To raise your vibrations


Hello beautiful soul,

On what frequency are you vibrating on today? Have you closed your mind for a little while today to really re-connect with your natural flow? We cannot say enough how much we appriciate what changes in awareness meditation has brought to our lives. We are far from experts when it comes to meditation – believe us there are many sessions where the mind wanders faaaar away. BUT there are also moments when we finally reach that point when we are able to shut everything out – when there is nothing but good energy flowing and the mind is quiet. That is truly an amazing feeling. As with everything.. we need to be patient and practice! Our “spiritual teachers” have always said that meditation is the key and we have somehow got that there has to be something magical with it but we have not earlier been fully ready to take the step ourselves. That is one of the concept in life too – everything will come to us with perfect timing when we are ready and allow it to flow to us! If you are not into meditation there are plenty of things to do to somewhat close your mind or at least release resistance and highten your vibrations and well-being.. and that is simply to do what you enjoy! Listen to a song you love with your fully attention and let the song almost eat you up from the inside. Lay down in bed and make up an exciting story in your head that gives you goosebumps. Write an appreciation list. Do whatever that makes you forget what don´t serve you and put all your energy on what makes you feel good. With the help of law of attraction, you will within a short time attract more good feeling thoughts.. and more, and more! Until you are so filled with good vibes that you must start to see evidence flowing in to your reality. You will start to encounter people with big smiles upon their faces, someone calling you with good news, the perfect coffee, great service at the restaurant – you name it! 

320950_401186519963956_1380147086_nThe most amazing outcome meditation will bring about is the profound connection one will develop with oneself. Slowly will the inner voice be easier distinguished from the ego. When we truly are able to listen and hear what the heart/inner voice/soul is telling us – we will realize our heart desires! We will develop a relationship with ourselves that is the most powerful relationship we will ever be able to have. We will forever be guided through life. Have our own compass that is constantly giving us directions and telling us stop, left, right, RUN! Is it not such a relief to know, so deeply, that you are taken care of? That when you trust and develop this deep connection with yourself/universe/God/energy/nature (or whatever you choose to call it) you will never be alone again.

11902_159154834235517_1032584779_nWe will write a post with different authors and teachers that has inspired and helped us tremendously on our spiritual journey. You beautiful friends have also written to us what has guided you on your awakening – please continue to share! We will collect all the books, movies, youtube clips etc in one post soon, so we can all be inspired to continue to read and learn about life 🙂

Before we leave you for now. We want to share another healthy and delicious little raw creation!


Layer 1
– Frozen bananas
– Dates
– Carob
– Raw cacao nibs
– Maca

Layer 2
-Frozen raspberries
– Banana
– Chia seeds

– Goji berries
– Raw cacao nibs

Layer 1: Simply mix all the ingredients. If you don´t have any of the power ingredients (carob, cacao, maca), no stress – it will taste good either way. You can use cinnamon and cardamom instead, or nothing is of course an option. Pour it in a glas. Put a side.

Layer 2: Mix your berries together with a banana to get a nice thicker texture. You can also add some chia seeds to make it even more healthier (and to get that thicker yummie consistency). Pour it over the first layer.

Top it with some goji berries and more raw cacao nibs to make it even more epic! 😉

So simple. So good. So healthy.

Today´s powerful words by Sogyal Rinpoche regarding the ego and what meditation can bring about:

“Two people have been living in you all your life. One is the ego, garrulous, demanding, hysterical, calculating; the other is the hidden spiritual being, whose still voice of wisdom you have only rarely heard or attended to. ”

Let us all work on taking control over our ego and let our true inner being flourish.

Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “To raise your vibrations

  1. Kjempefint innlegg! Jeg synes meditasjon er så spennende, men jeg synes det kan være vanskelig også. Både å sette av tid, og å klare å tømme hodet helt. Har gått på Mindfulness kurs, og det virkelig elsket jeg. Også trener jeg jo mye yoga, og jeg liker så godt at det både er trening for kropp og sinn. Det blir ikke akkuart som meditasjon, men jeg får iallefall god pause i hodet, siden jeg må fokusere så mye på pust og øvelsene.

    Yum, banan- og jordbær- desserten/frokosten deres ser fantastisk ut! Elsker raw food 😀
    Ha en herlig dag dere!

    • Tack Ragnhild! Ja det är jätte svårt med meditation men det blir i alla fall lite lättare ju mer man över 🙂 Men som tur är finns det inte en enda väg att gå för att “rensa” huvudet. Yoga är en fantastiskt teknik också eller något där man är tvungen att fokusera allt på en enda sak, så som andning!!! Tack för dina positiva kommentarer 😀

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