Now or Never



Healthy shining evening to you!


This evening we want to share this delicious little healthy treat.. and it is a must try.

– Banana or frozen banana*
–  Raspberries or frozen raspberries*
– Carob
– Raw cacao nibs
– Chia seeds

* Make sure you use either frozen banana or frozen berries to get a little thicker texture.

Start mixing your banana and berries. Add carob, chia and some cacao nibs. Mix it. Pour it in to your glas and add some berries and cacao nibs on the top. Voila! It is a perfect dessert (or any other meal – the lucky part with living raw vegan lifestyle ;)).

Julie & Katrin


7 thoughts on “Now or Never

  1. How do you two make sure you are getting enough protein per day? What about getting what you need vitamin-wise that you don’t get by not eating meat?

    • Thank you for asking. It is actually questions we get pretty often. To make sure we get sufficient amount of proteins and vitamins each day we eat a lot of leafy greens. Important is to remember to make the portions BIG. This was actually a bit challenging at the beginning because we were not used to eat that big of portions. Vegetables are usually low in calories which also is one benefit being raw foodist that you have food and fruits in abundance. A lot of our calorie intake comes from fruit. To make sure we get all right nutrients we always try to make sure we cover all the colors of the rainbow, by doing that you should be on the safe side. There are also a lot of superfoods that you can purchase that contain a lot of proteins and other vitamins. Recently we actually got our hands on hemp seeds that are high in protein. You can sprinkle the hemp on your salads or add in a smoothie or juice. Algaes are also great sources of protein and we both are using chlorella in our green smoothies. These are just some example there are much out there as well. 🙂 I hope this helps! Hugs to you!

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