Follow your bliss

1837_563903230309794_23895720_nHello beautiful,

Tonight we want to share exciting news with you and that is, we will finally be re-united in Amsterdam. A one-way-ticket from Gothenburg to Amsterdam is purchased 1 h ago and Katrin will leave Sweden for Amsterdam on Sunday. We are both super excited! 😀

19820_603210619693019_1495114717_nWe have new and very exciting projects we are working on and we cannot wait til we can share it with you! It is truly a big shift that has occured wihtin both of us the last months and we feel so blessed that we have the courage to follow our bliss. It truly feels wonderful and we will definitely share more thoughts regarding this with you as soon as possible. Right now we are still in the middle of everything and we are constantly focusing on staying present. We cannot say it enough how much conscious focusing (much thanks to meditation) has helped us to be able to get to this point where we can see things so much clearer and it has truly helped us to take it all step by step; all the signs, valuable contacts that shows up, connections we make, things we come across online etc. We sincerely did have no idea that we would be working on this project only a couple of months ago. Thanks to our focus on staying present and from there be able to follow our guiding system – has truly opened so many doors for us and we are beyond grateful! 

We can later on share our tips and tools that we have noticed works amazing to be able to deliberate manifest as much as possible! We are so amazed how much easier it truly gets with practising and staying focused – we cannot wait to share all of our thoughts regarding this subject AND our projects with you.

46733_536456036375567_1745887226_nIn the end dear friend, we know it all so deep within us that we need to embrace our fears, become friends with them and from there realize that they are nothing more than just feelings. There is truly nothing good or bad in this world – only different perspective. The same with your feelings. When you face your fear, let it in, feel it and donnot fight it. Soon you will realize that your feeling are what you choose to make out of them, nothing more or nothing less. Take the control. Donnot give it to your ego. Remember that we are never alone. We have each other to support and there is always someone that is feeling the exact same thing as we do. Together we can encourage one another to follow that bliss, live those desires and truly become the person we are meant to be! So let´s take the chancses – all of them 🙂

With loads of love,
Julie & Katrin


8 thoughts on “Follow your bliss

    • Tack vännen! Det är så berikande speciellt nu när vi upptäckt hur vi själva skapar våra liv och gör det möjligt att leva fullt ut. Vi praktiserar att vara här och nu hela tiden och måste påminna oss själva om det hela tiden. Det är ju det som är charmen i livet också att hela tiden lära och utvecklas. Tack för alla dina stöttande kommentarer, du är guld! ❤

    • Tack snälla Marie för din fina kommentar! Ja vi är jätteglada och exalterade för allt som komma skall men det viktigaste av allt är att leva i nuet, njuta av allt som är här och nu. Vi uppskattar verkligen dina uppmuntrande kommentarer! ❤

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