Wednesday night out with Live Music

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Hello beautiful,

We had a little sleep in today. Usually we are early morning birds but last night we went out with our friends who are in town.. so we think we deserved to sleep a little longer! 😉  We had a very lovely day, up and running non-stop! Despite some productive working hours we made a raw food lunch yesterday for our friends and it turned out very tasty. We made raw taco with nut “meat” and raw sour cream – recipes will be up this weekend. We also made an improvised cake that turned out delicious. Recipe is below. In the evening we went to different bars and ended up at Buorbon Street with live music. The singer had such a personality that he turned it all out to a proper show! We enjoyed it a lot and we love to go to bars with live music.. specially if it is a good one! 😉

Something we have noticed now when we are very conscious with our bodies and minds – and how we treat ourselves, is how AMAZING our bodies work now when we pay close attention to all the signals we recieve all the time. For instance, yesterday the lunch was pretty big for what we are used to eat so in the evening we really craved to keep it simple. We had a massive orange juice for dinner each.. and seriously felt amazing and so vibrant afterwards! We were juice-high (if that even exists?! ;)) and our bodies were totally thriving. If you would have asked us a couple of months ago if we would replace our dinner for a juice we would have thought  you were crazy!!! We think it is so amazing how our bodies are constantly trying to tell us what it needs. Especially when we step outside our daily routines and habits and really start to pay attention and give the body what it truly wants and needs. What a difference in mood and energy we can experience!

We want to thank for all your lovely comments, especially on the last post! Every single one of you are amazing and filled with good vibes. Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas – and we all can benefit and help each other!

1365670133033Now it is time to make Raspberry Coco Chocolate Mousse Cake! The pics do not make the cake look as good it actually tasted. It was truly DELICIOUS and we highly recommend it! And as always, every single ingredients is GOOD for you and will make you feel vibrant and happy.. as all the food we are eating should make us feel.


– Nuts (we used a bag of mix nuts; brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds)
– Dates
– Dried figs
– Carob

Raspberry Coco
– Bananas
– Frozen raspberries
– Dates
– Coconut cream
– Crust (optional)
+ Banana

Chocolate Mousse
– 1 Avocado*
– 1 Banana*
– Raw cacao
– 1 tsp Agave syrup

* Depending how big you want to make the cake, adjust the amount of avocado and banana in your mousse. It is a good guidline that for each avocado use one banana.

– Fresh raspberries
– Raw cacao nibs


Start with making the crust by putting all the ingredients in your food processor and process it until you get a nice and super tasty crust. Divide it in to your form.

Now do your raspberry coco layer by putting all the ingredients in your mixer except the coconut cream. Mix until you get a nice creamy texture. We used frozen berries but as always take what you have at home. Pour it in a bowl. Melt a table spoon or two, depending how big cake you are making, of your coconut cream. Pour it into your cream and stir around with a spoon. Now chop a banana and add it in the cream and stir carefully around with a spoon. Pour it into your form. Put it in the freezer meanwhile you prepare the chocoloate mousse.

Put all the ingredients for the chocolate mousse in your food processor. Add as much raw cacao you want – the more you put the more delicious it will be! 😉 Mix until you get your perfect mousse (waaaay better than all fake and unhealthy ones) and add it on the raspberry coco layer.

Let the cake be in the freezer for an hour to chill. You can leave it there as well if you want to save it for later. Take the cake out a good while before and keep it in the fridge so it is perfectly creamy when you serve it! Top it with fresh berries and some raw cacao nibs to make it even more tasty.


BON APPETITE! We wish you a wonderful Thursday 🙂

Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “Wednesday night out with Live Music

  1. AH, den kaken både ser og høres helt fantastisk ut!!YUM! Bringebær og sjokolade er jo såå godt sammen.
    For en hyggelig kveld dere hadde. Og så sant som dere sier at kroppen liker det gjerne enkelt når den får velge. Lekre og spennende raw food retter er herlig, men meste parten av tingen synes jeg de enkleste grønnsaksretter er de beste.
    Håper dere har en god torsdag begge to<3

    • Tack så jätte mycket Ragnhild!! 😀 Den var hur god som helst. Och vi håller med hallon och choklad är nog den BÄSTA kombinationen!!! Vi håller också med att det allra bästa är en simpel grönsaksrätt. Även om det är kul att experimentera för vänner och så!! Ha en fantastiskt torsdagsafton fina du 🙂

  2. Denne kaka høres såååå god ut. Den fikk jeg lyst til å lage. Alt med bringebær er så godt, og jeg spiser kombinasjonen med bær og sjokolade nesten hver dag! For et herlig liv 😀 Så gøy det er å ha venner på besøk og dra på konsert. Bra dere har kost dere masse!

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