Happy Times!


Good morning sweetheart,

Julie speaking;

Hope you have had a good night´s sleep and you are ready to enjoy this beautiful Sunday we have ahead of us. Myself, I flew out of bed today filled with so much energy long before my alarm went off. I have good reasons for it today though, very soon I´m off to Schiphol to pick up Katrin who is arriving to Amsterdam! We are both so excited and thrilled to be reunited again and being able to continue you our recently begun new path in life together in real life. It is so amazing when you stay present and listen to all the signs universe is giving you and you know it so well when the next step is there to be taken. The feelings are so strong and you cannot hold them back anymore, it is like you are acting automatically. This was exactly what happened when Katrin purchased the ticket coming here couple of days ago without any planning for it, the emotions and urge just took over. The time has come for us to take the next steps in our development and the timing is just perfect.

bloggThe past months when we have been apart have been so important for us. Foremost, for each of us to settle in our new lifestyle as raw vegans and find our own ways of getting to know our own bodies and emotions on deeper and more conscious levels. By searching for answers within ourselves we have realized our heart desires. We both agree it has been such a fruitful time and how much we developed during this short time period. Now we are eager to step it up even further and to strive higher. We are more ready than ever to throw us out in the unknown to realize our dreams. Exploring all the sensations life and universe are providing us with at all times when you stay present is a gift for us, that we have realized the power of now. This is something we will continue practice each day. We have come to this point in life where there is no turning back. Now I need to hurry away to give my sister and best friend the biggest hug ever! From now on you will be able to follow our lives together in Amsterdam. HAPPY TIMES!echart1

With my heart,



8 thoughts on “Happy Times!

  1. KOS DERE jenter!! Det blir helt sikkert kjempefint for dere ¨være sammen igjen! Og jeg gleder meg så til å følge dere videre. Dere er så inspirende, og alltid etter jeg har lest her inne blir jeg full av energi og inspirasjon!
    Ha en strålende søndag<3

  2. Oh, what a great post! It is so nice that you are so close to each other and that you are going to live in the same city again! I love Amsterdam. It´s actually where I met my first love, so lots of good memories from that city:) Wishing you an amazing sunday beautiful girls!! Hugs 😀

    • Thank you Tess for your wonderful comment! We both love Amsterdam and are very happy to be here at this point in life. Wow there we go, love always brings good memories – the first or the current or other loves! We wish you a perfect start for the week. Hugs 🙂

  3. Kos dere masse sammen der nede!! Det er så koselig å ha de man er glad i rundt seg, selv bor jeg med søsteren min som flyttet opp til meg etter 4 år uten å ha bodd med hverandre. Ha en fin dag jenter!

    • Tack för dina fina ord Marie! Vi myser som bara den tillsammans. Vad kul att du får ha din syster nära dig efter så många år. Det är alltid värdefullt att spendera tid med nära och kära, och ha dem så nära det bara går i dagens värld där vi reser och flyttar runt som galningar 😉 Ha en fin måndag Marie!

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