Becoming best friends with LOA


Good morning dear,

This morning we want to remind you to be aware of your thoughts and emotions because the Law of Attraction works 24/7. You can try it out yourself! When you feeling good and happy think of what encounters you do and compare it to whenever you are not there. Maybe you are familiar with what happens when you might have been stressed and felt grumpy one day when you leave the house in the morning. You missed the bus, finally on the bus everybody seems to be so grouchy, you experience that the barista at the coffee shop is not polite enough and it feels that you have to wait for ages to get your latte. This experience is not a coincidence of any sort, it is a reflection of yourself and your disconnection. Luckily there are some easy ways for you to start master and take control over situations like these.

Whenever you feel out of alignment just stop, drop everything you are doing and take some deep breathes. You can also have a mantra that you repeat in the style of “Everything is okey. Just relax, it will be all right. I deserve to feel good”. Another tip is to have some good feeling thoughts or memories you bring up that make you feel content. Or why not play a good song that shifts your vibrations. You don´t need much to change your focus and this is something we can´t stress enough of how important it is! Choose positive and loving thoughts and you feel more empowered. You will realize how you will start to master all situations you are subject for in new amazing ways. Shift your vibrations and LOA will be your best friend of the day. Remember that it is never too late to give a bad start of the day a new fantastic daylight.

With this in mind we want to share Today´s powerful words from the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield:

“Remember to stop as often as necessary to re-connect your energy. Stay full, stay in a state of love. Remember that once you achieve the state of love, nothing nor anyone can pull more energy from you that you can replace. In fact, the energy flowing out of you creates a current that pulls energy into you at the same rate. You can never run out. But you must stay conscious of this process in order for it to work. This is especially important when you interact with people.”

To get a glowing start of the day we also want to share our smoothie Green Goodness with you. This is surely a green smoothie at its best!grön1

– Pineapple
– Frozen bananas
– Clementines
– Spinach
– Water/Coconut water
– Spirulina or chlorella (optional)

Fill your blender with all the ingredients except the clementines. We add them last and suggest you to add them little by little depending on how much citrus flavor you desire. The clementines bring a really refreshing touch. This is pure green goodness bringing a big smile on your face! Now we are ready to take this day by storm!


Julie & Katrin


6 thoughts on “Becoming best friends with LOA

  1. Good morning! Love it! Your words and energies are so strong and beautiful! I love how people like us who have never met can connect through internet. It makes me so incredible happy to know that there are so many people with similar thoughts, and that we can inspire each other to keep growing and learning. Thank you – and have an amazing day!

    • Right, it is sooo amazing and truly our passion to connect with wonderful people like YOU. It is great how we can inspire and motivate each other. There are so many stories to be shared and awareness to be raised. There is always something new we can learn! Let us all continue to share our love and be the change we want to see. Have a marvellous day dear! Hugs

  2. Really useful tips! I love everything you share and all the inspiration and positive attitude you bring into my life. Truly appreciate everything you girls are doing!

  3. Enig med Thess over her- det er så gøy å lese hvor dedikerte og sterke dere er i troen på LOA! Min tro er også sterk, men jeg skal innrømme at noen dager er det vanskelig likevel. Jeg har faktisk tenkt mye på det jeg har lest her inne hos dere, i dag. Har hatt en vanskelig (følelsesmessig) dag, og da har jeg såå vanskelig for å sende positivitet ut i universet. Men det er på slike dager det er aller aller viktigst. Og jeg har jobbet SÅ hardt for det i dag! Selv om alt bare har sett mørkt ut, har jeg lett og lett og lett etter alle de fine positive tingene i livet mitt, og sendt så mye takk jeg bare kan ut i universet for det. Og det har hjulpet så. For selv om det har vært en vanskelig dag, har jeg jo så mye fint i livet mitt. Ved å fokusere på et, ble det faktiks en fin dag likevel 🙂 Og det er jeg så takknemlig for!

    Takk for alle kloke ord dere deler med oss<3
    Og smoothien høres deilig deilig ut!!
    God kveld, klem

    • Fint att du delar med dig Ragnhild! Vissa dagar kan vara lite tyngre än andra som du säger och då är det extra viktigt att påminna sig själv om allt fint man har i livet. Det är så lätt att det negativa och det som inte känns bra tar över. Vi är glada att höra om din tacksamhet till livet, du är en unik och vacker människa. Hoppas du mår bättre idag och fortsätt stråla som bara du kan! Kramar

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