First day in Amsterdam


Happy Monday lovely,

One day has passed since we were re-united in Amsterdam and what a day! We have already managed to enjoy a super delicious key lime pie (recpie is below), have a wheatgrass shot each, stroll around a bit in town, have a delicious lunch at a vegan place in Jordaan and visit a bikram yoga studio TWICE. Julie has been going to the bikram yoga for a week and now we are doing it together – and what an amazing workout! We are both pretty newbies when it comes to yoga but we think we have found our thing. We enjoy it so much and cannot wait til we become more flexible (not really there yet) and soon we will hopefully be able to stand on our heads! 😉

1364216366734Julie made this Sensational Key Lime Pie to celebrate our up-coming time in Amsterdam together. This cake was seriously soooo delicious! It is a must try – we promise. We sincerely think everyone would enjoy this cake.. something else would be impossible! We are talking about pure pleasure for all your senses. It is creamy, rich and tasty with the perfect balance of tartness and sweet tickling your tongue. You just have to give it a go!


– Pecans
– Brazil nuts
– Dates

Pie filling
– 3/4 cup lime juice (about 4 limes)
– 1 1/2 cup avocado (about 1 avocado but it is of course depending on the size)
– 1/2 cup agave syrup or raw honey
– 1/2 tsp vanilla powder
– 1/2 cup coconut cream/oil

When you make the pie filling all the measures mentioned are to fill a smaller pie plate so use the proportions as your guidelines.


Crust: You start off by making the crust. Place all the ingredients in your food processor until the nuts are in preferable chunks and the ingredients stick together. Divide it into your pie form (make sure you don´t eat it all which is very tempting).

Pie filling: Place all the ingredients except the coconut cream in your blender. Add the coconut cream at last and blend until creamy. Now it´s just to pour the filling into your pie crust and let it chill until firm. This can take some time, 6-8 hours, but totally worth it!

Decorate the cake with kiwi or any other fruit and now it´s just to ENJOY BIG TIME!

We hope you have had a wonderful new start of the week and are feeling in good harmony where you are at this very moment. Nothing is more important than to take your time to breathe and be present. Let go of everything and everyone around you and only focus on yourself. When you are in balance with yourself you can take every encounter to higher and better levels and make more out of everything in life! Nothing is more precious than YOU feeling good and from here you can radiate and give from your abundance of love, happiness and peace in mind.

One of our greatest teachers is Echart Tolle. We definitely recommend you to get a hold over his books or listen to him on youtube. He has helped us tremendously on focusing on the present moment and we would probably not be where we are today if it was not for his teachings. He posted this on facebook a couple a days ago and we want to share it with you as today´s powerful words:

“Dear Friends,
The philosopher Epictetus(AD55-135) wrote:
“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of things.”
If you look closely, you will find that by far the greater part of any unhappiness in you is created not by situations, but by what your mind is saying about them. It’s created by the self-talk in your head. Such dysfunctional thinking strengthens the ego, but it weakens you. How to end it? Meet situations and people without judgment. Don’t indulge in mental movies about past and future. Give your fullest attention to the present moment without mentally labeling it. This is the arising of Presence, a new state of consciousness that frees your mind from its old conditioning. This new consciousness will give rise to a new world.
With love

With our hearts,
Julie & Katrn


13 thoughts on “First day in Amsterdam

  1. Dere to er så skjønne altså!! Og for en fantastisk dag dere allerede har hatt smamen. Det blir nok veldig mange slike gode dager fremover! Skal dere bo der nede lenge, eller er det nå over en kortere periode? Og hva skal dere gjøre? Vet dere pratet om studie innen ernæring, men skal dere jobbe eller noe annet ved siden av?

    Kaken ser såå god ut! Elsker å bruke avokado i raw desserter!
    Og bIkram Yoga ❤ Blir rent misunnelig her jeg sitter 😉 Det er jo såå deilig! Savner virkelig å gå på det!
    God dag videre dere! Klem

    • Vilken härlig kommentar Ragnhild! TACK! Du får oss alltid att le stort och brett 🙂 Din positiva och fina energi är helt fantastisk. Fortsätt sprida den! Vi har företag ihop och arbetar på nya projekt (berättar mer snart) och är väldigt flexibla, så vi passar på att ha det bra i Amsterdam tillsammans 🙂 Näringskursen är bara en liten extrakurs vi tar online för att det är intressant och för vår egna skull. Vi längtar båda två tills vi kan dela med oss av våra projekt vi arbetar på! Stay tuned 😉 Tack så mycket igen för din fina kommentar. Kram fina du!

  2. How beautiful are you two, inside and out!! So is this PIE! It sounds amazing….I’ve got to try it. What a great day you’ve had. I’ve given bikram a go before, but I found that it WASN’T my thing. I discovered I like a regular hatha or vinyasa yoga class better! I feel like I’m still a beginner, too! I love for yoga classes as well!

    Keep up the fun in Amsterdam 🙂

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment! Made us smile BIG TIME 🙂 We are very much newbies so we haven´t discovered all the yogas yet but we definitely like this one. That is so great that there are plenty of options for us all – so we can find our own perfect yoga class 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Beautiful sisters:) What an amazing pie, so mouthwatering!!truly sensational!! Inspiring words by Tolle as well:) I have tried Bikram, but it wasn´t quite my thing. I have found my love in sivananda yoga, it´s like coming home every time I enter the mat. Enjoy the evening:) Hugs!

    • Thank you so much Tess for your wonderful comment! We love to connect with you 🙂 That is great to hear you have found your yoga – that´s so amazing with yoga that there are plenty of options so we all can find our way back HOME! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 Hugs!!!

  4. Namnam 😀 Sånn kake er så god. Har laget en som er nesten lik, bare uten lime, men med noe annet (som jeg ikke husker). Så kult at dere har begynt på bikram yoga! Jeg elsker det, men det er ikke noe tilbud på det her i Trondheim, så det er synd. Dere kommer til å få utrolig fin hud nå:D Det fikk jeg etter de svette yogatimene. 🙂 Så fine ord forresten, fikk lyst til å lese de opp til mamma’n min. Hun hadde trengt å høre dette.

    • Tack så mycket för din fina kommentar Marie! Åh vilken fantastisk bonus med fin hud, det ser vi fram emot 😉 Kom precis hem efter ett morgonpass och det är en sådan skön start! Vad kul att du bor i Trondheim. Vi har väldigt en hel del släkt där 🙂 Vad kul att höra att du fick idéen att dela med dig till mamman din!! Sharing is caring 😀 Kram fina du!!!

  5. Härlig energi tjejer! Grattis på reunionen 😀 Jag älskar Bikram!!! Förresten, har ni någon bok föreslag ang. energi/vibrationer och mat? Funderar på att testa raw vegan nu… 😀

    • Tack för din fina kommentar! Vi är så glada att vara tillsammans och nu när våren äntligen är på ingång med 🙂 Bikram är helt fantastiskt och vi har gått VARJE dag sedan vi sammanstrålade. Beroendeframkallande! Vi har massa tips och ska göra ett inlägg om detta snarast men vi rekommendear starkt att se filmen “what the bleep do we know” som vi tipsade i två inlägg upp. Den är helt fantastiskt!!! Och jaaaaa join us som raw vegans 😉

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