Energy boost from Ancient times

indian1indian4indian3Hola amor,

How are the energy levels today? It is incredible how certain food has been used since Ancient times and no wonder when you hear about the health properties. One of these superfoods is the Maca powder originating from the Maca root growing in the Andes Mountains in Peru and discovered by the Indians.

The Maca contains several of our essential aminoacids, carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium, zink, magnesium and iron. Believe it or not but the maca also holds B1, B2, B12, C and E vitamins. Wait, listen to this as well. Maca contains at least 5 times more protein than rice and 4 times more fibre than potatoes!

Talking about an energy boost, don´t you agree? It is certainly an impressive discovery and how the Indians in Peru used the Maca to strengthen their mental health, increase energy levels and balance the hormones in their bodies. One of the main effects is the improvement of the body’s endocrine function including all glands. The Maca also contain substances that increase stamania and muscle build-up. Very beneficial for somebody that is exercising and can with favor be used in connection with training. If you are a woman the Maca also helps relieve symptoms of PMS and menopause. Men on the other hand have used the Maca to increase fertility and sexual function. Yes, funny enough Maca is actually called the “Peruvian viagra”.


If you are not familiar with the flavor of Maca it reminds of a nutty and sweet taste towards parsnip and horseradish. We usually use the Maca in our smoothies and o´boy what a kick that gives!  In the picture you see a delicious and easy made Banana Ice Cream Maca Blend.


– Frozen bananas
– Maca
– Fresh organic raspberries

Simply blend the frozen bananas with 1-2 tsp of Maca powder until a creamlicious texture. Top it all up with fresh tasting raspberries and ready to be enjoyed.

Out of our own experience do not eat Maca too late at night otherwise you will risk to rather be out running a mile or two than get your beauty sleep. You really feel the immediate effects of increased energy levels. So with this said we say power to the people and stay vibrantly alive! 😀

Julie & Katrin



10 thoughts on “Energy boost from Ancient times

  1. I have never heard about maca before. But it sure sound like something good to add in a diet! Thank you for sharing girls. XX sofia

  2. I really like that you are posting information like this. It is great to discover and hear about new healthy things to add in a diet. Good one!

  3. Deilig iskrem!!
    Jeg har lest og hørt mye om maca, men har dessverre ikke prøvd det ennå. Det har liksom ikke blitt prioritert bland alle tingene jeg liker og trenger 🙂 Men jeg har kjempelyst til å få testet det, så neste gang jeg har litt penger til overs, skal det absolutt kjøpes 🙂

    • Maca är riktigt kraftfullt! Se upp ifall det gäller något speciellt när man är gravid för vi kan försäkra dig om att energi det får man 😉 Jag har för mig att jag läst någonstans att man eventuellt inte ska använda det som gravid. Är dock ej helt säker men värt att kolla upp! Annars rekommenderar vi det starkt. Det är helt galet hur mycket energi man får, självklart ihop med annan hälsosam livsstil! 🙂 Tack så mycket för din kommentar. Alltid lika mysigt att läsa! Kram och godkväll fina du

  4. Oooh, so glad to be here! Thanks for your sweet comment on Koko’s Kitchen. I’m a huge maca fan- I just love the flavour, especially knowing how healthy it is. This is an inspiring post….ancient wisdom!

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