Meditaiton vs Excitment?!

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Hello beautiful friend,

How are you? Did you have a good start of the week? 🙂 Our fast-speed week continues but it is all fun and we still feel very energized. As we mentioned before, the key to be able to be up and running with a lot of good vibes truly depends on what you put in your month, exercise and your sleep. Equally important for your whole well-being! If you sleep well during the night, eat high nutrition food and move your body – you will reach new levels of energy in a short time. It is all about finding balance and listen to your body.

How is our May Meditation Month going? Do you find time for meditation? Is it getting any easier for you? We have been meditating every day but we have to admit that it has not always been that easy. This last week has been pretty busy and we have been out all day long and many evenings/nights as well. It has been quite tricky to manage to calm down and really find the total peacefulness in such a short time. Specially when we feel so high on life and excited more or less 24/7 😉 We know it is even more important in those moment to really take our time to quiet the mind. So that is our challenge for now. Learn to go from a lot of fun work and crazy ideas running around in the head to complete silence. But we are working on it! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We love to hear from YOU.

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Right now we are in a coffe place in Jordaan in Amsterdam. Sipping on a carrot/apple/ginger juice and working. Such a wonderful feeling to bike through Amsterdam in the early morning. It is always a special feeling in cities in the morning. The coffe bars are opening up, the smell of fresh coffe (eventhough we donnot drink any still smells sooo good!), people are biking to work. Simply a whole new day filled with new opportunities!

Before we leave you for now we want to share our breakfast with you. It was delicious and as you might have noticed the last week we are totally hooked on berries. We guess it is a sign that summer times are coming (eventhough it feels like winter outside) so let´s have some Mango Berry Cooler to give ourselves the perfect start for a brand new beautiful day!

tisdag– Spinach
– Bananas
– Dates
– Frozen raspberries
– Frozen mango
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Flaxseed (topping)

Mix all your ingredients. Top it with some flaxseeds. Enjoy!

Today´s powerful words by David Icke:

“The reason most people don´t express their individuality and actually deny it, is not fear of what prime ministers think of us or the head of federal reserve. It´s what their families and their friends down at the bar are going to think of them.”

So let´s free ourselves. Today we choose to surrender ourselves with ourselves. Nothing is more important than focus inwardly. What someone else thinks and says about  us, is non of our business. We are perfect in our own existence. We are unique as we are.

Much love,
Julie & Katrin


9 thoughts on “Meditaiton vs Excitment?!

  1. Hey beauties 🙂 I had a perfect start of the week, celebrated my birthday yesterday with lots of great raw food and friends! I feel such gratitude for all the love I have in my life! I share some of the same challenges when it comes to meditation, have a hard time calming down because there is so much happening! Today, however, I have made time for a real meditation-yoga session, and I am looking forward to it! The smoothies look absolutely delish by the way!! Have a great day! Hugs 🙂

    • Hello lovely! Happy belated birthday to you 😀 Hope you had a wonderful day! Sounds like you sure did with good raw food and friends. That is the perfect combination! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about meditation. It is definitely a challenge to go from high speed to complete relaxation. Something we all have to work on but as we all know, practice will make it 🙂 Aaah nu blev det att vi svarade på engelska. Som tur är förstår vi alla språk! 😉 Ha en jätte fin kväll och njut av din meditation/yoga ikväll. Många kramar!

  2. Haha, i det jeg trykket “post comment” så jeg at jeg hadde skrevet på engelsk – tror det må være fordi dere skriver engelsk i posten, så ender jeg opp med å tenke på engelsk selv også 😛

  3. Det høres ut som dere hadde den perfekte starten på uken! Det er så godt når man føler at man bobler over av energi, og at man får gjort alt man skal gjøre og bare nyter det. Og som dere sier; da har mat, bevegelse og søvn alt å si! Så viktig!
    Jeg har det bra, men som dere vet er ikke alt som det skal akkurat nå, og jeg er så sliten av det. Reiser faktisk hjem til mamma og pappa i morgen så jeg kan få litt ordentlig fred. Trenger det nå merker jeg.
    Jeg har fått til 5-10 min meditasjon etter yogaøktene mine daglig. Det er ikke lenge, og jeg sliter veldig med å finne roen merker jeg. Men det er iallefall litt, og noe jeg kan bygge på videre 🙂
    Så nydelige bilder av dere, dere er virkelig så søte!! Håper dere får en helt herlig dag i dag, det er jeg sikker på at dere gjør! KLEM

    • Tack för dina fina ord och att du delar med dig av dina tankar! Just nu är vi lyckligt lottade som har det väldigt bra men vi vet att vi alla behöver vår dans av lite regn ibland för att göra om och göra plats för något ännu bättre och mer givande. Det låter som en bra plan att åka hem till mamma och pappa lite. Bli ompysslad och vila upp dig. Ta hand om dig själv och påminn dig själv tusen gånger om att allt är bra även om det inte alltid är lätt att se, men det finns något större i allt. Universe has your back! ❤ Tack för att du delar med dig av dina meditationstankar. Det betyder mycket att höra dina tankar! Vi tycker också det är svårt att finna ro. Särskilt om man har varit igång mycket och ska gå från high speed mood till relaxation. Vi tycker att många gånger först efter kanske 10 minuter som sinnet på allvar börjar slappna av och att man kommer in i meditationen. Förhoppningsvis med tiden kommer vi alla att kunna stänga av på två röda sekunder och slappna av, men tills dess får vi alla bara öva och öva 🙂 Tack återigen för att du delar med dig av dina kloka tankar och idéer! Många kramar!

  4. love this! I ‘try’ to meditate everyday, but find it so hard to shut my mind off. I keep forgetting that it is a practice and I will get there! Thanks for the inspiration beauties! Big Love X

    • Amazing to hear you are meditating on a daily basis! That is great. We know it is difficult to shut the mind off but it is a good start to be patient and keep practicing. With time we hope it will become more and more easy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂 Many hugs!

  5. Wonderful post. I have not yet started to mindfully meditate (as in sitting with eyes closed and meditating), but I’ve been putting more focus into being in the present moment and it is working out well. Yesterday I also cleaned the entire house and I normally do this with the radio blasted, but instead, I found it relaxing just listening to the birds outside and seeing the sun shine through my window =)

    • That is Always a good start to be as present and mindful in whatever we are doing on a daily basis. That is great to hear! When it feels right you can always try to create some space for meditating. But doing Everything mindfully is the best we can do in our lives! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and enjoy your clean house 😀 Many hugs beautiful!

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