Carrots – enjoy the crunchiness!

Happy Thursday to you all!

Hope you having a fantastic day filled with well-being and love. The sun is slightly starting to make a more frequent appearance in Northern Europe again and it is more than welcome. It is absolutely amazing to be strolling around outside absorbing the beautiful sun and breathe it in.morötter

Today we want to give you some great insights about our orange crunchy little friends also known as delicious carrots. It is addictive once you start crunch but hey it is actually pure power you are crunching on. The carrots are filled with vitamin A which is essential for our vision and a well-functioning ocular mucous membrane. Despite improving our vision the carrots have anti-aging effects!! The carrots contain high values of beta-carotene and in our bodies it acts as an antioxidant and slowing down the cell aging process. Now when the sun starts to show up more frequently (we really hope so!!) our vitamin A rich crunchy carrots also protect the skin from the inside against harmful sun such as overhasty wrinkling and pigmentation. The carrots also have cleansing effects. The vitamin A is supporting the liver function to flush out toxins plus that the fibres in the carrots also help to clean out the colon. Expect these health properties the actual crunchiness is doing a magic trick as well! Carrots actually clean your teeth and mouth having the same properties as toothbrush or toothpaste by scraping off plaque and food particles. Your gums are also being stimulated producing extra saliva protecting you from the acid cavity-forming bacterias. What else can we say….just keep on crunching!!!! 😀


Julie and Katrin



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