Our vegan thoughts


Hello 🙂

Today we want to explain why we decided to go cold turkey and make the transition to a vegan lifestyle and our thoughts about raw vegan food – and the spiritual journey that follows. First of all we want to say that we respect everyone´s decision and we are all free to make our own choices BUT we do encourage you to stay with an open mind and question your own way of thinking and being. That is one of the most important responsibilities we have! Yet many of us fail in the everyday life and we are simply repeating yesterday´s behavior, without ever question why am I doing this or trying to tune in with the body and listen to the signals that always are present (remember it is only recently we made the transition!!). Maybe it is too easy to be caught in the pattern of behavior that is already created? As we have said before it is never too late to re-think and make changes in our lives. Every moment is a new possibility to do the best we can to feel as good as we can! Going vegan or not, we will either way share our thoughts with you and hopefully make you question your own pattern of thoughts.

We also want to say that going vegan is of course to show the biggest respect for every single being on this planet BUT it is also on a complete vibrational level. We have earlier explained briefly that we see the world in energy fields and in vibrations – therefore this was something we considered while going vegan. So we can thrive on the highest possible level!


First we need to go back in time a bit. We have been on a spiritual journey for a good while and been thinking in terms of energy and vibrations. Knowing that we have the power within us. That is one of the biggest step we have taken in our development to realize the universal laws and the power that follows with that. We still remember how it was when we truly understood there is something more than anyone has ever explained for us. Our perspective of the world shifted completely from one day to another. It was almost overwhelming but of course super exciting and we slowly started to comprehend that we do not need to suffer under any circumstances any more. The natural state is love and joy – when you do not feel that, you are disconnected from this bigger force that is here. It was almost laughter-provoking that nobody had told us about this before! How can the world continue to walk the same way with wars and suffering when we can change it whenever we want to. Slowly, after a lot of research and reading, we started to realize that yes the power is within us but we can´t change other peoples´ behaviour. We simply have to live as role models and when one is ready to be “awaken” universe will help that person to take the step. It was the same with us and maybe for you too? We have to fully understand that we can´t force anything upon anyone. When one is ready to take the step – that person will. In the end, this is an inside job so we can never do anything than work on our own emotions and behavior.


So why did we suddenly decide to become vegans? As mentioned we had used the universal laws to create magical experiences and it has truly been amazing to see the results of our own creations. To see the universe shape the perfect circumstances for you and see dreams become reality. It is amazing! And we are still being amazed over and over again how great it works (hello of course it does ;)) and we are becoming better and better to deliberately manifest. However, we felt with time that in some areas in life the energy was flowing very freely and we were truly with ease with it. Rarely experienced any negative emotions and simply living in a state of taking it for granted in the most grateful way. But there were some areas where we felt that how much we tried to clean our vibrations and throw away old thoughts of patterns, re-think and re-create a new reality, so we could manifest our desires.. It simply seemed impossibly. Like something was missing. What we both wanted to experience so profoundly was the perfect vibrating health and energy. A powerful body ready to climb any mountain and run kilometers after kilometers! But yet something was missing. We could not fully understand what it was that we had missed. Keep your thougts clean – CHECK. Keep your intention clear – CHECK. Then suddenly something happened. It came litterly from nowhere and the idea simply emerged and almost took over our bodies. Of course we need to try to go vegan! The thought of going raw was actually also present but we figured out that we should start with going vegan. We told ourselves we will do it the whole January 2013. So we started and something amazing happened in our bodies. A complete different feeling that we never had experienced before rised within us and after ten days it felt like the most natural step to add RAW to the diet. Now 3,5 months as vegans and 3 as raw vegans – we simply see no turning back! It is amazing and the way we feel is absolutely impossible to describe. The best part is that this is still the beginning of our transition, wich means we are still detoxing old toxic from our bodies. We cannot wait to become fully clean and feel even more vibrate and happy. 🙂


We mentioned that eating vegan / raw vegan also impacts the vibrational level. We never thought about this before but now it makes perfectly sense for us and honestly we can´t really understand why we have not made the connections before! But as we always say, it is never too late 😉 However, as we all know by now everything is vibrational that means that what you put in your body is vibrating on one level and will interact with your own vibrations. Does it make senses? If so, what we want to put in our body should be vibrating on the most highest level possibly so that amazing good vibes can help us to thrive as we are supposed to. Imagine, a poor pig that has never been outside, been lying his whole life and living under awful circumstances – do you sincerely think he is thriving? Is his vibration high? Probably not. When you also add the killing part to that – oh boy! The level is so low. Do you really want to give yourself something that is that dead? And not only dead but with the feelings of anxiety, fear and depression. When we eat meat that has lived under these circumstances we are putting anxiety, fear and depression into our body on a vibrational level! It might be difficult to grasp if you are not very familiar with the way of thinking when it comes to this. What you do want to put in your body are living energy; colorful fruits and vegetables that simply are so high in vibrations that will with no effort make you feel so good on a vibrational level! Wich means that you will walk around living on a high frequence, wich menas feeling more joy and love (to put it simple).

If it is too complicated and confusing to think in vibrations. Simply do a little experiment yourself and eat greens and fruits for a couple of days and we promise with all that we are – you will notice an amazing shift in your well-being. You will sense the effects kicking in immediately and we promise you will feel so vibrant!


We have done, and still doing, a lot of research about raw food/vegan. What we have discovered (remember we are LEARNING.. we are far from experts) that the body wants to be alkaline to thrive and flesh is highly acidic. As Dr. Warburg said, it is important to have the right pH balance to have a healthy body (we will make an other post about this). Yet many of us are not aware of the impact that food really has on our bodies! Some other aspects to consider is that it takes longer time for the body to digest meat, and not talking about our teeth are not shaped to rip flesh. Instead we have invented tools for that.. not very natural.

We also constantly heard other raw food-people saying that they think so much clearer, they feel a much deeper connection, they feel vibrant etc etc. We could not really grasp it – since we have not felt it ourselves in that way BUT now we can truly say that YES it is true – and it is even beyond that! We have never felt this high on life, this fearless, this amazing, this loving and simply this good. In the end, that is what we are all longing for.. To feel good!


This topic is much wider than we possible could be able to put our thougths on here – and make it readable and not make you fall a sleep! 😉  But the thing is we have to BE THE CHANGE we all wish to see in the world. Live in a more sustainable way and do whatever we can do to make this world a better place. The most common response is that “what I do make no difference” and we totally disagree. It might not in this very moment make a big difference but as with everything in this world. The more we are the more powerful we become – and yes we need to start somewhere!

Ps. We don´t say that RAW is the only way to go. Vegan is beyond amazing as well! The point is to cut out all that do no good for you. Let it be as natural as it possible can be. Don´t stress – take it step by step. The most important part is to feel no guilt whatsoever while eating. That will give negative vibes to the food that will lead to negative impact on your body! Why could it be that some skinny people can eat big amount of food without gain weight? Simply beacuse they have a good relationship with food, and while others almost put on weight by looking on the food! We will talk more about this later. The point is to keep your intention on the food pure. Thank it for what it does to you. Donnot eat in a hurry. Feel it, taste it and enjoy it!

With love,
Julie & Katrin


12 thoughts on “Our vegan thoughts

  1. Hej sisters 🙂
    Wow! Tack för alla välskrivna inspirerande inlägg! 🙂 Ni är nu en app/bokmärke på min skärm, ett tips att man kan göra så med sina favoritsidor, fast det kanske alla vet nuförtiden, haha, jag bjuder på den isf!
    Önskar alla en ljus dag, kram 🙂

    • Tack fantastiska du för din underbara kommentar! Vilket bra tips med app/bokmärke och vilken nyhet att vi har hamnat där 😀 TACK! Hoppas du haft en toppen dag och en fortsatt mysig afton. KRAM!

    • Tack så mycket för din kommentar! Ta det bara steg för steg, ingen idé att tvinga fram något utan följ känslan så det känns rätt. Då kan man upprätthålla sin livsstil med all den passion man ska 🙂 Hoppas du tycker dippen/soppan smakar gott!!!

  2. AAH; elsker det!! Dette er jo nettopp grunnen til at jeg spiser vegansk! Jeg vil ikke ha den “døde energien” i meg. Raw mat spiser jeg fordi det føles bra i magen og kroppen min, og jeg også tror det er meningen vi skal spise mest mulig rått.
    Herlig innlegg- som alltid!!

  3. Så fint innlegg -dere har så rett 🙂 Og det er flott at dere minner meg på fordelene ved å meditere. Det er sykt hvor mye man kan gjøre. Selv har jeg lært healing, men jeg må bare praktisere det hver dag (noe jeg ikke har vært så flink til). Gleder meg til å følge dere videre, og høre hvordan det går:D Ha en fin dag!

    • Underbar kommentar Marie! Tack så jättemycket för dina positiva ord. Meditation har verkligen öppnat upp helt nya fantastiskaa dörrar för oss, det är en så kraftfull metod och nu kan vi inte gå en dag utan att meditera. Hur är det du praktiserar healing? Det är jättekul och vår stora passion hur vi alla kan inspirera och uppmuntra varandra! Ha en fortsatt jättebra dag vackra du! Kramar

      • Takk:) Jeg lærte healing ved hjelp av Silvametoden. Det er enkle ulike teknikker der man ser for seg seg selv/en annen person, og tenker hva som vil skje, tenker at man blir frisk om man er sjuk.. Når man mediterer og fokuserer på en kroppsdel, retter immunforsvaret seg mot den kroppsdelen, og det leges fortere. Har dere prøvd noe lignende?

      • Det har vi inte provat, låter jätteintressant. Vi kör mycket chakrameditation och ur vi kan stärka olika kvaliteter inom oss. Vad kul att vi kan utbyta erfarenheter! 🙂

  4. Well written! This is one of the reasons why I turned vegan as well. I have lived vegan since january, and I feel totally awesome. It was a huge change from the vegetarian diet I had before, and I get more and more certain that this is the right path for me. Thank you for sharing your view!!

    • Thank you so much Tess and great to hear a bit of your story as well. We are glad you have found what feels good and right for you. Let us continue to inspire each other to continue live more consciously and spread over love. Hugs to you!

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