Chocolate mousse cake with a coconut twist


Hello sunshine,

This Friday afternoon and as perfect weekend preparations we want to share a delicious raw chocolate mousse cake with a coconut twist with you! This one is super easy to make and will make your taste buds go bananas 😉 The cake is clean (of course) and every single ingredient is doing wonders for your body. Seriously, it cannot be more fun and delicious to be a health nut! Do you not agree? 🙂 The recipe is inspired by amazing Brenda with an amazing instagram (onehungrymami).

Ok. Let´s make this cake to celebrate this perfect day!


– 1/4 cup Walnuts
– 7 Dates
–  2 big tsp Carob 

Chocolate mousse
– 2 Bananas
– 2 Avocados
– 1/4 cup Raw cacao
– 1-2 tsp Agave syrup
– Vanilla powder

Banana coco 
– 2 bananas
– 4 tbs coconut cream

This time we wrote some meassurement and proportions but please use them only as guidlines depending how big you want your cake and the size of your ingredients. This cake is a pretty small one and would go for 3 people, depending how big appetite you have of course! 😉

Start with making your crust by simply put all the ingredients in your food processor.1365087047503

Make your chocolate mousse by putting the ingredients in your food processor. Mix until it is smooth and no chunks in it. Take half of the mousse and cover the crust. Place the other half in an other bowl meanwhile.We love carob and think it gives a nice touch together with raw cacao but if you donnot have it at home, feel free the replace it with raw cacao instead.

Wash your food processor. Add your ingredients for the banana coco and process until smooth. Cover gently the chocolate mousse with your banana coco cream. Do it carefully.

Now take the rest of your chocolate mousse and cover your banana coco cream layer. Put it in your freezer and let it sit for an hour or more, depending on how big your form is. Take it out a good while before serving. Enjoy it with berries – bon appetite!!!

Before we let you go and make this delicious cake we want to share some very powerful words by Dr. Wayne Dyer with you. We hope you will take your time and truly try to make the effort to live after them: 

”Fear is a big obstacle in the excuse catalog. A course in miracles tells us that there are only two emotions we can experience: love and fear. If we can find out ways to stay in a space of love, then fear is an impossibility.” 

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


18 thoughts on “Chocolate mousse cake with a coconut twist

  1. Denne kaka hadde jeg elsket. Dere vet. . . sjokolademos<3 Spiste det akkurat til lunsj. Når jeg sier til folk at jeg fort kan spise ting med sjokolade til frokost, blir folk såå forskrekket. Som at de tenker at jeg spiser så usunt. Det er jo helt feil. Mens andre strever etter å spise "sunt", har jeg funnet mine supersunne matvaner der jeg kan unne meg gode ting hele tiden der jeg får i meg alle de næringsstoffene jeg trenger. Elsker raw mat. Hva skulle vi gjort uten det nå som vi først har oppdaget det? 🙂 Jeg må prøve denne kaka en dag! Håper dere har det fint, akkurat nå! Haha 🙂 Ha en fin helg!

    • RÅ chokladmousse är så gott! Rått ska det vara och det känns nästan overkligen att det smakar så gott haha fantastiskt dock! Håller helt med. Älskar när man äter hälsosamt och särskilt rå mat för det är så galet god och man kan äta utan några hämningar. Perfekt för alla med en söttand också 😉 Tack för din kommentar, ha en jätte fin lördag!

  2. Ååå herlighet!! Denne ser såå utrolig god ut!! Fikk så lyst på et stykke! Flaks at jeg også har laget raw sjokolademousse kake som skal spises sammen med venninnene mine senere i kveld 😉
    Enig med Marie over her- er det ikke gøy at vi kan unne oss det “vanlige” folk ser på som usunt, fordi vi har funnet den supersunne måten å lage det på!? Jeg elsker det jeg, og blir så glad når jeg tenker på det!
    Håper dere får en fantastisk helg. Klem

    • Din chokladtårta såg inte dålig ut den heller!!! 😉 Eller hur, håller med både dig och Marie. När man äter hälsosamt och mycket råmat så kan man verkligen äta utan några restriktioner och det bästa är att det är så GALET GOTT 😀 Bästa upptäckten någonsin!!! Ha en jätte fin helg 🙂

  3. Wow. this looks awesome (like always) girls!! i want to make this one soon and i’ll let you know how it turns out. Mmm… i can already tell it tastes delicious! you girls have epic recipes that i would love to try. your photos are fantastic! maybe that’s why this looks more yummy! haha=)
    thanks for the comment on my blog! =) that really made my day, and it made me so happy! i really appreciated that. i look forward to reading your comments in the future on my blog 😉 🙂

      • Wow this looks amazing! Would you mind giving me a rough idea of the quantities of the other ingredients listed? I’ve never made a raw ‘cheesecake’ and would love to make one tomorrow for my birthday but dont want to mess the recipe up x 🙂

      • Thank you for your kind words Bec! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀 We wish you a wonderful day and hope you will have a day filled with love and laughter. Hopefully the cake will taste delicious too 🙂 We have updated the recipe and put the amounts. Keep them as your guidlines and we would say this cake is a pretty small one and goes for 3 people. So make it bigger if you are many!! Have a wonderful day

  4. Hi can’t wait to make this! I’m new to raw food tho and not sure how you get the cake edges to look like yours in the pic without it being set in a full cake tin?
    Is the wet mixture thick enough that you can easily layer it and smooth the edges of the cake using a flat mould/form like in the photo?

    Many Thnks!

    • Hello Courtney! We are so glad to hear you wanna try out this cake.´:) The cake tin we were using had removable edges, which made it all much easier to layer it. Since the cake will be in the freezer for some time before serving it will stick together when cutting the pieces. We recommend you to use a cake hin with removable edges for this cake. Hope this helps and you are always welcome to ask more questions. We love to connect with you! 🙂

  5. I’m going to attempt this cake for my birthday on Sunday. my first attempt at raw cake ever. thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I have bought the recipes. can you pls advice me of how much vanilla powder I should use? there’s no measurement indicated above. thanks for your help. more power to you rawfoodsisters!

    • Hi Beautiful! We feel honored that you are going to give our cake a try on your first raw cake preparations. 🙂 We advice you to use 1 tsp vanilla powder or 1 vanilla pod. Let us know how it went, we love to connect with you! Many hugs and sending all our good vibes your way

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