Negative emotions

Hello beautiful,

We are here to remind you that you are loved and you are in the exact place you need to be in this very moment. That you have the power within and that every single one of us truly are powerful beyond what we possibly could be able to fully grasp. But we, as much as you, have moments when we feel out of balance. When we end up in a situation that does not please us. Feelings of loneliness and confusion – simply not up-to-speed with our true inner beings.

Today we want to talk a little bit about this topic with you. Since everyone has feelings and had their part of suffering. With that said, both you and us have felt small, sad, confused, lost, unhappy, betrayed, abandoned and all other not very loving feelings we could line up. There is not a human being that has not. The difference from happy people and unhappy ones are how you choose to handle different situations. We have developed some techniques we use as soon we reach the point when the unpleasent feeling has taken too much of our time and well-being. As we all know by know – the power is within!

We have to explain some energy terms we use, and how we see the world – to be able to fully explain how you can change the way you handle all kind of situations – that it in the end benefits your own growth!

funny-quote-soul-body-C-S-LewisFirst of all we have to understand that all that is – is nothing but energy. Litterly YOU are a stream of energy. If you put yourself under a microscope you will see atoms jumping around. If we all can fully grasp the concept that we are vibrational beings so much more in this world would make sense for us. The movie we linked here will help you to understand what we mean in a much deeper and better way than we are able to explain. With that said. You are a soul (as C.S Lewis call it or whatever you choose to name this energy field) and not your body. When you start to distinguish the greater you from your ego – then magic can start to happen. So what is the greater you? It is simply this big powerful love that is here – God/energy/universe/ or the word you feel most comfortable to use to explain this bigger force you sometimes can feel or if you have practised a lot; you feel it most of the time. When you feel love for someone or something – you are rising in vibrations. You are becoming ONE with all that is. Sadly many of us humans are so used to not feeling good. People only see suffering, wars, hate, rudness – and think this is the world! We cannot argue with them and say it is not true… since it is obviously their point of view. The trick is to change your perspectives and you will start to see less of all those negative experiences and more of the good things. But so many are stuck in a routine of bad emotions and destructive habits – that they donnot even realize it themselves!!!! They are not capable of hearing us speaking. It is simply too far away from there frequency. Our words would make no sense to them.. 😉


So if we all can accept the fact that we are vibrational beings, that we attract every situation, we have no one to blame than ourselves? If YES – then we can change our lives tremendously and never turn back to a place of suffering and playing victim. But we need to accept these facts with our full hearts. When we do – we promise a stretched mind can simply not go back to old believes. You will be transformed for the rest of your life! Your horizons have been widened too far away and when you realize the biggest secret in this world, you cannot pretend you donnot know about it. If you do, you will be badly reminded every time you are out of alignment with yourself. The more aware you get about your emotions, the more sensitive you will also get for the energy field. That means you will more easily feel the energy around you and within you. When you realize this power – you simply cannot avoid it. You better use it to live all your dreams you are here to experience!!! We promise it is the best ride possible and it is simply magical to realize you can do exactly what you wish for. No dreams are too big. Is it not amazing to know? That you are hear to live those dreams? And that it is fully possible? 😀


Eventhough we might be aware of the power within us and all about energy etc. It is not that easy always to move on. Sometimes we simply need to have had enough to be ready to make a change. We are done with feeling the way we do. Enough is enough. We have many times reached that point ourselves when we have hit the rock bottom! The positive part is that the more negative emotions you feel – the stronger opposite desires you throw out. Wich means, that when you reach a point when you simply have had enough the desire of a change has tipped over and is now stronger than to remain in the same position you are in. When you reach that point something absolutely wonderful and magical happens. Suddenly you are open to hear your inner voice speak. It might come so clear to you that there is simply no point of holding back. You simply have to follow the guidance that is taking you forward, step by step.

The most important part regardless in what state you are in; rock bottom or lighter negative feelings. It is to simply do whatever you can to find peace within it. It might sound difficiult and too far away. You might think “I would feel peace if I was not in this state.. I will feel peace when I am somewhere else!”. We have to say that you will NEVER go to another place before you have made peace with where you are right now. This very precise situation might change but you will manifest it over and over again but in different forms. Whatever you are experiencing is hear to teach you something and will not leave you before it has. It is something that is active in your vibrational field and will come back to you so many times YOU are still having that point of attraction. For instance, how come some people over and over again end up in destructive relationships? They might get rid of a bad lover but soon again they will meet someone else that is treating them in the same way. 


How do you then change your point of attraction? By finding peace wherever you are. It is as simply as that… or difficult! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing – you have to be fully able to accept the circumstances around you. In a difficult moment when we see no options we have to tell uorselves “Right now, I am where I am. All will be good. In the end I have myself and I am strong. I am here to learn and evolve. This is a part of my journey.“, and take a deep breathe, and one more.. and one more. We tell ourselves this as many times we need until we reach a point when it starts to sink in. No one of us here on this planet would never ever experience anything that we are not fully able to handle. We simply have to change our thoughts about any situation we end up in. When we start to see things as a lesson instead of a punishment, ourselves as students instead of victims – then magic can start to take place!

The most powerful techniques we have developed and use when we found ourselves out of alignment, is simply to STOP – take a break from whatever your mind is trying to force on you. Start talking with yourself. Keep going with a mantra; “All is good. Someting amazing will come out of this. I am fine, deep inside me. Eventhough I might not see it now – I know I will evolve big time after this. Thank you, thank you life for letting me live and explore.”. We start to bless the situation we are in. Thank it for the teaching we might not be able to realize right now but we know we will with time. When we start to thank whatever life is showing us it simply has to turn out to something good. Maybe we donnot see it right now but time will tell. We keep doing this until we reach a tipping point and the good takes over. It is so powerful and works everytime and the more you practice it – the more effective it will be. Every situation we end up in, big or small, try to take a step back. It is your ego that has brought you to this negative situation you are in. When you take a step aside and do everything you can to stay as present as possible – you have the possibility to take a look at your thoughts. While doing that. You create space between YOU and your thoughts and you might realize the most powerful fact that YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! From that point – you are freeing yourself from whatever surrounds you. When you understand you are not your mind speaking, you are not your thoughts – you automatically create space for better emotions to rise when you set yourself free from the negative situation you were in.

We would like to share some powerful words by Echart Tolle with you:

“When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life. 

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn´t to be found anywhere. There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this? 

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.”

Is it not as powerful as it can get?  We think this applies perfectly even for “bad” and “good” emotions. We need those to evolve. To throw out our desires. To fully understand what we do love and enjoy in life. We need some dancing in the rain to appreciate the sun. We all know this. We might forget it when we feel drained by negativity – but it will change. In the end nothing in this life last forever in that sence. The only constant thing is CHANGE! Good times are here for all of us 🙂

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


18 thoughts on “Negative emotions

  1. Leste dette innlegget tidligere i dag, og ble så glad, for dette er virkelig så SANT!! Jeg føler jeg lærer så mye av dere jenter, og vet at når jeg kommer inn hit fylles jeg opp av inspirasjon, informasjon, positivitet og glede. Takk<3
    Elsker dette; Vi er sjelen og har kroppen. Har faktisk ikke tenkt på det før, men det er jo helt riktig.
    Håper dere har hatt en fantastisk søndag begge to. Her har det gått i masse masse kjæreste-kos, og yoga og turgåing og raw sjokolade-spising. Fin søndag 😉

    • Tack så mycket för din fina kommentar Ragnhild! Vi säger detsamma till dig. Du inspirerar oss jätte mycket. Vi är hur tacksamma som helst att få ha dig i våra liv. Du är fantastiskt! Fortsätt vara den du är och sprid din energi. Det betyder så mycket! Eller hur är citatet perfekt. Det är så sant. Ibland glömmer vi av att vi inte ÄR vår kropp utan vi är en själ som HAR en kropp 🙂 Ha en jätte fin söndagsafton. Stor kram!!!

  2. Dere er så herlige jenter, og forklarer dette så fint 🙂 Får lyst til å lese det igjen. Jeg liker at man må danse litt i regnet for å sette pris på sola! Haha.. Jeg skjønner så godt hva dere mener, og hvordan det er å forholde seg til andre mennesker som er på en helt annen frekvens. Jeg har selv brukt mye av disse orda her til å prøve og fortelle andre som kanskje ikke har det så bra, at det er mulig å ha det så bra som man ønsker. Men som dere sier, det når ikke alltid frem. Ved å tenke slik som dette kommer man såå langt. Selv merker jeg at jeg takler hverdagen så mye bedre nå enn bare for ett år siden. Før ble jeg stresset av hver minste lille ting på skolen, mens jeg nå sitter med den mest utfordrende oppgaven av de alle (som jeg aldri kunne se for meg selv med før), og virkelig setter pris på at jeg får gjøre noe så spennede. Håper dere har hatt en nydelig helg søte dere 🙂

    • Vilken fantastisk kommentar Marie! Grym är du. Heja heja! Man kan om man vill 😀 Det gäller att tro och peppa sig själv.. sedan faller bitarna på plats av sig själv. Vi håller helt och hållet med att folk inte “hör” en när man försöker tala med dem. Det viktiga då är att låta dem vara och förstå att dem gör sitt bästa med dem insikterna dem har. Det bästa vi kan göra är att vara goda föredömen! 🙂 Fantastiskt att höra om din utveckling och vi känner detsamma. Bara några veckor tillbaka har vi utvecklats en massa – och tänk då hur det ser ut för oss alla om bara ett år i framtiden? Ständig utveckling är det bästa 😀 Ha en fantastisk afton!! Stor kram

  3. I sooooo needed to read this right now. I had a louzy day yesterday, and dealt with it all the wrong way. Your opening alinea just made me … breathe. Thanks girls. X

  4. Tack så mycket, tjejer. Vilka inspirerande ord och jag håller med om det ni skriver helt och hållet. Man får inte glömma att man är en själ.

  5. This is a wonderful post! I’m in a bit of a struggle right now trying to keep positive, I’m in a funk, but I know on the other side of this funk is my happy, positive self. This is a good reminder.
    Have you girls ever heard of read “You Can Heal Your Life”? I think you’d quite like the book =)

    • Thank you for your kind words beautiful! We believe in you and are here to remind you that you can do whatever your heart desires. Keep staying positive and present and you will win over the funk part in you 🙂 Thank you for the book tip. We definitely have to check it up. We are always looking for new books and other inspirational things, so thank you for sharing 🙂 And keep doing it if you remember something else later on! Many hugs from both of us dear

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