Chocolate Vanilla Raspberry Dream Cake

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Happy shining Thursday,

Today we want to share our divine Chocolate Vanilla Raspberry Dream Cake with you. We think this is the absolute best raw cake we have ever enjoyed. Honestly, it has everything you need in a perfect cake. A crunchy crust followed with a perfect rich chocolate layer, topped with a smooth sweet tickling vanilla spread. To give our Dream Cake the perfect combination of sensations in your mouth it is finally topped with a nice refreshing raspberry cream. This cake is pure pleasure for all your senses. Not to mention that the chocolate filling alone blows your mind.dream cake 4


– 1 cup buckwheat flakes (change to nuts if you prefer)
– 8 dates

Chocolate Dream
– 2 cups cashew nuts (soaked)
– 2 bananas (more if desired)
– 8 dates
– 3 big tbl coconut oil
– 1/2-1 cup raw cacao
– 4 tbl agave syryp (or other sweetener)
– 1 tbl vanilla / 1 vanilla pod

Vanilla Spread
– 1 1/2 cups of cashews
– 1/4 cup of water
– 3 tbl coconut oil
– 2 tbl agave syryp
– 1 tbl of vanilla / 1 vanilla bean
– a pinch of salt

Raspberry Cream
– 1 banana
– 1 cup frozen raspberries
– 1 lime

– Homemade peanut butter (optional)
– Raw cacao nibs

Start with making the crust by putting the ingredients in your food processor. Let ig go until you get a nice and crunchy texture. Divide it into your form. Put it in the fridge meanwhile you prepare the rest of the cake.

Now make the Chocolate Dream and put all the ingredients in your mixer. Blend until you get a nice and creamy texture. The more raw cacao you put in the more epic it will be. Cover the crust with your delicious Chocolate Dream paste. Put it in the freezer meanwhile you prepare next layers. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes before spreading next layer on it.

To make your Vanilla Spread simply put all the ingredients except water in your washed mixer. Add as little water as needed to make it smooth. Put it in a bowl and place it in your fridge.

You can make this cake in two ways. Either you want your Raspberry Cream liquid and prepare it when it is time to serve the cake or you make the Raspberry Cream now and add it to the cake and let the cake rest in the freezer unti it is time to serve.

Take out your Chocolate Dream and if decorate it with the peanut butter (optional). Cover the chocolate layer with Vanilla Spread.

Now make your Raspberry Cream by mixing the ingredients in your clean mixer. Spread it carefully over your cake.

Either you eat it directly or put it in your freezer and serve it later. Make sure to take it out a good while before eating, around 20-30 min.  dream cake 2Buon appetito! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂

Today´s powerful Words we found on Eckhart Tolle´s facebook page and we want to share them with you:

“Dear Friends,
May I suggest a deeper and somewhat unusual perspective on who you are?
You are not just a person, and you are not IN the Universe.
You ARE the Universe, which IN YOU is awakening, experiencing itself, becoming conscious. That consciousness is who you are in essence. We are all fleeting expressions of it. The Universe awakens THROUGH experiencing challenges and limitations. That means YOU awaken and deepen through your challenges, as does humanity as a whole. So welcome or at least accept all that life brings you. Change what can be changed, otherwise surrender to what IS. Feel the Presence within you as the background to every experience. Know that, as Jesus put it, “you are the light of the world.”
With love

Much love,
Julie & Katrin


14 thoughts on “Chocolate Vanilla Raspberry Dream Cake

  1. Hey, girls! I just started following your blog yesterday and I’m loving it already. Your cake is so pretty! I recently started eating a gluten-free and vegan diet, and I’m trying to get as many raw foods in there as I can. I’m glad I found your blog! I just started mine not that long ago. I’m Jenni. 🙂

    • Hello Lovely Jenni! Thank you so much for your kind Words. That means a lot to hear! Thank you, the cake was delicious. Definitely worth a try.. or two 😉 Amazing to hear that you have changed your Life as well. We love to connect with likeminded people and support each other. That is what life is all about! Keep shining Beautiful

  2. This looks mouth watering!! OMG I love you two!! This cake looks heavenly. WOW!!! Thank you for your never ending inspiration!!! I love how the cake looks! This cake DOES look like a dream cake 😉 You two are the best! Your recipes are rawkin’ ;)!

    BTW, in case you didn’t know, agave nectar isn’t really healthy. The health benefits isn’t what they make it seem. Read my post here to find out more info:

    let me know in the comments your thoughts. Thanks.

    • You are so sweet Miliany! Thank you so much for your loving comment, you are rawesome as well!! 🙂 We know agave is not 100% completely raw but we don´t want to be too strict when it comes to these things. In the end we are not using it a lot and only on occassions. We will bear what you are suggesting in mind and whenever we get our hands on cocoa nectar try it out. 🙂 Many hugs!

  3. Sorry but you put the buckwheat soaked in water the night before or just mix it raw? Thank you so much!! This cake looks amazing!!!

    • Hi dear! Thanks for your comment, we love to connect and appreciate all kind of questions. 🙂 As for the soaking we didn´t soak the buckwheat flakes but we usually soak the the regular buckwheat over night when we prepare our buckwheat porridge. If you don´t want to use buckwheat flakes as we did you can use nuts that you soak instead. That makes a pefect fit for the cake as well! Many hugs!

  4. Ååå, så herlig!! Denne kaken både ser og høres helt himmelsk ut! Elsker kombinasjonen sjokolade og bringebær, og jeg vet med 100% sikkerhet at jeg hadde elsket denne 😀 Vakker er den også! Tusen takk for at dere deler oppskriften.
    I dag blir det faktisk deres fantastiske raw tabbouleh til middag 😉
    Håper dere har en fin fredag, og at dere får en nydelig helg<3 Stor klem

    • Hej sötnos! Vi måste erkänna att denna kakan var gudomligt god och en av de godaste vi någonsin ätit faktiskt. Ja, hallon och choklad make a perfect match verkligen! 🙂 Vad kul att du åt raw tabbouleh till middag, hoppas det smakade gott! Hoppas du har en fin fredag du också. Många kramar! ❤

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