Detox effects with chlorella

yesHappy shining Thursday,

First we want to say we love your thoughtful and great comments on the last posts. We are so lucky to connect with so many conscious and loving people. Keep shining! We are also very happy to be able to share what we find online with YOU. In this way, we all can help each other to live a more conscious and aware life that will in the end benefit us all on our beautiful planet! With that said, if you find information or whatever you think is worth sharing – please let us know.

How are you today lovely? Did you have a good start of the week? 🙂 We love the pic we posted above and it is a perfect reminder to stay grounded. Whatever circumstances we are in and how we might feel and do, in the end we are a little dot in the space! 😉 Is it not amazing to release the resistance and truly see things from another perspective? Stress or negative feelings in this very moment can easily be shifted as soon we change perspective!


The spring has arrived to Amsterdam and we are so grateful to finally be able to stroll around without winter clothes on. Yeeey! We have a big deadline coming up next week on Tuesday and been a bit overloaded with work. The amazing part is that it truly does not feel like work when it is our passion we are breathing and dreams we are living! We seriously cannot wait to tell you all about our up-coming project. We want to wait another month but please meanwhile keep your fingers crossed and send your good vibes our way! This is a project that truly will benefit so many and make an impact in the world 🙂 Your love is very much appreciated!

As you already know, we are crazy about our green smoothies in the morning. It has truly been a life changer. When you realize how good you actually can feel – Oh boy, no turning back to old way of having breakfast (or any other meals)! No more energy dip and a huge urge for a coffe to try to mantain the energy til lunch. It feels so liberating that for once in life not to be the “slave” under food and always have the need for something to keep going or to satisfy a need. Life has become so much easier now! 😀 We will write a post about this later on. So many thoughts worth sharing!

Today we want to share a yummie green smoothie with you. If you are new to the green divine way to start the day 😉 Donnot be afraid of adding some spinach to your smoothie. It seriously tastes nothing and you will instead get filled of all kind of health benefits. When you get used to the green colour – start adding more and more green goodies. Super soon you will most likely be hooked! Today we wish to share our Green Perfection smoothie, sooo good!

– Spinach
– Bananas
– Pomegranate
– Mango
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Hemp protein powder

Simply put all your ingredients in your blender. Let it go until it is nice texture. Pour it in your glas and voilá!

One of these green goodies we have started to include in our morning rituals is chlorella. Therefore, we would like to share the amazing health benefits and why we enjoy to add it to our diet.


  • Chlorella is a green algae and is one of the world´s most nutritious food.
  • Chlorella provides natural detoxification and is one of the most powerful resources today available to help your body naturally fight environmental pollutions. When you take chlorella into your body it will naturally bind it to lingering heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides that you have left in your digestive tract, which is your body´s pathway to your bloodstream where harmful toxins are found and easily goes into your body´s cells. Therefore, it is so important to clean yourself as much as possible.  It is said that after a couple of months of using chlorella your body will be significantly detoxified.
  • Chlorella is also rich in vitamins like; vitamin A/ B1 / B2 / B6 / B12 / C / E.
  • Like most dark green veggies, chlorella is packed with magnesium, which improves blood sugar levels, hearth health, mental health etc.
  • In chlorella you can also find important minerals like potassium, iron and calcium.
  • If this is not enough, chlorella is a rich source of protein. There is also a good balance of amino acids, including all of the essential ones that our bodies need to function. Without these we would not be able to rebuild the body´s lean tissues and neurotransmitters.
  • Chlorella contains chlorophyll which is a green pigment (gives the colour) but can also improve immunity, alkalinity and inflammation. It is even said, it can fight bad breath! 😉

Seriously, there are like 1000 more health benefits WHY chlorella is truly amazing! We have chosen a couple of them so you get a little hint how powerful chlorella actually is. We have specially chosen to add chlorella to our diet now in the beginning of our clean lifestyle since it is highly detoxicating. We wish to speed up our detox and get rid of as much bad stuff we have collected within us during our lives so we can be as clean and vibrant as possible!

Before we let you go for now we want to share today´s powerful words by Michio Kushi with you. It is regarding a healthy lifestyle and in the end, it is not only about the food or your intentions you put out there. We are all connected in the whole. So keep your loving vibes high – in all aspects!

“If you are eating well and your condition is pure and clean, life itself becomes like the dreams or visions that you have when sleeping.”

Julie & Katrin

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16 thoughts on “Detox effects with chlorella

  1. Åå, jeg er så spent på å få høre om prosjektene deres!! Jeg har ALL tro på at dere klarer absolutt alt dere vil, og ikke minst at det kommer til å være til nytte og glede for veldig veldig mange. Jeg sender dere mange mange positive tanker og gleder meg på deres vegne!
    JA! 😀 Et sunt levende kosthold er det beste som finnes! Som dere sier, det er ingen vei tilbake når man først har oppdaget hvor levende og glad man føler seg på et sunn, naturlig levende kosthold!
    Chlorella er fantastisk og faktisk den eneste algen som er anbefalt ved graviditet!!
    Nå skal jeg straks lage guacemole og dippe agurk i det. Har heelt dilla på det for tiden! Spesielt med masse hvitløk og fersk koriander- yum!!
    Ønsker dere en nydelig dag, nydelige jenter. Klem

    • Tack så mycket Ragnhild! Dina uppmuntran och tro på oss känns 😀 Så tacksamma att få connecta med DIG! Vi längtar så efter att få berätta allt, och låta er vara med på resan. Du har så många kloka och insiktsfulla tankar. Ser fram emot en stor Raw Vegan middag i Oslo en dag snart 😀 Vi håller faktiskt också på att laga guacemole nu. Såååå gott! Fast det blir dipp av morot och selleri. Ha en jätte fin fredag fina du!

  2. Wonderful post ladies. I am sending so many positive vibes to you about your project (and in general!). I have not added chlorella to my smoothie in ages – this was a great reminder! Thank you!
    Enjoy the wonderful spring weather =)

  3. That first little image is the perfect follow-up to yesterday’s post. We can’t control everything and make everything right all the time. Sometimes to step back and breathe and realize that can make you so much more relaxed!

    I wish you would tell us what you’re up to ladies!! But sending good vibes your way!

    Sipping on a smoothie right now 🙂 Cheers!

    • Yes indeed, isn´t?! 🙂 So true. It is easy to be caught in what we see right now so it´s a perfect reminder to take a step outside to get some perspective. Thank you Beautiful, we feel you!!! 🙂 Many hugs from both of us!!!

  4. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. You made me very curious though 🙂
    I haven’t tried chlorella yet, but I do use spirulina in my smoothies, which – if i’m not mistaken – has a bit of the same qualities as chlorella. And next to all the health benefits, I love how it deepens the green color of my smoothies. X

    • Thank you dear Sonja! We can´t wait to tell you all about it, and let you be a part of our journey. If you use spirulina you are adding something amazing as well. They are pretty similar but we Think that chlorella got the detoxification part that spirulina doesn´t. Not 100 % sure though. Eitherway, spirulina is one super food well Worth adding to ones diet!! Many hugs

  5. Det er så spennende med det prosjektet deres 😀 Stå på! Gleder meg til å høre om det. Grønn smoothie er herlig<3 Chlorella er en av mine favoritt greens og, har det ikke i rein form nå, men ønsker meg det igjen. Når det gjelder greens, er jeg litt usikker på hvor stor mengde man kan ta før man merker at vitamin K påvirker at blodet koagulerer merkbart. Jeg har spurt noen leger, men det virker ikke ut som de veit så mye om det. Tenker i forhold til å få blodpropp, at sannsynsligheten blir større for å få det om man spiser mye vitamin K, som er i alt med mye klorofyll. Hm.. Jaja!

    • Tack så mycket Marie för din uppmuntran! Vi ser så fram emot att kunna berätta allt för dig 🙂 Hur äter du det om du inte äter det i ren form? Är det i tabletter då? Vad tycker du om det? Wow tack för den informationen Marie. Det hade vi ingen aning om. Det bör kikas på! Frågan är bara hur mycket som är MYCKET k-vitamin. Tack för att du dela med dig av dina tankar!

      • Jeg har en blanding med ulike greens, som spirulina, chlorella, hvetegress, spirer ol. 🙂 Jeg har best erfaring med å ta ren spirulina, der jeg syntes jeg fikk veldig mye energi. Jeg fikk blodpropp ca et halvt år etter jeg hadde begynt å ta greens. Hovedsaklig var det pga noe arvelige greier: leidenmutasjon, som får blodet til å tykne ca 5 ganger fortere enn normalt. Mange mennesker har denne mutasjonen i kroppen uten at de veit om det. Det hadde vært gøy å vite, som dere sier, hvor mye k-vitamin som er for mye. Hvis man går på blodfortynnende må man passe veldig på om man spiser mye grønnsaker og ting med klorofyll. Bare 1 ts greens av de fleste slag ga utslag på hvor tjukt blodet ble da jeg gikk på blodfortynnende. Utifra dette tenker jeg da at, selv om man ikke går på den medisinen, påvirker vitamin K oss. Jeg ønsker å spise mye grønt, men tørr ikke å gjøre det i for stor mengde! På den andre siden ,kakao hjelper til å regulere at blodet er så tjukt som det skal 😀 YES<3 hehe..Nå tar jeg kun litt greens hver dag, og jeg merker ikke noe forskjell om jeg tar det eller ikke. Dette ble litt mye info, men tenker dere synes det er interessant å vite hvordan det kan påvirke oss. Klem

      • Åååh tusen tack för ditt svar Marie! Detta är verkligen något att titta närmare på. Massa info vi inte har så mycket koll på. Vi adderar bara lite chlorella i våra green smoothie när vi gör dem. Men tack för att du delar med dig! Kanske får större anledning att äta rå choklad 😉 Fast det är ju allvarligt inte kul med blodpropp etc. så TACK!!!! Du får gärna fortsätta sprida din info. Jätte intressant att ta del av!

  6. Wauw, that really sounds amazing and so healthy! Where can you buy it? In healthstores or “de Tuinen”? (Not sure if you know de Tuinen though, I’m sorry if you don’t)

    • You can buy it in your local health store. Maybe at eco plaza as well if you have it in de Tuinen. Otherwise check online there are many options! It is amazing so we highly recommend you to add it to your diet 🙂

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