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Have you ever heard about Coursera? It is a social entrepreneurship company making it possible for you, us, yeah pretty much all the people in the world to take online courses at top universities completely free of charge. Coursera has established partnerships with universities worldwide and are reaching out with education to everyone. We think this is an awesome initiative! What do you say? Why should only some few people get the benefits of what education can teach you?  For many education is actually a key to make a better place for themselves, family or even the community you are living in. Other reasons could be that maybe you just want to study something and gain improved insights or knowledge in a topic or field but do it on your own terms. With Coursera you get the freedom study something you are truly interested in. We are going to give it a try and have signed up for a Food and Nutrition course. Are you joining as well? 😀

imagesCAVT0Y33imagesCAIXJO5DWe would also like to encourage you to leave tips of this sort that could benefit all of us. Please feel free to share and we can all help and support each other with great insights!

Julie & Katrin


10 thoughts on “Study for FREE

  1. Amazing ladies! This is so great…it is seriously about time that something like this happens! Good luck with your nutrition course- it’s so much fun learning about nutrition. I took a course in holistic nutrition a couple years ago 🙂

    PS my instagram is kokobrill, can’t wait to follow you back!

    • Thank you girl! You are connected with Katrin so far on IG and once again you have amazing pics and recipes. Well done!! Thank you, hopefully we will learn a lot that we can share with you guys too 🙂

  2. Oi, dette har jeg aldri hørt om. For et bra tilbud! Og så utrolig spennende at dere skal studere mat og ernæring. Det er jo det mest spennende i hele verden!! 🙂

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