Embrace today!

today-is-the-bestHappy Wednesday to you,

We have some pretty busy weeks in front of us regarding our own company and up-coming projects but at the same time we are very excited about everything that is in this very moment. What we have come to realize so profoundly (we know we are saying it on a daily basis but is worth repeating ;)) that the  only thing that truly matters is this present moment. Life will never happen tomorrow or the day after. Not even in 10 min. All we ever have, and will have… is now! We think we all can agree on that yet the majority of human beings are somewhere else with their thoughts 95 % of the time. We donnot think it is bad to make plans and think about up-coming events if we do it with the puropose to rise our own vibrations to allow ourselves to attract more well-being right now. We love the art of vizualisation and have used it a lot in our last years to create our own reality – and it has worked perfectly! In matter of fact beyond perfectly and we have been amazed over and over again. We had been visulatizing ourselves living in Italy and guess what, we have spent years living la dolce vita over there. Not talking about where we are now BUT we have come to a point on our spiritual journey (thank YOU Eckhart Tolle!!!) and it has truly starting to sink in on the most powerful and profound way that all that is, is this present moment! If we can choose to love and enjoy ourselves right here, right now everything will unfold with perfection and we donnot need to spend a moment of worry in our lives. We have lived enough evidence that universe really does everything for us when we allow it. This is not only a “happy hippie talk” but on the most profound quantom physic level. The day we realized all these facts and information – our lives have been for ever transformed! It simply cannot be for nothing that our planet rotate with perfection around its orbit? Do you not agree? 😉

However, it has taken a lot of conscious work for us to come to this point but it has totally been worth it. We are faaaaar from perfect regarding this but we want to encourage you, if you are aware of your thoughts wandering away a little bit too frequently, to start to take control over your mind. Slowly be in charge over your thoughts and emotions. With time and practice you will be a deliberate creator! The more you rise your awareness about all that is and your own power within – the easier it gets. When you get a hang of the fact that you create every single situation, you can start to use it to your advantage. Oh boy – when you do that you will realize that the fun is here to stay! In the end, is it not what life is all about? Love, laugh, enjoy, share, co-create. 🙂

1366052416102Something that makes us smile is a perfect ripe mango and it is one of our absolute favourite fruits. We indulge in this super delicious “king of fruits” quite frequently. We simply cannot have enough. Luckily mango is not only yummie to enjoy but the health benefits are amazing. So let´s have a look on why you should eat this piece of heaven with a huge and happy appetite!


  • By eating a cup of mango you get 25 % of your daily value of vitamin A, wich makes wonders for your eyes. Vitamin A promotes good eyesights and prevents night blindness and dry eyes but also vitamin A is an antioxidant vitamin and is giving protection against free radicals that can harm your internal system. With that said, it could be a pretty good way to help the body to stay disease free.
  • Mango is rich in fiber so if you enjoy a mango a day you will definitely be sure you will stay miles away from constipation, piles and spastic colon. Pretty good deal, huh?
  • Mango also contains an enzyme for breaking down protein.
  • Did you know that mango is a true immune system booster? The amazing amount of vitamin C and vitamin A among with 25 different kinds of carotenoids will keep your immune system healthy and strong. Carotenoids together with betacarotene and astragalin – are three very powerful antioxidants that have the power to neutralize free radicals in your body. Heart disease, premature aging and cancer are due to these free radicals. Therefore, we better eat it up with our mangoes!
  • If this is not enough. Mango also contains seleniumcalciumiron and phosphorus. Our powerful friend is also rich in riboflavinvitamin B6/A/C/E/K, niacinfolatethiamin and panthothenic acid. This helps you to stay away from a host of diseases that can come with the deficiencies of these vitamins and minerals.
  • Lastly we also want to add, since we all want to glow on the outside 😉 That mango is an excellent source to get your skin glowing since mango clear clogged pores and eliminate pimples.

1366016066051Before we let you go for now let us present Green Mango Raspberry go Bananas! 😉

– Spinach
– Mango
– Frozen raspberries
– Bananas
– Chlorella
– Maca
– Hemp protein powder

Mix your ingredients in your blender and be ready to thrive!

Today´s powerful words come from Wayne Dyer and we think it suits perfectly with quantom physics and all that is. Never be afraid to explore a new way of thinking: 

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”

Julie & Katrin

Sources: http://realfoodforlife.com/10-health-benefits-of-mangos/ , http://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/fruit/health-benefits-of-mango.html


8 thoughts on “Embrace today!

  1. Hi you two! I just want to say reading your posts has really impacted me more than I would have expected. I read the post about doing everything with joy (even cleaning your house) and the one about how one of you took the best spot in your yoga class only to have it taken by someone else…for some reason these things really hit home with me. I usually have a pessimistic attitude, but I decided to try to do as you guys suggest and I saw some crazy things happen. They might seem small and insignificant, but to me it was something. I was going to share a grapefruit with my 4 year old daughter and one half was a little bigger. Normally I would take that side, thinking she probably wouldn’t finish it, but I decided to give her the better half this time anyway. She finished it all and later that night after her gymnastics class we ordered an orange juice and a popsicle. The lady at the counter gave us the popsicle for free! Which is something that never happens to me and even though it’s a small thing it was nice. So I put my change in her tip cup, which is something else I am not in the habit of doing. The next day I was talking to an old friend who handpaints confetti filled eggs for parties. I wanted to order some for our great grandmother as a present. She insisted on doing them for free, even though I told her I wanted to pay her. She said she only asked that I post a happy picture of them in return. This week we also had the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday. We live about an hour outside of Boston. Yesterday it rained and afterwards a bright rainbow was lighting up the sky. It just seemed too pretty to ignore. I really feel like my actions and all the events that followed are connected, just like you guys are saying and it’s been amazing to watch what has happened as I have tried to change my negative mindset and pay attention to the little things going on around me. I am telling you this because I might not have done so if I hadn’t discovered your blog just days ago and read the posts. Tonight I am going to my first yoga class and I am hoping that will help my experiences even more! So a big thanks for all the happy, inspiring posts you have already written and the ones that are yet to come. It’s funny to think how one little ripple can affect a whole lake!

    • Woow what an amazing comment! Thank you so much Rachel for sharing. You have touched our hearts more than you could possible imagine. You are right on track and keep enjoying the synchronization you are experience. It is a massive sign you are doing perfectly and definitely are on the right track. Keep paying attention to everything in your surrounding and you will soon get a deeper hang on it – and start to manifest even bigger and more magnificient experiences! But as always keep enjoying EVERYTHING, from the small to the big. We love and are so grateful to connect with you. Keep shining! We will continue to write about our thoughts regarding the universal laws and also where you can find more deeper information about how it truly works to really be able to fully grasp the concept of law of attraction and the universal laws. It is truly beyond amazing to hear you have taken the step to realize all these things and we can only say – that you have an AMAZING journey a head of you!!! 😀 It will only get better!!! We wish you a wonderful day and keep sending your good vibes. We feel them all over here. Many hugs!

  2. Så fint innlegg 😀 I dag er den eneste dagen! Digger det sitatet 😉 Dere inspirerer så mye, og leste kommentaren over, og jeg også føler at man får så mye tilbake om man gir noe av seg selv! Og mango<3 Det er så godt det. Har en halv mango hjemme nå, og jeg gleder meg til å spise den 🙂 Smoothien deres ser skikkelig god ut den og. Namnam!! Ha en fin kveld videre jenter, og stå på prosjektet deres. Jeg er så sikker på at dette kommer til å gå så bra!

    • Tack för dina kloka och fina ord Marie!! Så sant 😉 Eller hur, det är ju den enda dagen! Imorgon kommer ju faktiskt aldrig i den bemärkelsen. Mango mmmhmmm finns det något godare. Blir till och med ÄNNU godare när vi vet hur bra det är för en! Så njut 😉

  3. Mangoo<3 Min favoritt favoritt FAVORITT frukt!!
    Åh ja, dette er så sant, så bare minn oss på det igjen og igjen. Jeg må iallefall minne meg selv på det flere ganger daglig! Det øverste bildet var utrolig fint, og en så fin måte å tenke på. Vi har bare DETTE ene øyeblikket, og det er ingen vits i å angre på fortid eller beskymre seg for fremtid. Man kan selvsagt drømme, men det beste er å bare leve i nuet og virkelig nyte det og gjøre det til det beste man kan!
    Ha en god dag dere<3 STOR klem

    • Mango finns det något bättre?! 😉 Mmmhmm!!! Tack för dina kloka ord och kommentar. Vi måste också påminna oss om det konstant. Det tar mycket träning och medvetenhet att vara så närvarande vi ska vara. Så vi kommer nog fortsätta påminna oss alla om det 😀 Ha en fantastiskt dag fina du!!!

  4. Just a quick question — what’s chlorella? I’ve never heard of it, and I guess I could use Google but I’m just wondering how the maca, hemp protein and chlorella make the smoothie taste? I haven’t gotten into smoothie making yet but I definitely love the idea that a whole lot of nutrition can be packed into a single glass! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous recipes xx

    • Good question! We will make a post in these days about chlorella. It is amazing and helps with detoxing and cleaning your body! We always use it in our green smoothie. Stay tuned – a post is on its way! Never hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts. Love to conenct with you. Many hugs from both of us!

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