Declaration of Love

974141_10151625010776054_1571993812_n962112_10151624995556054_1170840710_nHello sunshine,

We hope you having a good start of this week. It is a new week filled with new possibilities. After our morning walk and refreshing breakfast this morning we decided to take our bikes to the centre and work at a café in Jordaan. To have the freedom to be able to work at places where we feel the inspiration at the moment is something we highly value and feel so grateful for. It has not always been like this and it is not until recently we have come to truly live our dreams.

It is almost exaclty one year ago when we were in Amsterdam on a shorter stay. We sat at a coffe place, actually very close to where we are right now, talking about our dreams and what we see ourselves do in the future. We have always been certain that we want to have our own business that we run together. We did not determine when it would be because knowing the universal laws we did not want to stress it because one day the timing would just be right. Despite this fact we both have always felt like home here in Amsterdam and we were very clear with the fact that we want to have this city as a base. So while sitting at the café we could totally see and feel ourselves be working at different coffee places. We also had the vision to be one of those biking to the yoga practice with the mats on the back. It is with extreme excitement we are able to say that we are doing it now. We donnot know how many times we have pinched each other in the arms and keep repeating it. We are living our dreams. It was such a particular feeling when we passed the café the other day where we had that discussion one year earlier. We are amazed of how we have been guided by universe to be where we are today. No words can justify our excitment of our continuing journey and what´s next BUT one lesson is learned… always stay present and everything will unfold perfectly when you allow it. There is no turning back for us now.972386_10151624659731054_1641590419_nWith these words we also want to share a little love declaration we got from one of the fruit & vegetable vendors on our street yesterday. We were standing outside the store we usually go to with our bikes. While standing there one of the guys came out from the shop with a big box of medjool dates. He gives them to us and says these are for you. He continues with a big smile saying that we are always so nice when we come bringing happiness with our smiles and he really enjoys having us as his customers. He felt honored! Plus that he knows that we like dates 😉 (which is true since we go there several times a week to get new ones). This gesture and loving words really touched our hearts and can only be expressed as unconditional love for fellow human beings.

Today we are also featured at beautiful Veronica´s website. Check out the interview here. 🙂

Today´s powerful words by Albert Einstein:
“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

With love,
Julie and Katrin


13 thoughts on “Declaration of Love

  1. I am so happy that you two are living your dreams! It’s still a work in progress for me, but I’ll just enjoy the process as I get there. That is SO sweet of the vendor to give you those dates. Must be all those positive vibes you send out…oh, and I’m sure being a lovely pair of beautiful blonde girls helps 😉 xx Have an amazing week ladies!!!

    • Beautiful to hear your words and thank you for your support! The most important thing is to ENJOY the ride, it is what have actually taken us where we are now. That is also why we are so overwhelmed because it actually feels like the most natural thing to be and do what we are doing. Guess how it´s supposed to feel. 🙂 So continue to appreciate and have fun during your process because soon you are living your Dreams too!! ❤ Much love to you!

  2. For et koselig innlegge! 😀 Det er helt fantastisk at dere lever i drømmen deres nå! Jeg blir så glad, og unner dere det virkelig. Og så koselig at han i butikken ga dere en liten gave 😀 Det ble vel dagens høydepunkt 😉 Elsker når slike hendelser skjer! Og det kommer jo garantert til å skje igjen snart. Klemklem<3

    • Tusen tack söta Marie! Dina fina ord betyder så otroligt mycket ❤ Ja det var så fin gest av mannen i butiken att ge oss en låda dadlar, helt oväntat. Sådana saker som ger så mycket! Många kramar

  3. Congrats on the interview/new business venture!! So proud of you 2 🙂

    ps. how weird is it that we’ve never met yet I feel SO connected to you guys?! haha! Love it! That’s the spirit of the universe 🙂

    • Thank you so much sweetheart! We appreciate you and all your support, it really touches our hearts ❤ We are also so amazed of how universe help us connect with like-minded people like you. Exactly what we have wished for and to feel the connectedness even though we seem to be located far from each other. Keep on shining and spread your good vibes! Many hugs!

  4. Jeg elsker å følge med dere på veien dere er! Det må føles så herlig å vite at i fjor på denne tiden hadde dere en drøm, som dere i dag lever. Helt utrolig, og så inspirende!! Dere fortjener absolutt det livet dere lever, og jeg bare vet det kommer til å bli bedre og bedre for dere.
    Ønsker dere en fin tirsdag og sender dere mange klemmer

    • Tack fantastiska Ragnhild! Du är en ängel. Det känns helt magiskt och som om pysselbitarna börjar falla på plats. Vägen har inte alltid varit så enkel och spikrak men vi vet ju alla att det bästa ALLTID kommer ut ur allt! Vi måste bara hålla huvudet högt och förstå djupt inom oss att det finns en mening med allt, något större och bättre finns alltid närvarande. Älskar att connecta med dig! Ha en fantastiskt afton fina du. Många kramar!

  5. That is so inspiring! I’m so happy that you are both doing something you truly enjoy. You both breathe positivity and energy – I love it.
    And what a wonderful gift… mmm dates =)

    • Thank you beautiful! We feel so blessed to finally be able to live our dreams in this way. It has not always been like this of course. That´s why we appreciate it so much. YES the dates! We got so happy. As a raw vegan literally living on dates it was like a gift from heaven haha 😉 Many hugs!

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