Purple Blackberry Tart


Hello sunshine,

Ready for some more pie baking? Of course you are! We mean, who says no to something delicious, vibrant and healthy.. and of course makes you feel so so good.  We promise this purple goddess doesn´t take more than 15 min to prepare (and a couple of hours in the freezer.. meanwhile you are relaxing) so let´s start!


– dried apricots
– dates
– pecans
– ginger
– coconut meat

blackberry cream
– blackberries
– bananas
– walnuts
– almond milk
– a big spoon of the crust (opt)

As always with raw food don´t stare yourself blind on the ingredients. For instance,
if you don´t have dried apricots at home, replace it with something else or simply add more dates. We haven´t written out the amounts since it varies from fresh food to fresh food. Simply add as many dates and the rest of the ingredients for the crust to fill your size of the form. The same with the blackberry cream. Someone likes it with a lot of blackberry taste while someone prefer a balance between blackberries and bananas. Have fun with it and experiment – it can´t really go wrong when you have living ingredients to play with. Easy as that!


Start with the crust and process the dates until you get a nice and creamy texture. Cut the dried apricots in smaller pieces and add together with the rest of the ingredients in the date butter. You might also need to cut your coconut meat in smaller pieces, depending on your food processor and your own preferences – if you prefer a bit chunky bites! Process until you´re satisfied with the crust and put it in your form.

For the delicious blackberry cream simply put all the ingredients (except some walnuts!!!)  in your mixer or food processor. Mix until you get a nice consistence . Now add the rest of the walnuts in the cream and stir it with a spoon. In that way you will have some whole pieces of walnuts to munch on when you are enjoying the tart.. just like a happy little suprise! 😉 Put the cream in your form and let it rest in the freezer for a couple of hours.

It can´t really be easier than this! The best part it is all good for you and you will be feeling so vibrant after you have enjoyed a healthy yet delicious cake. No tiredness, no bad feelings,  no more cravings – only satisfaction and good emotions!

Enjoy your day 🙂

Julie & Katrin


10 thoughts on “Purple Blackberry Tart

  1. Så herlig!! Den både ser og høres nydelig ut!! Dere tar så fine og stemningsfulle bilder.
    Jeg sier aldri nei takk til noe som er sunt OG godt OG energigivende 😀 Jeg har hatt en aktiv dag med to timers tur med kjæresten, yoga, husvask, og snart jobb, så nå ligger jeg og slapper av med en kopp raw kakao og to biter raw sjokolade. Raw sjokolade gjør meg så lykkelig:)
    Ha en fin dag dere også!

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