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1366982793135 1366982810250 1366982847650 1366983282157 ököHello precious,

One of the secrets to feel good is to eat a rainbow in colors! First of all, you will get the a huge variation of nutritions and health benefits from all different kind of fruits and veggies. Secondly, we eat with our eyes. It is impossible not to smile and feel good while eating all these beautiful colors Mother Earth is providing us with. When we bring our good emotions and love to our food, it has to do good for us. Let the high vibrations flow! 😉 Ifyou eat a rainbow in colors – we promise that you will definitely start to feel and shine like one within no time.

If you recently found our blog we want to tell you that you also can find us on instagram. We love to connect with you, both here and there. So feel free to add us on instagram and if you want write a comment on one of our pics and we would love to follow you back. In this way we can connect even more and share our healthy and loving lifestyles together. Of course, there are no rules about what is healthy and not – we just love to connect with you! Our name is therawfoodsisters and the pics above are some of our latest posts on instagram. 

Before we let you go for now we want to share an amazing serie of powerful messages about the universe. Donnot be afraid of the length. It is divided into many small sections each more or less 15 min. They explain everything from the power of your thoughts and emotions, sacred geometry, crystals, male and female energy etc etc. It is really amazing if you are interested more in how our universe truly is working. In the end, believe what feels good for you but we encourage you to be open to complete new ways of thinking!

Today´s powerful words byAdyashanti :

“Our illusions—the beliefs we hold on to—are the very doorways to our freedom. We simply have to enter through them without grasping or pushing away. We must not believe them, but we must not run away from them either. We need to see each moment of apparent bondage as an invitation to freedom. Then it becomes an act of love, an act of compassion, to stop running away.”

Julie & Katrin


14 thoughts on “Connect with us!

  1. Nå gleder jeg meg til å sette meg ned å se denne filmen. Likte den forrige lange filmen dere anbefalte så godt! Liker dagens sitat! Hvis man ser ting på den måten, slik at alle handlingr blir gjort med kjærlighet, da blir jo livet en herlig lek 😀

    • Vad kul att höra! Vi älskade den filmen och det är alltid intressant att lära sig mer om universum och allt omkring oss. Särskilt att få det från olika infallsvinklar, alltså olika personer som delar med sig av sina insikter. Hoppas du får en jätte fin fredag fina du! Många kramar från oss båda

  2. Hello beautiful soul sisters!
    I’m happy to read all your wonderful, informative, inspiring, and love based stuff! I wish you great success and am happy to be connected. See your daily posts on Onstagram too (it’s IM_Possible_Health) love to you….

  3. Absolutely beautiful food pictures! Wow – it looks like you eat a wonderful variety of colourful and tasty foods all the time =)
    Have a super fantastic weekend!

  4. Wow!! Your fruit salads look so yummy! I LOVE dates!!! They’re the best, sweetest fruit in my opinion! 😉 I love sharing and connecting with you two. You girls are two beautiful spirits living in Amsterdam! Keep up the great, inspirational work, ladies! 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend! Peace, Love, Hope, Dream – Miliany XX =) Hugs!

    • We are crazy about dates as well. So good and works perfectly all time! We are so happy to connect with you beautiful. Keep shining and inspire others to live their heart desires, as you already do. Many hugs from both of us!

  5. All maten deres ser som alltid helt fantastisk ut! Masse deilige farger, og jeg bare vet at det smaker nydelig også 😀
    Det er så gøy å ha kontakt med dere, og jeg er så glad jeg fant bloggen deres! Kjempegøy å følge dere på IG også, blir alltid inspirert når dere legger ut bilder.
    Ønsker dere en kjempefin lørdag! Her blir det trening og jobb og date night med kjæresten i kveld 😀 Fin lørdag.
    Stor klem

    • Vi är så tacksamma att ha dig i våra liv. Ser fram emot ett härligt möte i Norge en dag! 😀 Då är nog bebisen också ankommen till världen! Du är en stooooor inspiration så fortsätt göra det du gör. Många kramar från oss båda!

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