Outside your comfort zone

946370_645282715485809_1060988795_n944523_636954076320133_1527087310_n941988_470142503070551_1699396334_nHappy shining Friday!

First of all we want to announce that we have had quite some technical problems on Facebook which led to the only solution to create a new facebook page. Our name is The Raw Food Sisters (same as before) and you will find us when you are logged in on facebook and search for us. The problem is when you write facebook.com/therawfoodsisters you will find our OLD page. Therefore, you have to be logged in to be able to find us. The old account will be deleted within two weeks and then we will change so that our  new page will be facebook.com/therawfoodsisters. Hope it is not too confusing! So with that said, the easiest way to find us is simply to log in and type The Raw Food Sisters and give us a massive like and send all your good vibes 🙂 We love to connect with you. We are posting quite frequently over there so come and spread your love!

What do you think about the pics above? We think they speak to us so clearly and in a very powerful way. In the end we have to live. Not only breathe and think this is all that is. Life is the greatest journey. A never ending one filled with passion, love and new adventures. We have to live and experience. We are all newbies in the beginning and that is the most important part to realize. How would we otherwise evolve and become more and more of the person we are meant to be for each day that passes? We are supposed to feel a bit scared and go outside our comfort zone . Push our limits, but by doing it step by step we will at the same time keep our courage with us. We all have to start somewhere and the more we slowly stretch our minds – the further we can go!

24 majToday´s Green Smoothie (yes we know brown again but summer times are coming 😉 is delicious and one of the best combinations. So keep this in mind for your next vibrant smoothie you are about to prepare!

– 3 bananas
– 3 dates
– 2 cups frozen blueberries
– 2 cups frozen cherries
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Carob

– flaxseeds and cherries (topping)

Put all the ingredients in your blender. Mix it well and ENJOY!

Today´s powerful words by Georg Wilhelm:

“Nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion.”

Julie & Katrin


8 thoughts on “Outside your comfort zone

  1. Your smoothie sounds delicious. I should pick up some dates; I haven’t used them in a while. I’ve never added maca to a smoothie before, though I’ve had it in chocolate! Can you taste it when it’s blended with all the other ingredients?

    • Beautiful Jenni! Thank you so much, dates are perfect to have in a smoothie to make it a bit more filling. Of course it depends on how much maca you use in your smoothie but we really like the Little nuttie sweeter taste it brings to the smoothie just to give it a nice breakup. Plus the Health benefits of maca are so great and we love it! Think that´s our replacement for coffee these Days 😉 Many hugs to you and we wish you a great weekend!

  2. Kloke og fine ord fra verdens skjønneste søstere! 😉
    Det er alltid godt å bli påminnet på at vi styrer våre egne liv, og at det av og til må føles litt ukomfortabelt slik at vi skal komme oss videre. Og viktigst av alt- leve i øyeblikket og tørre å kjenne på alle følelser (både gode og vonde) som dukker opp på veien.
    Smoothien høres såå god og forfriskend ut! Jeg elsker kirsebær/moreller- både i smoothies og i alt annet 😀
    God helg<3

    • Tack fina Ragnhild! Vi kan aldrig få tillräckligt många påminnelser om att vara närvarande och medvetna i livet. Ibland kanske vi glömmer bort det men därför än mer viktigt att göra sig påmind. Håller med, både goda och onda känslor ska vi känna. Vi kan alla ta oss igenom dem! ❤ Många kramar till dig och tack för att du delar med dig av dina tankar!

  3. Denne smoothien hadde jeg likt såå godt! Liker temaet dere tar opp her, for det er så viktig. Jeg kjenner meg sånn igjen og, for om jeg ikke bevisst hadde pusha mine grenser eller utfordra meg selv, hadde jeg ikke vært her jeg er nå!

    • Exakt! We couldn´t have said it better. Vi hade inte heller varit här vi är idag om vi inte stegvis hade pushat oss utanför vår komfort zon. Det är så viktigt och framför allt så blir det väldigt roligt och utvecklande. Tar man lagom stora steg så blir det inte föööör läskigt heller utan man vågar också göra det!

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