Strawberry cake with creamy caramel sauce

1363375049066Hello sunshine,

How are you today? Did you have a good weekend? Did you do something fun/new/outside the comfort zone/relaxing you want to share with us? 🙂 We love to hear from you!

Today we think it is time for some more pie baking! This strawberry goddess is so delicious and definitely worth a try. We even think this cake could be able to convince the most “unhealthy” friend you have. This cake is made in different layers and as always no particular mesasurement and feel free to add or exclude as you prefer! So let´s have some happy baking time together 🙂


– Walnuts
– Dates
– Dried figs
– Carob
– Cinnamon

Layer 1
– Strawberries

Layer 2 – Caramel sauce
– Dates
– Almond butter*
– Raw cacao nibs
– Carob
– Salt (optional)
– Water

* Simply process/mix almonds until you get butter. It might take a little while depending on your mixer / food processor but it is totally worth it (for us it took around 8min).

Layer 3 – Strawberry cream
– Frozen strawberries*
– Banana*
– Chia / Buckwheat (optional)

* Use what you have at home. This one is made out of frozen berries and a fresh banana. Make sure at least one of the ingredients is frozen so you get a more creamy texture.

Crust: Ok. Start with the crust and simply process all the ingredients. It will taste delicious, we promise! Divide it into your form.


If you have not already done your almond butter, do it now. Process or mix your almonds until you get a nice nut butter! Cheap and clean – the way to go 😉

Layer 1: Chop your strawberries and cover the bottom of your form.


Layer 2: For the caramel sauce – put all your ingredients, except water, in your mixer / food processor and mix it. Add as little water you need to get enough creamy texture. When we make caramel sauce we use a lot of dates. That is the staple ingredient! Now take your delicious creamy sauce and cover your strawberries with it.


Layer 3: Mix your berries with banana. If you like you can add chia or buckwheat to make it thicker in the texture. (If you are not 100 % raw and super strict – a tip is to add buckwheat flakes. That gives a nice a bit more thicker and creamy consistence) Pour your cream on the top of the cake.

Top the cake with some chopped strawberries!

Update: This cake should be eaten immediately so the strawberry cream do not melt. You can easily preper the other layers and simply mix the cream when you want to serve the cake. It works probably perfectly as well if you choose to freeze it!

1363377222312 (2)

Today´s powerful words by Echart Tolle;

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.”

Have the courage to do what pleases YOU.
Have a beautiful and healthy day!

Julie & Katrin


13 thoughts on “Strawberry cake with creamy caramel sauce

  1. Da jeg så denne på Instagram fikk jeg vann i munnen! og nå som jeg leste oppskriften fikk jeg enda mer lyst på den. Den høres rett og slett nyyydelig ut! Raw kaker er jo SÅ mye bedre enn vanlige, og med jordbær blir det så friskt og godt.
    Liker at dere brukte fiken i bunnen. Det synes jeg er så godt Også inneholder det så mye bra næring.
    Jeg har hatt en fin helg. Fått vært mye med venninner, gått turer, trent yoga, og kost meg med mat 🙂 Og i kveld skal jeg møte kjæresten min.
    Håper dere har kost dere også.

    • TACK Ragnhild!!! 🙂 Jaa så sant. Mer raw cakes till folket!! Både nyttigt OCH fantastiskt gott. Kan ju inte bli en bättre kombination! Låter som om du haft en jätte fin helg. Mys en massa med killen din ikväll! Kram fina du

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