Raw version of tabbalouheh

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Hello again 🙂

How are you? We hope you are feeling perfectly fine and ready for some healthy and delicious dinner inspiration!

We do love our green friends as raw vegans and have come to truly appreciate the simplicity in a plain salad. But it is always fun to play around a little bit with the ingredients and create something new and fun without even cooking or making it too complicated. This meal is so fresh and you will feel light but yet satisfied. So let´s start!

– Cauliflower
– Tahini (optional)
– Parsley
– Tomatoes
– Red bell pepper
– Leek
– Mushrooms
– Olives (optional)
– Lemons (the more the better)

tab 1

Start with putting your cauliflower in your food processor together with a table spoon (more or less) tahini and squeeze over a lot of lemon juice. Let it go until you have created the yummiest rice! It is a much healthier option than white rise and tastes so good. Win-win.

Chop your persley and massage it in to your rice (see pic 2). Now chop the rest of your ingredients and feel free to add or remove after your taste buds. Mix the salad in to the cauliflower rice. Squeeze as much lemon juice you want, the more the better it will taste! Top with some olives. This raw version of the tabbouleh tastes even better if it rests for a little while to really let the lemon juice sink in. Maybe 20-30 min – if you are not too hungry 😉

Enjoy your meal!

Have a lovely day,
Julie & Katrin


4 thoughts on “Raw version of tabbalouheh

  1. Aaah, så godt dette ser ut!! Jeg elsker blomkål”ris”, men har faktisk aldri tilsatt tahini. Og jeg som elsker tahini :O :O Det skal absolutt tilsettes neste gang 🙂
    Oliven er såå godt! Får vann i munnen bare av å se på bildene deres 😉

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