Set your love tune


Good morning sunshine,

It is something special about mornings and how it sets the mark for the day. Mornings are for both of us the most precious moment of the day. To wake up in peace and welcome a new blissful day, it is really something magical with that. Of course there are days that feel a bit heavier than others but nevertheless it is important to take just couple of minutes to boost the spirit and remind oneself of all the love there is in everything.

To give this day the best start possible we want you to set your love tune for the day together with us. Let us all start off the day boosting our moods by playing our favorite songs loud in the speakers. Feel free to dance and sing along! Today is a good day and worth to get it moving! 🙂 We are jamming to Rainbow Warrior with Martin Jondo. What songs give you good vibes and put you in a good mood? It is important to set your love tune for the day, every day!

Now when we are feeling the pulse for today let´s enjoy this Refreshing Inca Smoothie as well. Oh boy what a great start of the day this is!!!! 🙂

– Bananas
– Dates
– Honeydew melon
– Inca berries
– Frozen mango
– Mix of frozen berries; raspberries, grapes, blueberries etc.

Simply mix all your ingredients – and enjoy!

At last we also want to show you our appreciation for all your beautiful and loving comments. It is with great joy we are reading them and we feel so blessed to be able to share our thoughts and connect with you. We are truly grateful for all of you that follow us here and sending us good vibes! It is our great passion to be connecting with you. You are our inspiration and we love you!

Today´s powerful words by Rachel Brathen:

“I am a free spirit. The pure essence of my soul is freedom. I am free to manifest the life I want to live, and every situation I am presented with is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of this world. The choice is mine, and I choose to be free.”

With love,
Julie & Katrin


6 thoughts on “Set your love tune

  1. Jaa, morgentimene er de fineste som finnes! Iallefall når man har god tid. Våkne når kroppen er klar, strekke seg godt og ikke trenge å stresse med noe. Jeg har en slik morgen i dag, og har sitti i sengen og drikki varmt sitronvann i over en time 😉 Skal straks ut å gå tur.
    Håper dere får en god dag. Smoothien høres fab ut!

  2. I looooove mornings too! Specially when you have time to indulge in a good and big breakfast and relax. Have a good day girls! X Valentina

    • Yeah the mornings are the best. We rather wake up earlier to make sure to have the time for a nice and peaceful start of the day, to really have the time to sit down and enjoy a really good breakfast. Hope you having a fabulous day! Hugs!

  3. What a wonderful song! Please continue to share more music 🙂

    My new morning ritual is to enter your blog to become inspired to take care of myself and remember myself 🙂

    Perfect start of my day!

    • You just brought big smiles on our faces! 🙂 You are a beautiful soul, always remember that! We are going to share some nice tunes in some posts from now on. Hope you having the best of day! Hugs!

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