Everyday routine – make a CHANGE!

416_563532303680220_241265994_nGood morning lovely,

How are you today? Excited for a new day? It took a little while for us to fully grasp the concept that YES every day is a complete new chance to do excatly as you want. It might sound obvious but think about it yourself, how many of us eat the same breakfast day after day? Take the same route to work? Do our groceries in the same shop and in the same way every time? These are just everyday habits and it is so easy to get stuck in a routine. It does not necessary need to be bad, it can simply be that it is the way to make life go forward, squeeze in all the musts in the timetable. But we think there could be another way of living, another way to rise the good feelings in life. Make the most out of a simple shopping route and follow that bliss that tells you to go to the left instead of the right, buy new fruits you have never tried before, smile to the people you encounter – who know what could happen when we allow new energy to enter our lives? Life is not supposed to be mediocre! It is here to make you thrive, develop and become more of that person you deep inside are. Every moment is an opportunity to allow the energy flow through you. Go with the flow and see what happens. We promise it will only be great as long you do it with a smile on your face! 🙂

Today´s smoothie is vibrant and delicious and will definitely make you feel good.


– Bananas*
– Frozen raspberries*
– Dates
– Maca
– Chia seeds

* This one is made out of bananas and frozen raspberries but as always take what you have at home!

Mix all your ingredients. The chia seeds will give the smoothie a nice thicker texture and the health benefits are AMAZING. We will post about it later on! Too good not to include in your diet. Pour your smoothie into a glass! This one is topped with some more raspberries and gojiberries.

Have a healthy and exciting day.

Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “Everyday routine – make a CHANGE!

  1. That is so true! Sometimes it is easy to get caught in the same routine over and over, and it is nice with a reminder to embrace change:)

    • Many times you are stuck in a routine without even notice it and one needs to be reminded at occasions. You don´t know what new sensations you can have in life until you allow a change and it doesn’t matter how small it is. Keep on shining Tess! Hugs!

  2. Det er nok mange som kunne trengt en forandring i livet, og som ikke helt veit hvor viktig det kan være med litt forandringer. Det er sunt 🙂 haha.. Smoothien ser så god ut! Jeg er tom for chiafrø -det er krise det! jaja. Ha en fantastisk dag 😀

    • Det är inte förrän du gör förändringar, kan vara hur små som helst, som nya magiska upplevelser kan komma in i ditt liv. Det kan vara att du hittar något som passar dig bättre och som får dig att må bättre än du trodde var möjligt. Och det hade ju inte varit möjligt om du inte tillåtit förändring. 🙂 Hoppas du får tag i chiafrön 😉 ha en fantastisk dag! Kramar

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