Fancy a strawberry love-bite?


Hello beautiful,
Today we celebrate one month as Raw Vegans and we could not be more satisfied with how this journey is proceeding. The benefits so far are really beyond what we ever thought would be possible to experience, and we are very grateful for all the inspiration and the people we have connected with online that have shared their thoughts and recipes. One of our greatest sources of inspiration, and a lot thanks to her, we decided to make the transition to become Raw Vegans – therefore we would love to share one of her amazing recipes. It is so simple and so delicious.. and most important it is healthy. The girl we are talking about is Kristina Carrillo Bucaram, maybe more famous as fullyrawkristina on both facebook and youtube. We definitely encourage you to check her out, if you do not already know about her.

With that said, let´s start making some LOVE PIE!

– dates1361216602820
– strawberries
– coconut meat
– banana

Start with making the crust. Add your dates in the food processor and mix it
until it becomes creamy and nice. Put it in your form. Depending how big
cake you want to make, mix as many dates you need to fill the frame.
When that is done, mix strawberries with a bit of coconut meat, banana and some more dates.
Add as much strawberries, coconut meat, dates and banana you feel for – so it tastes like you prefer, for example a lot of strawberry taste and less coconut flavor or vice versa.
But same here as with the crust, make as much cream that you can fill your frame.
Now, put your cake in the freezer and let it chill for a couple of hours.

Voila – ready to be enjoyed!

Here is the link to Christina´s video when she is doing this delicious cake.

With love,
Julie and Katrin


6 thoughts on “Fancy a strawberry love-bite?

  1. Woow amazing, I def need to try this cake it looks so yummie. thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to see more of your posts!

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