Amsterdam living

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What a wonderful shining weekend Amsterdam have had to offer. We appreciate every sun beam as much we possible can! If you are from the Northen part of this world, you probably know what we are talking about? 😉 Many of us are blessed to develop such a gratitude for our sun and how powerful it truly is. The life energy it creates. It is amazing when you think deeply about it!

We had a very lovely weekend so far. As you can see from the pics above we have spent time outside in the sun. Walked around the city and had freshly squeezed orange juice by the canal in Jordaan. We have also enjoyed one of our favorite recipe; hemp/avocado salsa with raw pasta this time made by zucchini and carrots. Recipe is here! We also enjoyed our beloved key lime pie decorated with strawberries. Recipe you find here!

We also had some work done and our projects proceeds with heaps of love and process. We cannot wait to tell you all about it. It is amazing how this universe truly works. Even if we are aware of the energy force and we know deep within us that the only matters in life is this very moment and to go with the flow – we are over and over again amazed how perfectly everything in this universe is synchronized! As soon you start to pay attention to it. Nothing in this world happens without any deeper meaning. We simply have to be so fully present to be able to notice it. We have talked about appreciation list before but we cannot stress about it enough. It has truly changed our lives – million times to the better! We have done it for a long period in our lives but not very focused, more when we felt we needed it. When we started our new raw vegan lifestyle and in addition with Echart Tolle´s teachings about the power of now – it felt as the next natural step to take. To stay focused in this very moment – on a higher level. What we came to realize is how powerfully you are focused on what you are writing and by that allowing your vibration to rise. With time and practise you will match yourself with the frequency your object as attention holds. The most important part, do it with your fully attention and love! We started to do it seriously four months ago and have been amazed how our dreams now are very much our reality. In the end there is no difference between dreams and reality. It is a matter of focusing and it is obviously much more easy to focus on the “reality” that the rest of the world is constantly pointing at. However, our two first week together here we somehow stopped following our amazing habit we had created. We got so caught in our new life together here in Amsterdam and trying to settle two energies in a new way of living. It surely showed us after these weeks that we needed a change. We felt too many times disconnected and not fully present as we were used to. We simply needed a change! Then we suddenly realized we have totally forgot about the appreciaton list and last week we started again. Every morning we wake up have a massive glas of warm water with lemon and we sit down for a good while and write, write and write – about all the things we are grateful for and what feels right in this very moment! One week later we can clearly feel a difference in our energy field and how we are focused on this very moment, and from here everything can unfold with perfection.What we have realized is that we needed that break to notice how out of track we are when we donnot focus right here, right now. We want to point out that when you are very aware of energies and being in alignment with yourself – you notice it much more stronger and faster when you are not fully up-to-speed with yourself. You simply get used to higher and more connected feelings that every step outside your path feels so strong within you.

Before we leave you for now we want to share our Fresh Pink Nutness breakfast we started off this Sunday with!


– Bananas
– Strawberries
– Pomegranate
– Frozen cherries*
– Almond milk (optional)
– Maca
– Goji, dragon fruit and blueberries (topping)

* We used frozen cherries but as always take what you have at home.

Simply mix all your ingredients except the topping in your blender. Pour it in your glas. Voilá – ready to make you thrive!

Today we want to share some very powerful words by Echart Tolle that has helped us tremendously on our journey and suits perfectly whit our thoughts we have shared with you today. These words come from his book “The Power of Now”:

“You get ‘there’ by realizing that you are there already”

Simply but yet so powerful it can be!

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


8 thoughts on “Amsterdam living

  1. Det er så spennede å høre om hvordan dere har det, og hvordan dere oppnår det dere vil. Så gøy å skrive en slik liste når man ser at den fungerer. Jeg har ikke skrevet ned noe konkret no, men denne uka skal jeg prøve det. Så deilig at været har vært fint hos dere. Ingenting er bedre enn å vandre rundt ute i sola og kose deg. Jeg prøvde den hemp/avocado-salsaen deres, og den var veldig god 🙂 ALT med avocado er så godt<3 Ha en super dag! 😀

    • Det har verkligen varit en härlig helg, solen har minst sagt varit efterlängtad. Det är så komiskt hur vi nordbor tar tillvara på varje liten solstråle som visar sig, stan var packad med människor ute. Vi uppmuntrar dig verkligen att göra skriva tacksamhetlistor. Det är något vi sätter ett enormt värde i och som har öppnat magiska dörrar i våra liv. Vad kul att du gillade hemp/avocado-salsan! 🙂 Vi hoppas du haft en fantastisk helg! Kramar

  2. LOVE it! Dere er så fantastiske jenter og så inspirende at jeg ikke har ord. Virkelig utrolig gøy å få lese hvordan veien deres har vært til nå, og jeg gleder meg bare til fortsettelen.

    Jeg har ikke fått kjøpt en bok ennå, men jeg skal gjøre det så snart jeg kan, så jeg også kan skrive ned alt jeg er takknemlig for og alle drømmer jeg har. Selv om jeg ikke har startet å skrive, øver jeg hver eneste dag på å bare tenke og takke for alt jeg er glad for. Prøver å gjøre det mye gjennom hele dagen, men merker at jeg liker det aller aller beste etter yoga (gjerne på morgenen) for da er jeg så rolig i hodet og tenker så klart. Og det gir meg SÅ mye glede å bare tenke og takke for alle fine ting!

    Helgen deres høres helt perfekt ut. Vi nordboere er virkelig glade når solen kommer ja 😉 Den er jo så god! Mye deilig mat dere har spist også, herlig!!
    Gleder meg til å høre om prosjektene deres.
    Håper dere får en nydelig søndag<3

    • Du är så underbar Ragnhild! Tack för din jättefina kommentar, gör oss så glada. 🙂 Vi uppmuntrar dig verkligen att skriva tacksamhetslistor. Vi har sagt det många gånger men så många magiska situationer har öppnats upp i våra liv efter vi börjat med det. Vi brukar spela några av våra favoritlåtar och bara skriva och skriva och skriva. Det är en så härlig och befriande känsla verkligen, sätta ord på sina tankar, känslor och liv. Det är fantastiskt hur du visar tacksamhet i huvudet också! Hoppas du haft en helt fantastisk helg och fylld med kärlek, gemenskap och välbefinnande. Kramar!

  3. What a lovely blog you have! I love your hearts, your words, and your yummy food! So glad you stopped by so I could learn about you! Stop by Raw Foods Thursdays and link up your raw creations sometime. We’d love to learn from your experiences!

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