You become what you eat – literally!

Daily-Inspirations-for-Healthy-LivingHello precious,

Today we want to pay a little extra attention to the message in the pic above. What do you think? Is it not powerful? We literally become what we eat. We have to admit we are almost shocked how ignorant we were before our transition to a conscious way of eating and living. The scariest part is that we never really reflected how our bodies were doing inside. It never occured to us how the food (or other products) actually impact us. Somehow we thought we were quite healthy, and never really payed as close attention to the food, drinks, cosmetic etc. as it truly deserves.  Maybe because we so far were lucky enough to feel good and “healthy”. Sadly our focus was more on the outwardly effects and not the inwardly ones! The thing is.. it was never in our mind and we are almost “ashamed” to admit that we put all the focus on the way food made us look, if the food would make us gain weight or not. We are 100 % sure we are not the only ones who are/have been thinking in these terms?

62635_368554446586566_629676222_nNow when we made the complete transition to a new way of living so much has followed on the road that we never really thought would be a part of it. It is simply amazing and we want to share some of our thoughts with you. First of all, the biggest and most magical part, is the relationship we are creating with the food we are eating. Over the last four months we have constantly been trying to restart our bounds with food. Clean our vibrations. Say good bye to old believes and complicated relationships. We have to be honest and say it has taken, and still takes, a lot of conscious work. Some believes have been inprinted in our minds for years, if not a lifetime. It could be something that fruit makes you fat, eat for comfort or after a stressed day crave chocolate. When we know that everything is about vibrations – we are also aware of the fact that the most powerful and nutritious strawberry would do no good for us IF we think it is bad for us. With that said, you could eat the most amazing and healthy food but if you feel bad it can simply not make wonders for you as it is supposed to! We are still in the beginning of our journey but we have noticed a massive shift within us only these last weeks. The love we feel for our bodies and the food we are eating is absolutely amazing. The shift came when we started seriously listen to our bodies. Stay as present we possible could and follow the signs our bodies are giving us all the time. It is very easy to be caught in a habit of always eating and doing in a certain way that you simply forget to listen to your body´s needs. The thing is, the needs are changing all the time. So we better pay attention. For instance we have come and replaced a “dinner” with a massive juice when we have experienced our bodies were craving to keep it simple yet refreshing or a smoothie with a vibrant salad if that was what our bodies needed. We have also changed the idea of not necessarily indulge in your “weekend” cake during your days off but why not start a brand new week with it instead? (Or why not enjoy it every day? ;))

425808_426596390765326_768520542_nHowever, the thing is there are simply NO RULES and it is so liberating to realese all old patterns and ways of thinking. Step by step. The key is truly to stay present. In this very moment you can hear your inner voice guiding you. You feel your body who tells you if it need water instead of something sweet. When you are present you are one with you – and there is no other option than to give your body exactly what it craves since it is the most natural thing to do. Remember this is a journey so we all have to give it time and it is sometimes a bit tricky to reset a behaviour that we have been practicing for years but with conscious work we can all take steps forward. Believe us, many times we have taken steps back but the best part is that when it feels like you are taking a step back you are in fact throwing out big powerful desires for a change. That means, more energy is focused on a change – wich will bring you many steps forward as soon as you let go of resistance!

One last powerful technique we have developed is that it might be easy to blame a certain food. For instance if you accidently over eat, it might be easy to think “Oooh it was the dates that made be feel so bloated. I have to take it easy with the dates!“. When we do so we subconsciously create a negative band with that particular food. We blame our bad feelings on the dates. Remember you are not your thoughts. Instead try to accept the way you are feeling right now and tell yourself; “It is ok. It happened. I have noone to blame and there is no need to blame anything or anyone. This is only my ego trying to force my bad feelings upon something/someone“. Practice this everytime you feel you got of the right track with food. Take away the attention from food. Let food be what it is. Try to avoid labeling it and put your mind´s thoughts on it. In this way, we can rise our vibrations and start re-creating an amazing relationship with our food, and let it really empower ourselves and make us thrive as we are meant to!

We also want to add that we are so grateful to connect with you and we love it every time we hear your thoughts and amazing ideas! Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas how to live a vibrant and healthier life or simply share your good vibes 🙂 Keep shining and be who you are. We love you! We will in these days make a post with all the tips and tricks you shared with us regarding this topic about healthy and natural beauty products. In that way we can all benefit and spread the words about a vibrant and healthy way of taking care of our bodies and look as good we desire without harming ourselves or the environment!


Remember we are here together. Supporting and helping each other to stay healthy and live a fullfilling life as we are supposed to. It might be “weird” today in our world to choose this way of living but in the end we have to be the change we wish to see in the world. Keep shining beautiful friend!

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


12 thoughts on “You become what you eat – literally!

  1. Love this! Have you heard of Intuitive Eating? There is a book you may enjoy: Intuitive Eating BY: Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

    • Thank you so much Juli, both for your comment and for your book recommendation! We have not read the book but we are always looking for new reading. So thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

  2. Love the sentiment and truth in this post! For a while I fell into exactly the same trap as you girls — thinking about how food would make me look rather than how it was nourishing my body and mind. Glad to say, I’m a little bit older and wiser now, and those days are gone! It’s so, so lovely discovering more information about how natural, wholesome and raw foods give us everything we need! Now that I’ve been focusing on nutritious foods for a while, cravings for not-so-good things like ice cream and wheat-based sugary cakes are slowly disappearing. Thanks for this gorgeous post — you girls are all sunshine and light! Sending you a hug from Australia! xx

    • THank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It is always great to hear other people´s stories and realize we are not alone on this journey. We are so happy and grateful to connect with likeminded people! We totally agree, we enjoy so much to learn more and more about this way of living. Many hugs and loads of love from Amsterdam 🙂

  3. Fantastisk innlegg jenter! Og jeg er, selvsagt, helt enig!
    Jeg har, som sikkert de fleste jenter og i grunn mennesker generelt, hatt et problematisk forhold til mat opp igjen årene. Det som virkelig hjalp meg, var å prøve å tenke på hva matens intensjon er. Altså, jeg kan spise all “snill” mat (da tenker jeg på sunn hel, frisk planteføde) og vite med sikkerhet at den matens intensjon er å gjøre meg frisk og glad og sterk- og ingen mennesker eller dyr trenger å lide for at jeg skal bli mett og glad. Jeg kan altså spise den maten helt FRITT! Det skader ingen, og jeg trenger ikke tenke på kalori-innhold eller what ever. Det eneste jeg trenger er å høre på og stole på kroppen min.
    Vi ER det vi spiser, og det er utrolig sterkt!
    Takk for at dere deler de kloke tankene deres med oss. Det er så insprende og lærerikt!
    Håper dere får en kjempefin dag. Klem

    • Tack så hemskt mycket för din fina kommentar och dina kloka ord! Vi känner igen oss 100 % med allt du säger. Det är så befriande att sakta men säkert återställa relationen med mat. Tror nästan varenda person har en något komplicerad relation till mat, särskilt tjejer. Det är så skönt att veta när man äter bra och hälsosam mat att det gör under för en 😀 Älskar det! Bästa insikten i livet 🙂 Tack återigen för dina fina ord!!! Många kramar från oss båda 🙂

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