Your great potential


Now that is what we know for sure as well! Whenever you realize your heart desire, universe has your back. It is about to be brave enough to live your life. To live outside your comfort zone is what makes you grow and develop. When you are stretching your own limits little by little you start to realize your own potentials. It might be scary at times but remember to look up, you are still alive and we bet that there is some little nagging feeling inside you saying “I like what this makes me feel”. Because you like anybody else has all the possibilities to accomplish exactly what you wish to do and to become that successful person you have always dreamed of. It is important to learn to recognize the signs universe is giving you. It is also important to distinguish all your different emotions you are going through on your path. Is it fear or is it that you just stepped outside your comfort zone and a sign of your own growth? If it is fear, identify the source to it and what is making you feel that way. Take it from there, make peace with it, step it up. Look yourself in the mirror each day when you wake up and ask universe to show you the woman or man you haven´t become yet. This is what we do every morning, and it is absolutely amazing when you realize your own development and how you grow for each day. From the bottom of both our hearts we believe in you.

To add more vibrant life force into your life we recommend you to try this Blissful Smoothie out. We assure you it will be like an explosion of colorful life in your mouth.

papaya mango banan shia maca


–  Mango
– Papaya + seeds
– Banana or frozen banana
– Water or Coconut water
– Shia seeds and/or maca powder (optional)
papaya mango banan shia maca 2

Make sure all the fruits are ripe. Preferably use frozen banana (that´s what we did) because the mango and papaya are so juicy and rich in flavor. You could also add some ice cubes to get the right coolness and texture. The actual secret behind this recipe is to add the seeds from the papaya in the blender with all the other ingredients. The papaya seeds are spicy and together with the fresh, ripe and juicy fruits this combination is going to make you dance the whole day long. Give it a try, you won´t regret it!

Julie & Katrin


9 thoughts on “Your great potential

  1. “Look yourself in the mirror each day when you wake up and ask universe to show you the woman or man you haven´t become yet”- jeg liker det!! Jeg tror så på både tankenes kraft og det at universet på en måte vil oss vårt beste. Så lenge vi tror og bruker de riktige redskapene.
    Så god smoothien ser ut! Jeg bruker altfor lite papaya, synes det er så vanskelig å finne de som er godt modne. Men når jeg først finner bra papaya er de helt nydelige.
    God kveld dere 🙂

    • Vi håller helt och hållet med! Vi är väldigt intresserade i dessa frågor så vi kommer posta mer inlägg som handlar om själslig- och personligutveckling samt tankar om universum och livet här 🙂 Underbar kommentar av dig, tack! Och papaya är väldigt underskattat, fantastiskt gott. Tyvärr i Sverige i alla fall är det väldigt dyrt. Kan föreställa mig detsamma i Norge! Men ibland får man gotta till sig 🙂 Kram

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