Almond milk

Hello sunshine,

How are you today? We hope you had a wonderful day but even if not..  it is ok! We hope you can find some space within you to understand that all is truly good, and always will be.

Now when we are vegans we obviously donnot drink milk anymore. We donnot miss it at all especially when we know how bad it is for your body and not to talk about the animals. Eventhough we come from Scandinavia where we were more or less grown up on liters of milk a day! Crazy when you think about it. However, we have found the perfect substitut and that is almond milk and it is so easy to make yourself so you donnot need to buy any from the shop. If you do it yourself it is probably much cheaper and you can be 100 % sure you know what you are drinking! That is the most important part. You donnot need any fancy tools for this. Of course if you have at home, feel free to use them but we are doing delicious almond milk simply by using;

– Mixer / food processor
– Strainer (preferable with small wholes)

– Almonds
– Water
– Date (optional)

Ok. So let´s start!


Put your almonds for a couple of hours in water. Remember always to soak your nuts before eating them. We will make a post about this in these days. If you want to enjoy your almond milk in the morning soak them over night. Wash them and put them in your mixer. Add water. A good guideline is 1 cup almond – 3 cups water.  Try to find the perfect balance depending how much almond taste you want. Start with less water and add more. If you want it a bit sweeter feel free to add a date.


When you have mixed water and almond, pour the liquid through your strainer as it is done in the pic.


Use a spoon to press out all the milk from the almond pulp.

1365065916722Pour your milk in your bottle! Voila you have almond milk. Super easy and it is done in 5 min.


Store it in your fridge for a couple of days. We use it in our smoothies and for soaking our buckwheat and chia seeds. So good! And healthy 😉

Very important DONNOT throw away your almond pulp. We will make a post with ideas what you can create with the pulp.

Happy almond milk creating time!

With love,
Julie & Katrin


11 thoughts on “Almond milk

  1. Lovely! I love almond milk! It is so refreshing and delicious, and it is super easy to make! I am working on a post on this as well – lets spread the news about nut milk to everyone who is willing to listen 😀

    • Thank you lovely! But do you have a blog? When we press on your link it is written it is not working at the moment. Would love to see your posts!!! You have so many wise and amazing comments 🙂 Love nut milk!!! Lets spread the word!!!

  2. Mmm, fersk mandelmelk (og annen nøttemelk) er noe av det BESTE som finnes! Og det er litt rart jeg synes det, for jeg likte virkelig ikke kumelk da jeg var barn (men elsket ost dessverre..) og likte ikke plantemelk (som soya og havre) da jeg ble veganer. Men hjemmelaget mandelmelk er noe heeelt annet 😀 Så godt!!
    Gleder meg til oppskrifter med pulpen. Jeg har laget et par ting som raw middagsboller og cookiekuler, men jeg gleder meg til mer inspirasjon på det området 🙂
    God lørdag dere! Klem

    • Haha du ser! Ibland är smaklökarna som dem är 😉 Men nötmjölk är bara bra att gilla. Nyttigt och perfekt att ha i sina smoothies etc som vegan! Vi återkommer med lite inspiration snart men dina varianter låter inte fel heller. Har du recepten på din blogg? Ha en jätte fin lördag söta du, kram från oss båda!!!

  3. Nøttemelk er såå godt 🙂 Namnamnam.. Lagde meg faktisk enda mer nå som jeg piska. Lagde meg chai latte 😀 Farlig godt! Håper dere også har hatt en fin dag, min har vært fin. Det er fantastisk vær her i Trondheim, og jeg merker at nå kommer alle menneskene ut av hulene sine 🙂 Ha en super kveld

  4. Soaking almonds as we speak for almond milk tomorrow – one of my favourite things to make!
    I so look forward to a post with suggestions on how to use the pulp as I struggle with that.
    Have a wonderful weekend ladies =)

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