et positivt hode har å si for energinivået. Dere inspirerer!!
    God klem til dere begge to ❤

    • Tusen tack vackra Ragnhild! Ja nu är vi hemma i Göteborg taggade som bara den. Det är jättemysigt att träffa familjen och bara mysa här hemma samtidigt som vi får gjort jobb. Vi instämmer att det är fantastiskt vad sund mat och sunt sinne gör för underverk! Du inspirerar oss också ska du veta och det känns så fint att vi kan mötas här och inspirera och motivera varandra ❤ Många kramar!

  3. Så koselig å være tilbake i Sverige igjen -for en liten stund. 😀 Så fint å høre at dere lever her og nå, og har lært såå masse de siste månedene 🙂 Nå kom jeg akkurat hjem fra skolen og har hatt min siste eksamen noen sinne 😀 Weee.. Ha en fantastisk dag videre 😉 Nå skal jeg begynne å jobbe litt!

    • Ja det känns jättekul att vara tillbaka här, få umgås med familjen och vänner plus njuta av den svenska sommaren lite. Och det är ju inte så länge vi kommer vara här så vi passar på att njuta så mycket vi bara kan. 🙂 Wihoooo sista tenta, du är så himla duktig! Vi hoppas den gick bra men det gjorde den garanterat 🙂 måste kännas hur skönt som helst! Nu får du gotta dig en massa och vi önskar dig en härlig dag! Många kramar

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