GHANA a dream come true

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Hello beloved friend,

How are you doing today? We hope that your week has started off in the best way possible. Amsterdam has not shown its best side these past two days with constant rain. So today we are hiding the rains with warm mint teas at one of our favorite coffee bars meanwhile we are working. At the moment we have an overload of work and planning to do. A lot of things are going on as you might know and we have been quite busy lately which also has its reasons. We are feeling very inspired and excited about our up-coming projects and feel its about time to share our exhilaration also with you! 🙂

First we want to begin by saying that we never ever thought that we would be where we are now. Our lifestyle transformation going raw vegans just some months ago have opened up new doors for us and we are still amazed how everything has unfolded with such a great timing. For us this is the realization of our dreams. We are not just connecting with so many loving people worldwide but our new healthy lives have also led to other positive things. Our new clean lifestyles have made us more conscious and we are always looking for healthy food choices. In the early spring an idea came to us about sundried tropical fruits. We started to play with the idea to have our own brand and production of sundried tropical fruits and we got so into it that we could not leave this idea behind. Instead we started to talk about our ideas with people. For some magic reasons we happened to talk to the right people with the right contacts at the right time. So here we are setting up our own sundried mango production in Ghana! Is not this universe simply amazing?! Dream. Believe. Receive.

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In mid-July we will be going to Ghana to initiate a first pilot project. During this process we also want to incorporate you in our jorney we are undertaking so that you will be able to follow what is going on out in the field. It is so easy to forget but there is always an individual behind every bite of food we eat in the western world. We want to give the often forgotten farmers in remote areas in the world attention. The farming and in our case mango is their livelihood and they put a lot of effort and love into it. Sadly they donnot get sufficient income for it and barely make it to go around. Our sundried mango project will support community development and is a step to take farmers out of poverty. The farmers are waiting for us and we cannot wait to go there to get this started for real!

What do you think? Are you as excited as we are? 😀 New adventures are around the corner and we are thrilled to have you on our journey as well! There is so much love to be spread in our world.

Therefore, today´s powerful words by Howard Thurman goes perfectly with our main purpose, to Live our Dreams and Breathe our Passion:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

With all our love,
Julie & Katrin


38 thoughts on “GHANA a dream come true

  1. WowWowWOW!!! SÅ utrolig spennende!! Herlig å høre hvordan dere bare flyter med og møter de rette menneskene til rett tid! GLEDER meg til å følge med på dette prosjektet! Tørket frukt er jo både godt og nyttig, og det er jo helt supert at dere fokuserer på bøndenes vilkår også! Masse lykke til videre med dette, det kommer til å bli knallsuksess! 😀

    • Tack så jätte mycket Thess! Din fantastiska energi känns och den kommer behövas på vägen 🙂 Tack så mycket återigen och vi ser fram emot att dela allt på vägen med dig. Hur det är ute på fältet och allt som sker bakom processen att skapa fram snacks som vi njuter av i väst. Ha en strålande dag! 🙂

  2. Oh my god that’s amaaaazzing!!!!!!!
    It’s a wonderful project that benefit a lot of people! You quys are truely amazing and I wish you all the best of luck!! I will definetly follow you guys during this process! 😀

    Many hugs!

    • Thank you so much Hang! 😀 Love your positive energy and it is very much felt. It means a lot so keep those good vibes coming. We love and are looking very much forward to share everything with you. Keep shining beautiful!

  3. Good luck!! I hope you will continue your blog! And i will be your first customer if i can order from France! Keep going you’re just amazing!! Kisses

    • Thank you so much Julie! (julie thinks you have a very nice name 😉 ) We will of course continue to blog and we are looking forward to share everything with you so you can be a part of this journey. We feel your good vibes and keep it flowing! Many hugs

  4. Jaaaa, jeg er super excited 😀 Elsker dette prosjektet, og synes ideen er helt fantastisk! Dessuten vet jeg at dere kommer til å lykkes så utrolig bra med det, for dere er bare den type mennesker som lykkes! ❤ (Helt klart på grunn av måten dere tenker og lever på!)
    Synes det også er kjempefint at dere tenker helhetlig på det (elsker helhet ;)), og at dette også skal være bra for bøndene og arbeiderene i Ghana som blir med på prosjektet.
    Jeg gleder meg til å få følge med videre, og til å få smake den deilige mangoen deres. Til og med min favorittfrukt 😀
    Håper dere har en kjempefin kveld, selv i kulden. Solen kommer nok snart tilbake til dere også<3

    • Tack så hemkst mycket Ragnhild! 😀 Dina fina ord och uppmuntran betyder JÄTTE mycket. Älskar all din energi! Det betyder mer än du tror. Tack tack tack för alla fina ord! Vi ser så fram emot att dela allt med dig och berätta hur det går till och allt vi får uppleva på vägen. Många kramar vackra du!

  5. Åhhh vad kul!! Vad fantastiskt att ni har en större och djupare mening med ert arbete. Att lyfta andra och verkligen ge benefits to the farmer. MY god!!!! You must be really proud over yourselves. Det är svårt att föreställa sig vad det är som ska göras haha, antar att det är en massa administrativt.
    Cool idé tjejer 🙂 Har varit nyfiken på ert projekt, så kul att höra. Hur kommer det sig att ni valde Ghana?


    • Tack så mycket Nadia för dina fina ord och din stöttning! Det betyder en massa ska du veta. Vi ser så fram emot att dela allt med dig och berätta hur allt går till bakom kulisserna 😉 Vår huvudsakliga poäng är att hjälpa andra och kan vi göra det genom att skapa goda snacks som folk runt i världen kan avnjuta så är det bara WIN-WIN! Det är en hel del administrativt etc men allt är värt det när vi vet vad vår dröm är 🙂 Vi valde Ghana för Julie var där förra året och lärde känna en hel del bra kontakter och genom dessa har vi lyckats få fler involverade, att det helt enkelt finns inget annat att göra än att KÖRA! Vi berättar mer när allt rullar på sakta men säkert. Många kramar fina du!

  6. You girls are so awesome and inspiring! The world totally needs more people like you and the positive energy you spread♥

  7. For et fantastisk prosjekt 😀 Jeg er stolte av dere allerede! Dere er to flinke jenter!! Tørka mango er jo så utrolig godt, men det spiser jeg såå utrolig sjeldent siden det er ofte tilsatt sukker, eller veldig dyrt. But I love it ❤ Såå gøy, gleder meg til å følge dere når det gjelder prosjektet. Og det er jo så bra at prosjektet støtter lokalbefolkninga der 😀 Klem<3

    • Tack så hemkst mycket Marie! Det betyder hur mycket som helst ska du veta. Mer än du tror! Vi ser fram emot att dela allt med dig och visa hur det går till bakom kulisserna så att säga. Vårt huvudsakliga mål är att stötta lokalbefolkningen och göra gott, kan vi dessutom göra ett fantastiskt gott snack som folk runt omkring i världen kan avnjuta så är det WIN-WIN! Tack för dina fina ord och att du delar med dig av dina tankar. Många kramar vackra du!

    • Thank you so much Claire! It means a lot to hear it from you. We feel your support! Your words are so true. Something we work on all day, every day. We know you do it to and thank you for spreading your amazing vibes. Many hugs!!!

  8. This is something special girls! You are doing such an amazing work and I can´t wait to follow your adventures in Ghana 🙂

  9. Incredible initiative! I will be buying your sudnried mango that´s for sure. I´m excited to follow your journey 🙂 Keep up the good work ladies!

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  11. Well, by now I could just write “what everyone else said”, because yes: amazing initiative, well deserved, so inspiring and can’t wait to “follow” you to Ghana. XXX

  12. Så spennende! Jeg gleder meg masse til å følge med på prosjektet deres. Dere har all grunn til å være stolte av dere selv! Stor klem 😀

  13. Vilket roligt projekt! Önskar er all lycka!! Tror på er, ni fantastiskt inspirerande! Kärlek! ❤

  14. This is so cool! I really wish you the best of luck. You are my great inspiration to be good and do good! Thanks for being you and continue spread your love ❤

  15. WOW! This is such exciting news. I am so excited for both of you – congratulations!
    It must be such a wonderful feeling to have achieved such an amazing dream =)
    I hope to see it available to buy where I live one day!

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