Broccoli and avocado soup


Happy healthy Monday to you,

What do you think about the text in the pic? Is it not just right on spot? We should never stop expanding and always keep widening our horizons. Let´s take our thoughts to places where they have not been before. Think and feel in a way we have never experienced earlier. Only then can we truly evolve to become the person we are meant to be. There is so much more in this world and within us that we have to have the courage to discover. What we see might not be the only truth! 😉

Today we want to share a simple broccoli and avocado soup with you. It is very tasty and and works perfectly as a dip as well for instance your carrots!


– Broccoli
– Avocado
– Garlic
– Salt
– Tahini (optional)
– Lime
– Chili flakes
– Water

Put your broccoli and avocado in your food processor. Add garlic, salt, chili and squeeze your lime over the ingredients. If you want you can add some tahini as well. Let it mix for a little while. Depending on how creamy or liquid you want it put as much water you prefer. BUT we recommend to start with very little since we think it is much better with less water.

Pour it in a bowl and voilá – dinner is served! Buon appetito.

A special thank you to Ragnhild for the inspiration for tonights dinner 🙂 Visit her very friendly and inspiring raw food blog here!

Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “Broccoli and avocado soup

  1. Åh, så utrolig søte og koselige dere er!! Takk! Og takk til dere også, for så mye inspirasjon, både med kloke tanker og deilige oppskrifter! ❤
    Suppen deres høres vikerlig god ut! Chili og lime skal jeg også prøve i en slik suppe/dip.
    Håper dere får en god dag og uke nydelige jenter. Klem

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