Educate yourself


We cannot believe only 1,5 month ago we were not giving what we actually are putting in our bodies everyday as much attention it surely deserves. After we had a true wake up and decided to go cold turkey by going from our toxic diet to a high organic raw food-lifestyle this picture definitely tells more than 1000 words. Conclusion, we have to educate ourself. Take responsability for what we are feeding ourself with. If we truly are aiming for a long and happy life, we have to be sure we are treating our body with the greatest respect it undubitable deserves. So let´s educate ourself, eachother and work for a true change in the world. Support, inspire and motivate one an other to live a vibrant and healthy life. Together we can do it!

Julie and Katrin


6 thoughts on “Educate yourself

  1. really eyes opening… i definitely needed this… deep inside you know it but important to keep it in mind when we do grocerys…

  2. I just found your blog and it is excactly what I have been searching for. I really want to start to live more healthy! Keep posting and inspire 🙂

  3. True that and hopefully more people will increase their awareness of where their produce come from and as you say it is oue own responsibility. Hugs!

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