Abraham´s teachings

6719_444028519015283_1952576648_nHello creator-of-your-own-reality! 😉

We want to share a bit of our story to awakening and show that you can come from different stages in life but still reach a point where you are ready to hear the truth – and universe will guide you in! We will also give some tips on where you can find more information if you are curious and ready yourself to know more about the universe and how to take control over your own reality.

Katrin has always been known as a “deep” person with thousands of questions about how everything works – a philosopher, and somehow always had a feeling of there has to be something more out there. Julie on the other hand has always had an easygoing approach towards life and went mostly with the flow, without questioning much further. It was not until September 2011 when our individual life experiences brought us together to a new higher relationship and we suddenly were both ready to hear the truth. The important part is to notice that we came from two completely different point of views and stages in life. With that said, you donnot need to be known as a “spiritual person” to be ready to take the step – when universe knows you deep inside are ready to exapand your horizons towards this topic – it will take you in. 

45290_489245077784683_206458125_nDuring all the years Katrin had thrown out questions towards the universe to give answers about our purpose here and she was so eager to understand – there has to be something more behind why we are here and the only reason could not be to go to school, work, fight for a living and occasionally travel and feel high-on-life. For Katrin´s birthday in September 2011 she wished to recieve the book the Secret and she got the book from Julie. Within a couple of hours Katrin had finished the secret and passed it over to Julie, who also read it within a couple of hours. We were both so EXCITED and finally thought we have found some clues on our purpose on this planet. There simply has to be something more. What we noticed was that the book only gave hints about something bigger and more magnificient out there – it really did not tell the truth, only gave glimpses. If you have read the book you have probably noticed it yourself. However, we got stuck with the idea that there has to be something out there that they are not telling us. Maybe something that is too big to fully grasp and something probably the most part of the population are not ready to hear. We could not let go of the idea to get to know more. It was literally like one door suddenly was open within us – and now we were ready to enter a new world.69647_603723836308364_172876899_nVery soon after we attracted Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks on the internet, and the complete turning point in our lives came. Seriously.. our lives has not been the same since then! We have done a complete shift in our way of living thanks to our awareness. We have spent so many hours/days/months listening to their teachings and we have learned to take (and still working on it) control over our lives – and seen so many dreams come true, and still do. It is truly magical when you learn to deliberately manifest and shift your world completely. That with an inside work! We spent almost the whole fall/winter 2011 listening to Abraham´s teachings on youtube and there we learned all about energy and how powerful our emotions and thoughts truly are. Since then we have learned how to control our reality by taking the responsibility ourselves. In the beginning it was hard to tell yourself that it is my fault someone is treating me in that way, I am the one to blame I am in this situation – it is still a bit tricky but luckily we nowadays mostly end up laughing when we found ourselves in a chaotic situation since we know deep within us that we have attracted it and can whenever we have had enough, change the situation with an inside work.

17664_603958762951538_1678578340_nToday we have practiced Abraham´s, and other teachers, words for a while and have in many areas become good creators and others we are still in the process of releasing old patterns of thoughts and habits. We have lived enough experience to fully understand and realize that yes we have the power, we are the creators, we are the attracting point – and the more of us that can fully understand this, the sooner we will live in the most peaceful and loving planet! To get to that point we have to ignore everything that does not serves us. Forget about the current reality and put all our focus on a reality we love and adore – within a short time we will be amazed when more evidences are showing up.. Til we reach the point that we are living those dreams! 


We have done it. So can you. Today we are living the dreams we have been creating in our minds in the past. Everything is possible. May you dream wild and crazy. Let your dreams give you butterflies! See them, live them in your mind. Let the good emotions flow within you – and soon you will find yourself living it.

If you are curious and have not listened to Abraham´s teachings before we encourage you to search on it on youtube. The books are also great but you find the most online. We will post one video we listened to yesterday before going to bed and we found it very powerful and hope you will enjoy it!

(OBS! If you find Esther´s way of speaking a bit confusing. Give it some time. It took a couple of videos to understand her words she uses. Abraham is simply the energy force that she is channels and vortex is a state of being when you are fully in love and happy – it is there all your dreams are waiting for you. You simply have to go there yourself!)

We will leave you for now with some powerful words from Abraham:

“By choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with, and therefore in the process of attracting, only what you would consider to be the very best of your world.”

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrin


6 thoughts on “Abraham´s teachings

  1. Kjempespennende å få mer innblikk i den veien dere har gått for å komme dit dere er i dag. Og veldig fint å se at dere hadde så ulikt utgangspunkt også. Det beviser jo bare at denne måten å tenke og leve på, ikke har med personlighet å gjøre, kun med instillingen til livet.

    Jeg tror ofte at folk kan bli litt skremt når de leser/hører om tankenes kraft, og at mange blander det med noe religiøst. For noen kan det kanskje være religiøst også(og det er helt fint!), men for min del er det viktig å skille tankenes og universets kraft litt fra religion. Jeg er kristen, men synes ikke denne måten å tenke på “forstyrrer” min kristne tro. Jeg tenker bare at det er slik vi mennesker er ment til å leve. Vi har jo kommet til jorden av en grunn og jeg tror at tankene og universets kraft hjelper oss å være de menneskene vi er skapt til å være.
    Og jeg tror rett og slett verden hadde vært et myyye bedre sted hvis folk tok seg tid til å bli kjent med sitt indre jeg, bli venn med seg selv og stole mer på universet, og sine egne følelser og tanker!

    • Jätte fin kommentar Ragnhild! Tack för att du delar med dig. Vi håller med! För det med känslor och vara ett med universum, har verkligen ingenting med religion att göra. Egentligen om man studerar tex kristendom och vad Jesus sade så håller vi med till 110 % vad han sade. Han om någon visste om kraften och det var precis det han ville förmedla! Som tyvärr många gånger kanske har blivit lite för missförstått. Det enda viktiga är att vara god och göra gott, och respektera andras åsikter och tankar 🙂 Tack återigen för din fina energi!!! Stor kram

  2. Wow, utrolig kult å høre historien deres, og hvordan dere har gått og går veien deres! Det er så sant det dere skriver, om at kunnskap kommer når man er klar for det, og at Universet vet når dette er. Jeg er så takknemlig for alt som utfoldes for meg, til rett tid og på rett måte. Jeg føler hele tiden at jeg guides dit hvor jeg finner mest lykke og kjærlighet – universet VIL at vi skal lykkes og leve i kjærlighet og frihet. Takk for at dere deler historien og kunnskapen deres:)

  3. Dette er så spennende å lese om. Jeg så dere posta dette innlegget tidligere, men jeg måtte spare det til nå, for nå har jeg lest nok 🙂 Jeg har ikke hørt om disse personene, men jeg vil definitivt se noen videoer. Jeg trenger litt nye innspill til hvordan jeg skal meditere ol. Dette er så gøy. Når jeg har opplevd noe innen dette, MÅ jeg fortelle det til noen, men ofte synes de bare at jeg er sær og rar, og de lytter ikke! Det er så fint at jeg endelig har noen som forstår dette som jeg kan snakke med! Jeg kjenner vi er på bølgelengde 🙂 ❤

    • Vi känner igen det där med att folk tycker man är konstig!! Men det är bara dem som inte förstår 😉 Vi fortsätter sprida våra ord här så kan vi alla dela våra tankar kring dessa ämnen och inse att vi INTE är ensamma. Det finns fler likasinnade där ute som vill må fantastiskt, som vi är menade att göra!! Tack för dina fina ord och vi är så tacksamma att vi connectat med dig. Fortsätt vara den du är och sprid din positiva energi!!

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