A delicious substitute to your old PASTA


Good morning lovely,

How are you today? We hope you are feeling vibrant and happy 🙂 If that´s not the case, don´t stress. Take a deep breathe and remember that shadows always prove that the sun is shining. We need the contrast to fully appreciate the good things we are surrounded by. They will start to shine brighter as soon as we choose to focus upon them.

Ok. Ladies and gentlemen. Time to prepare a healthy and delicious dinner. This meal is a great substitut to your pasta dishes and we promise you it will make you feel completely satisfied and filled with great energy. Before our transition to a raw vegan lifestyle and when we were still eating pasta we could many times feel so tired and bloated after a meal. Instead of a light and energetic sense we could experience a heavy feeling and a desire of taking a nap… and that´s not the point with food! It´s supposed to make you want to move your body and feel nothing but amazing. This meal guys – is a keeper and definitely a must try! 


– carrots

– sundried tomatoes
– cherry tomatoes
– fresh basil
– red bell pepper
– mushrooms
– garlic
– salt, black pepper, oregano, chili flakes

By now you probably know that we´re not big fans of writing out the amounts since fresh and living food varies in both taste and sizes and it´s not as important to have the “right” proportions as when you are cooking your food. So as always have fun and improvise with what you have and keep these as your guidelines 🙂

Start with preparing your noodles. If you have a spiralizer use that to make your noodles but if you don´t, simply use a cheese slizer or a potato peeler to make your noodles (see pic 1).

For the salsa simply put all the ingredients in your food processor (see pic 2). Feel free to play with the flavours. If you like it strong or very plain – add as much or little of the spices you like. It can´t really go wrong with fresh ingredients and when you´re eating them raw. When you have processed the ingriedents. Massage them into your noodles. If you want throw some cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on your dish (see pic 3).

VOILÀ – dinner is served!

Bon appetite.

With love,
Julie & Katrin


11 thoughts on “A delicious substitute to your old PASTA

  1. Ah, dette er SÅ god mat! Jeg spiser raw pasta flere ganger i uken, og elsker det! Så herl med soltørkede tomater i- ser nydelig ut!
    og ja, så enig med dere! Mat skal gjøre oss energiske og glade, ikke oppblåste og slappe. Og da er raw levende mat helt perfekt.
    God helg dere 🙂

    • Detta är en av våra favoriträtter! Håller helt med dig om att mat och energi. Fantastiskt när man lär sig att känna skillnaderna, och att verkligen lyssna på kroppen. Pröva med soltorkade tomater, super gott! Finns dem utan olja om man vill ha maten low fat. Trevlig helg till dig med 🙂

  2. Good idea to make noodles out of carrots as well, gonna go for that next time. Great blog you girls have by the way!!

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