When you let go of resistance


Julie speaking;

Hello darling,

I want to share a story and an example of how universe serves you when you let go of resistance. One day very recently I was out running in the park. It was one of those days when my legs felt very heavy and if my ego was to take over I would rather be staying in. But off I went and the only thing I could think of was that oh how nice it would be to have a friend to run with. How we could support and help each other to keep the pace because will I even make my regular route today? My already heavy and tired legs suddenly started to feel even heavier until I realized what thoughts had conquered me. Knowing the universal laws and what impact our thoughts have I made a complete shift in my mind-set. Instead, in the middle of the park I started to give thanks to everything. I gave my thanks for my healthy legs, for the trees, for the grass, for the birds, the other joggers, the dogs playing, the fresh air I was breathing, yeah I gave thanks to everything that came across me. This immediately lightened up my mind and filled me up with loving energy. I was present again. I was feeling my own well-being in that very moment. My legs didn’t feel that heavy any longer and suddenly there he was – my runner friend I had wished for!

A man right ahead of me suddenly turned his head around and let me catch up with him. There we were running next to each other, supporting and helping one another to keep up today’s run. We didn´t say anything during our run around the park until the end when we both wished each other a fantastic continuation of the day and we went separate ways. No words were needed only feeling the energy shared between the two of us was enough and I of course couldn´t stop smiling. Ask and it is given. Universe responds to your request the moment you let go of resistance. Do I have to mention this is one of the best runs I have had? 🙂



12 thoughts on “When you let go of resistance

  1. I just found your blog and I love it!!
    And what a nice energy shift. The univers listens if we are willing to receive 😉

    • Thank you for your great comment Sara! Made us smile big time 😀 We totally agree that universe is listening – we simply have to put us in a position where we can easily “communicate”. Big hug and continue to shine as you do!

  2. Det var en veldig fin historie, og et veldig godt eksempel på hvordan universet responderer på tankene våre. Det er såå viktig å se det positive i ting, i alt man møter i livet. Jeg prøver å sende så mange takknemlige tanker ut gjennom dagen som jeg bare kan. Og da blir hverdagen virkelig så mye finere og bedre. Det er jo så mye vi har å glede oss over!

    • Vi håller med! Fantastiskt att du känner tacksamhet, det är verkligen the way to go! Precis som ordspråket “It is not happy people that are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy!” 🙂

  3. What a great story! It is amazing how the universe responds to everything. It never makes a mistake, but gives whatever you attract and wish for. Love your positive outlook on life:) (Hehe – så ble det engelsk igjen…Det går jo på automatikk dette her:D )

    • It is amazing right!? 🙂 As soon we take control and change our emotions – we will change our world!! Thank you for your beautiful comment and we LOVE your positive vibes. Keept it up!! 🙂

  4. Great inspiration! Very true indeed. Just the positive attitude I needed today! Trying my best to stay positive, by reading positive things and interpret them in my life.
    When I have a negative outlook, it’s hard to switch imediatly, but working on it! Trying to reduce the stress. Your story helps me to see i’m not the only one trying her best to grow in life. Thanks!! Xx Mandy (mandynadine @ instagram, the dutch girl 😉 )

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment Mandy! Great to connect with you both HERE and IG. Will look you up immediately! Yes we agree sometimes it can be difficiult to switch the mood but if we are aware of it and constantly work to be more present and change it – it luckily gets easier! The good thing is that we also can share our thoughts and technique we use 🙂 Keep shining!!!

  5. Så fin historie! Det er så gøy når slike ting skjer. God motivasjon! Noe slikt skjedde meg og, på en litt annen måte. Jeg hadde en venn som holdte på å bli deprimert, og han så ikke så mye glede i det han gjorde, eller de han møtte. Han måtte møte noen dagen etter og grua seg. Jeg fant ut at det kunne ikke skade om jeg prøvde å hjelpe til med å gjøre dagens hans bra. Jeg brukte det jeg hadde lært om avstandshealing, og han kom dagen etter å fortalte at det hadde vært den beste dagen han hadde hatt på lenge. 😀

    • Fantastiskt att höra din historia! Det är en så magisk och helt underbar känsla att kunna ge till någon annan, det är äkta kärlek!!! Det är fint att lämna ett positiv intryck hos någon annan, härlig inspiration Marie! 🙂 Kramar

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