Mullberries – a new discovery

untitledHello dear,

One of the greatest parts when traveling is to try new foods you are not used to. It is great to explore new flavors and what sensations these might give your senses. Always when we go somewhere we try to check if there are any local markets around. We have spent numerous hours just wandering around and being impressed with the smells, colors and always looking for a new experience for our taste buds.mullbär1First time we heard and tasted Mulberries were during one of our travels in Istanbul December last year. We were really amazed of these naturally sweet and good tasting berries and bought a big bag to bring back home to Sweden. Back then we had no idea of what power the mulberries actually consist of. Mulberries are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C and K. What actually differ mulberries to many other berries is the richness in iron as well as its calcium content. The mulberries have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid arthritic pain. It is also said that eating mulberries on a regular basis will strengthen your eyesight, keeps your blood sugar levels stable and increases the good cholesterol in your body. Pretty powerful berries we would say and these are only some of the health benefits. We usually have them in our buckwheat porridge, as a nice topping in a smoothie or simply just as a snack.

banana cream with maca kardemom cinamon

Our beloved Banana Cream seen in the picture above is to give you inspiration for a nice breakfast or a lighter meal using the mulberries as topping.

– Frozen banana
– Maca
– Cardamom
– Cinnamon
– Mulberries and Goji berries

Simply blend the frozen bananas with maca, cardamom and cinnamon until creamy. Place in a bowl and top it off with mulberries and goji berries.  It doesn´t get any easier than this!

Julie & Katrin



12 thoughts on “Mullberries – a new discovery

  1. That looks wonderful! I just got goji berries and other yummy stuff to make my own musli 🙂 I will certainly try this as well 🙂

  2. Jeg er så enig- noe av det aller beste med å reise er å oppdage all mat som finnes der ute. Det er alltid det jeg gleder meg mest til når jeg reiser faktisk 😀 Undersøker alltid hvor jeg kan finne helsekostbutikker, vegaske og sunne spistesteder og sånt, før jeg drar 🙂
    Mulberries er nydelig, men av og til litt i søteste laget synes jeg. Så jeg liker det best sammen med andre ting, for eksempel i mørk sjokolade. Det smaker fantastisk!!

    • Ja det är verkligen ett av de bästa sätten att resa på, upptäcka matkulturen i ett nytt land. Finns så mycket nytt att få ta del av och man lär sig så mycket om ställena man besöker. Vi håller med dig mulberry i mörk choklad, MUMS FILIBABBA!!! 😉 kramar!

  3. I wish I could try mulberries! They sound amazing. I wonder where I could find them in my area…I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the information- they don’t look like what I imagined!

    • Mulberries are super good! Hope you can catch them somewhere. A bit different if you are not used to them but definitely wort a try. We love them for the taste and the health benefits do make them taste even better 😉 Thank you for your comment!

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