Hemp salsa AND what the bleep do we know

Happy Tuesday to you,

We made this raw zucchini pasta with a delicious hemp salsa for lunch yesterday here in Amsterdam and it turned out so good that we have to share it with you!


Raw pasta
– 3-4 zucchini

Hemp salsa
– 2 avocado
– Garlic
– 4-5 tbl tamari (start with less depending how much of tamari taste you want)
– 3 tbl hemp seeds
– Herbs (as you prefer)
– Salt, peppar

Start with preparing your noodles. Slice your zucchini in to noodles. We used a cheese slicer but you can use a peeler or of course if you own a spirilizer – use that! Put it on your plate.

Do the delicious hemp salsa by mixing all the ingredients except the hemp seeds. Feel free to play with the spices. We used thai herbs and it turned out delicious but we are sure whatever spices you use it will be good since it tastes super tasty even without. Add the hemp seeds at last by stiring them in the salsa mixture with a spoon.

Massage your salsa in to your noodles. Preferable with your hands if you donnot mind! 😉 Enjoy it with a nice salad and let your taste buds go banans!

Before we leave you for now we want to highly encourage you to watch this movie – what the bleep do we know! It is one of our favorite movies and it explains the quantum physics on a good level so it is much easier to grasp how it is actually works with energy and the universal laws. You will defenitely start to question your point of view of your life (if you have not already). The movie will probably awaken many emotions and questions you have within – and hopefully it will make you more eager to know how this universe is working, our position within it and HOW YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFE! We highly recommend you to watch this movie. Seriously. It is beyond powerful and will give you deeper understanding about EVERYTHING in life. It is a must see to understand all that is on a much deeper level. We promise! And thank you Gaby who reminded us about this movie – so please continue to share your fave movies/books/teachers etc with us so we can all benefit and widen our horizons.

Julie & Katrin


11 thoughts on “Hemp salsa AND what the bleep do we know

  1. Nydelig! Akkuart slik rett som jeg liker! Dette skal jeg lage en dag snart.
    Og den filmen vil jeg også se. Skal gjøre det en dag jeg har litt bedre tid 🙂 Takk for at dere deler! Klem

  2. The lunch both sounds and looks good. I just live raw pasta and always nice with new salsa inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Den filmen fikk jeg lyst til å sette på nå! Skal begynne å se på den litt nå før jeg legger meg 🙂 Det er så fint at vi kan dele ting med hverandre her på bloggene. Om jeg kommer over noe spennende, skal jeg dele det 🙂 Håper dere har hatt en super dag!

    • Du måste se den filmen Marie! Den är helt fantastisk och om du inte redan är inne i “energi”svängen så kan den komma att ifrågasätta hela världsbilden. Den är helt fantastiskt!! Tack för din fina kommentar. Ha en jätte fin dag 🙂

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