Three layer of deliciousness

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Good evening lovely,

We wanted to share a delicious little treat with you. This one is soooo good and is a perfect dessert but works of course as good as a nicer breakfast or why not lunch! If you are a raw foodie, you know what we mean 😉 No need for further explanations than this creation will definitely make your taste buds go bananas..


– Walnuts (soaked)
– Dates
– Carob
– Cinnamon

Banana/vanilla layer
– Frozen bananas
– Dates
– Vanilla powder (or cardamom)
– Cashew (soaked)
– A spoon of the crust (optional)

Raspberry layer
– Frozen or fresh raspberries*
– Frozen or fresh banana*

– Raw cacao nibs
– More berries

* This one is made with frozen raspberries and fresh banana but it really does not matter. It only depends on the texture you prefer. 1363101692848

Crust – Simply process your walnuts together with your dates. Add carob and cinnamon. It will taste so delicious together. Feel free to add raw cacao if you have. That will most probably make it even more divine. Divide your crust in to your form. Put a side.

Banana/vanilla layer – Mix your frozen bananas with the rest of the ingredients until you get a nice banana cream with a nutty touch. Pour it over your crust.

Raspberry layer – Mix your berries with your banana. We prefer to have a lot of berries and only add a banana to get a nice thicker texture but that is all up to you have you prefer to have it. Pour it over the second layer.

Topping – Now top it with raw cacao nibs and some berries to make it even more epic.

Ladies and gentlemen now we think it is time to INDULGE big time, and either you eat it at once or you choose to put it in the freezer and serve it later on. It will taste AMAZING!1363100950547


 With love,
Julie & Katrin


12 thoughts on “Three layer of deliciousness

  1. Åå, dere lager så utrolig mye godt altså!! Dette fikk jeg skikklig skikkelig lyst på! Raw food<3
    God kveld søte jenter, og tatt for så utrolige koselige kommentarer fra dere<3

    • Du är så otroligt söt Ragnhild! Det är en stor passion vi har att laga massa god mat och experimentera. Älskar att lära oss nya kombinationer och få chansen att uppleva nya smaksensationer. Pure pleasure!! 🙂 Kramar ❤

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